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Publication numberUS2479720 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 23, 1949
Filing dateApr 12, 1947
Priority dateApr 12, 1947
Publication numberUS 2479720 A, US 2479720A, US-A-2479720, US2479720 A, US2479720A
InventorsRobert J Brandt
Original AssigneeRobert J Brandt
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Extension lamp support
US 2479720 A
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mg. 23? H949. R, J, BRANDT 2,479,720

'EXTENSION LAMP SUPPORT Filed April l2, 1947 I 2 Sheets-Sheet l P05527 cf BRAND);


aug- 23 i949 R. J. BRANDT 2,479,720

EXTENSION LAMP SUPPORT Filed April 12, 1947 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Pa/ fer J. 5pm/D7;


Patented Aug. Z3, 1949 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE EXTENSION LAMP SUPPORT Robert J. Brandt, Hollywood, Calif.

Application April 12, 1947, Serial No.1 741,058-

Claims. (Cl. 24S-124)' The invention relates to an extensionv lampI support and more particularly to an extension support for one or more lamps of different sizes whereof the lamps may be ofthe character known as a baby junior, or junior, employed to i11uminate sets or scenes to be photographed..

It is necessary to be able to adjustl the position ofthe lamp with respect to the set or scene inA order to obtain the desired lighting eiect, and for this purpose it is old to use certain supports which have defects overcome by the present invention. According to one ofthe former supports, a counterweight is xed on the base` of the stand, in order to counterbalance a particular lamp on the stand. This has the disadvantage that if it is necessary to substitute one lamp for another it is necessary to move away. ar particular stand with its xed lamp and counterweight, and substitute another one, thereby losing valuable time, bearing in mind the high production costs in motion picture studios. It should also be noted that the junior lamp referred to above weighs about three times as much as the baby junior,.which makes it apparent why it is necessary to substitute one stand for another when using the type of stand having a fixed -counterweight on its base. A similar disadvantage is presentin another prior lamp support wherein the counterweight is fixed at the end of a tilt lamp arm held in adjusted tilted position by a quadrant. This particular lamp support also has the disadvantage that it is necessary to move the stand bodilyV when adjusting the distance from the lamp tothe subject.

All of these defects are overcome according to the present invention which has for an object to provide an extension support for photographic lamps of the character described, and wherein the distance of the lamp from the subject may be adjusted without moving the stand and wherein the support may be readily counterbalanced for diierent extended positions of the lamp and also for lamps of different weights.

For further details of the invention, reference may be made to the drawings wherein Fig. 1 is a view in front elevation of an extension lamp support according to the present invention.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged vertical sectional View of the spindle of the lamp support and a socket therefor, with parts broken away.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged view in elevation, partly in vertical section of the counterweight and its support.

Fig. 4 is an enlarged view in elevation partly frame work` or truss 2V having a base in theV formv of` a horizontal tubular support or pipe 3- and sides in the form of an angular tie rod 4. The intermediate portion of tie rod 4 forms the apex of the triangle and` is welded asindicated at 5` to a strut 6. Strut 6 is above the axle 44` and it arises from pipe 3 and is welded thereto at its lower end as indicated at IiIJ.v One end of rod 4 is welded as indicated at 1` in Fig. 3 to a tting 8, andthe other end of rod 4 iswelded as indicated at 9 to a similar tting I0. The support 3 isa pipeY having one end II thereof which ts in a socket I2' in the fitting 8.` and welded thereto as indicatedy at I3 andthe other end I4 of the pipey 3 ts ina socket I5 in the tting Ill, and welded thereto as indicated atv I6.

The fitting 8 has an internal shoulder I-1 whichserves asa stop for the enlarged end I8 of the counterweight .armA I9 which slides in a bore 20 in theiitt'ingA 8. The arm I9 is held in its adjusted position by a screw clamp 2I mounted on the fitting 8; The counterweight 22 has a bore 23 to receive the4 arm I9, the weight 22 being slidable on arm I9 andheld in adjusted position by a screw clamp 24 on the weight 22. Tol prevent the accidental removal of weight 22 when screw clamp 24 is loose, the outer end of arm I9 has abolt 25 with a nut 26 which serves as a stop. The nut 2'6 can be removed when substituting one weightfor another weight, to balance a lamp of a` differenti weight. Also, the effectiveness ofr the" weight 22l as a counterbalance can be adjusted either by adjusting the position of weight 22 on arm I9 or by adjusting. the position of arm ISi'n its fitting 8"@ The tting In is similar to the fitting 8 and it slidably carries an extension arm 21 which is held in adjusted position by a screw clamp 23 mounted in the tting I0. Also, the complete withdrawal of arm 21 is prevented by its upset end 29 abutting against an internal shoulder 30 in the tting I0, as previously described in connection with tting 8.

