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Publication numberUS2479898 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 23, 1949
Filing dateFeb 19, 1947
Priority dateFeb 19, 1947
Publication numberUS 2479898 A, US 2479898A, US-A-2479898, US2479898 A, US2479898A
InventorsBeaudette Henry
Original AssigneeEdward Beaudette, Beaudette Henry
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Bowling ball cleaner or polisher
US 2479898 A
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V. BEAUDETTE BOWLING BALL CLEANER OR POLISHER Filed Feb. 19, 1947 5 Sheets-Sheet l 171 enZon were? B 1949- v. BEAUDETTE BOWLING BALL CLEANER 0R 'POLISHER 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Feb. 19, 1947 Aug. 23, 1949. V. BEAUDETTE 2,479,898

7 BOWLING BALL CLEANER OR POLISHER Filed Feb. 19, 1947 3 Sheets-Sheet 5 v F I a r I a F I Anl| an Patented Aug. 23, 1949 BOWLING BALL CLEANER R POLISHER Victor Beaudette, Old Orchard Beach, Maine;

Henry Beaudette, administrator of said Victor Beaudette, deceased, as'signor to Henry Beaudette, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, and Edward Beaudette, Hartford, Vt.

Application February 19, 1947, Serial No. 729,509

after which the cupped members are rotated and the ball cleaned or polished during such operation.

The main object of the invention is to provide a ball cleaner comprising oppositely disposed cupshaped members which are filled with steel wool or the like, the said cup-shaped members being adapted to be moved into'engagement with the bowling ball, rotated, separated, whereby the ball is released after having been cleaned.

Another object of the invention is to provide a simple electrically operated machine having means whereby only one of the cup-shaped polishers is moved into engagement with the ball, the other cupped member being stationary.

The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is a side elevational view;

Figure 2 is a top plan view of the machine;

Figure 3 is a View similar to Figure 1 but showing the upper portion of the machine in central longitudinal vertical section--see line 3-3 of Figure 1;

Figure 4 is a horizontal sectional view taken on line 4-4 of Figure 3;

Figure 5 is an end elevational view taken from the left as viewed in Figure 1;

Figure 6 is a vertical cross sectional view taken on line (5-6 of Figure 1;

Figure 7 is a vertical sectional view taken on line 'l'l of Figure 3; and i Figure 8 is a fragmentary horizontal sectional view taken on line 88 of Figure 6.

Referring specifically to the machine, the same comprises leg members 6, mounted between which is a shelf l, carrying an electric motor 8. To the upper portion of the leg 6 is attached guides 9. Said guides 9 provide a support for the carrier base Ida of a rotatable cup-shaped member It. Ease Ida has horizontal groove-providing flanges It!) engaging the lateral flanges I 3 of guides 9, and clamp nuts Illc secure base Illa in fixed position. Guides 5 also support a movable cupshaped member I I, this member being mounted on a carriage I2, said carriage having horizontal side grooves engaging the aforementioned oppositely flanged portions E3 of the members 9.

The cup members are provided at their rear ends with spindles M mounted in bushings I5 and I6. Inasmuch as both cup members are alike, only one will be described.

The spindle of the cup members have attached 3 Claims. (01. 51-5111) thereto a pulley I I, said pulley being driven by a belt it from a pulleyIQ which is mounted on a drive shaft 20, said drive shaft supporting another pulley 2|, which is driven by a belt 22 from a sheave 23 on the driven end of the motor. The shaft 26 is provided with agear 24 meshing with a gear 25, said gear 25 being rlgidlyattached to a shaft 26 having a pulley 21 mounted thereon, as by a spline 28, or the like. Pulley 21 drives a belt 29 engaged in the pulley 30, which pulley is rigidly mounted, on the spindle of the movable cupmember II. The members 9 also support a rubber cushion 3|, this cushion being adapted to support a bowling ball which has been placed in position on the supporting cushion to be engaged between the cupped members when the member II is moved toward the stationary cu-p Ill. The underframe comprises a link 32 which is attached as at 33 to the base I2 of the movable cup member II. This link has pivoted thereto at 34, a lever 35, said lever being pivoted as at 36 to one of the frame members 9. The lever has an extension or handle member 3511 extending through an opening 38 in the side of the member 9, whereby the same may be grasped to move the frame I2 toward and away from the stationary cup member Ill.

Shown at 39 is a lever for operating a lock device 40 of any well known construction, such as a lag screw whose end engages the subjacent frame flange l3 (see Fig. 6).

Thus, it will be seen that when it is desired to polish or clean a bowling ball, it is only necessary to have the cups separated enough to accommodate the ball and allow the same to rest on the member 3|, whereupon the lever 35 is moved as by the handle 35a to brin the respective cups into close engagement, thereby holding the ball in a position to be cleaned. After this has been done, the motor is started and through the belting, pulley and shaft arrangement, the cups are rotated there-between at high speed, and it is only a matter of minutes before the bowling ball is well cleaned and ready for use again. The motor is stopped, the lever 35 actuated by the handle 35a. to retract the cup II whereupon the ball can be readily removed and the next ball placed in the machine.

The invention is not limited to the exact construction shown but is capable of variation within the scope of the following claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is:

1. A machine for polishing bowling balls or the like, comprising a frame, parallel guide members having flanged portions supported on said frame, oppositely disposed cup-shaped members comprising carriages having longitudinal side recesses mounted on and engaging the flanged portions of the guide rails, a resilient ball support ed 0. he guid rails and s b apti ly between the cuprshaped member, an lever means for moving one of the cup-shaped members longitudinally with respect to the other cup-shaped member to engage a ball which has been placed on the ball support between the cuprshaped members.

2. A bowling ball cleaning machine pomprising a. frame structure, fianged' guide rails mounted on said frame structure andsupport ng opposite.-

1y disposed ball engaging members, carriages for the respective ball engaging members having horizontal side grooves engaging the said guides, the carriages having bearings for supporting the spindles of the ball engaging members, an elect i motor a d e shait nd belt a d pulley mean bet een the d v ha and the Issues:-

tive s ind s o the e l en a in member hereb h b en aging m ers an the .1 tat d t ol h ball e a ed b w en sa members.

3. 1 a .b 1 eanine and pol hin aghine, the ,comb ei 9n tccm sine alf eme st ure, a pair of flangedguide rails mounted on said frame stru tur a pai .01 arria es p ided at thei a e w h si e g ove enga ing he flan e o u d r ssaidce iase con i n o spar d a bushings and a spindle mounted in said bushings and supporting a cup-shaped ball engaging member, a recessed resilient ball supporting member, spaced below and between the respective ball engaging members, a pivoted hand lever mounted on and egztepding through one side of the guide rails and engaging a link connected to one of the carriages to move the carriage and its ball engaging member into cooperation with the other ball engaging member, an electric motor, a drive shaft, and belt and pulley means between the drive shaft and the respective spindles of the ball e gagin m mber VICTOR BE'AUDETTE.

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