The arms I9 and 21 are assembled in working position shown by first inserting them in their respective fittings 8 and I0, and then welding the fittings 8 and I0 on the opposite ends of the pipe 3.

Extending in line with the arm 21 along the axis thereof is an axle 3I. The axle 3l is welded to the arm 21 as indicated at 32 and a similar axle 33 extends vertically downward from the arm 21. The axles 3| and 33 each receive the socket 34 on the yoke 35 of the lamp 36. Lamp 36 has a trunnion in its yoke and is clamped in its rotatable position by a pair of clamps indicated at 31, as well known. Also, the socket 34 is rotatable on its axle 3| and is clamped in adjusted position by a screw clamp 38. The axle 3| has an annular groove 39 to receive the inner end of the clamp 38 and the outer endof the axle 3| has a cross bore 40 for a `cotter pin 4| or the like which serves as a stop to prevent the socket 34' from accidentally sliding olf from theaxle 3|. A lamp, such as 36, can be mounted on one or both of the axles 3|, 33. 1

One operator can vary the distance of the lamp 36 from the scene to be photographed by sliding or telescoping arm 27 in its socket l0, while another operator slides or telescopes the arm I9 in the socket 8 and if necessary, also slides the weight 22 on the arm I9, to counterbalance the weight of the lamp 36. If two lamps are used at the same time on the axles 3| and 33 or if a lamp of a diierent weight is substituted, a particular counterweight 22 can be readily removed from arm |9 by removing nut 26 and a heavier similar weight substituted therefor as required.

The truss 2 is supported for adjustment to various heights and for rotation about a vertical axis and for this purpose, pipe 3 has a depending spindle or axle 44 welded to a collar 45 as indicated at 46. Collar 45 fits in a hole 41 in pipe 3 and is welded thereto as indicated at 4,8. Collar 45 rotatably rests on the'upper end of a tting 49 having a screw clamp 50 to engage the reduced section 5| on the axle 44. The 'truss 2 can thus be rotated to diilerent positions and clamped in its rotated position by the clamp 50. The tting49 has a depending pipe 52 which can be raised or lowered in fitting 53 which has a screw clamp 54 to hold the pipe 52 at its adjusted height. Fitting 53 has a pipe 55 which ts in a pipe 56 arising from the base 5l which has a suitable number of rollers 58. The pipes 52, 55, 56 telescope with each other and can be rotated as well as extended or retracted and held in adjusted position by clamps 54 and 59.

Instead of supporting the axle 44, as shown in Fig. 2, in the socket of a fitting 49, axle 44V may be supported on a stand which terminates in a vertical rod, and for this purpose axle 44, at its lower end, has a bore 6| to receive such rod, with a cross aperture 62 to receive a pin and lock it to the rod.

Various modifications may be made in the in- Y' vention without departing `from the spirit of the following claims.

I claim:

1. An extension lamp support comprising a truss having a tubular horizontal support, a spindle xed to an intermediate portion of said support, an extension arm telescopically mounted in each end of said support, a clamp at each end of said support for each of said arms, an axle on one of said arms for receiving the socket of a lamp support, the other of said arms having a lcounterweight to counterbalance the lamp, and an extensible Vertical support terminating at its upper end in a socket for said spindle.

2. An extension lamp support according to claim 1 comprising a tting secured to each end of said support, each of said ttings having a socket in which one end of said tubular support is xed, each of said ttings having an internal shoulder yserving as an abutment and a cooperating shoulder on the inner end of each of said arms to limit withdrawal of said arms from said support when its clamp is inactive, said truss having an angular tie-rod secured at its ends to said fittings.

3. An extension lamp support according to claim l comprising a counterweight having a bore for its said arm, a screw clamp in said counterweight to hold the same in adjusted position on said arm, and a removable stop at the end of last said mentioned arm limiting outward sliding movement of said counterweight.

4. An extension lamp support comprising a tubular horizontal support, a spindle xed to and depending from an intermediate portion of said support, an extension arm telescopically mounted in each end of said support, a clamp at each end of said support for each of said arms, an axle on one of said arms forv receiving the socket of a lamp support, the other of said arms having a counterweight to counterbalance the lamp, said counterweight arm being extensible to an adjustable position to counterbalance the adjusted extension of said lamp support arm.

5. An extension lamp support according to claim 1 wherein said truss comprises a strut fixed to said tubular support opposite said spindle.


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U.S. Classification248/123.2, 248/124.1
International ClassificationG03B15/07
Cooperative ClassificationG03B15/07
European ClassificationG03B15/07