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Publication numberUS2480331 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 30, 1949
Filing dateOct 31, 1946
Priority dateOct 31, 1946
Publication numberUS 2480331 A, US 2480331A, US-A-2480331, US2480331 A, US2480331A
InventorsLecker Isaac M
Original AssigneeLecker Isaac M
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Cosmetic brush
US 2480331 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Aug. 30, 1949. I. M. LECKER 2,480,331

- cosmm'zc BRUSH Filed Oct. 31, 194s 6 15 I g. as; yt 29 a? 20 12$" 1 INVENTOR I lp'aae'flleeker: B'Y v 31 I 33 ATTORNEY Patented 30,1949 1 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE v, t ii 2,480,331, i

COSMETIC BRUSH v 8 Isaac M. Lecker, New York, N. Y. Application Qctober31, 1946, Serial No. 707,003

This improvement embraces a novel articleof toilet comprising a brush for either wet or dry treatment of the face, as in shaving, or giving to the skin a light coating of powder or some other substance. V

An object of the invention is to provide an article that can readily serve both purposes, and is of durabl construction, but simple in design and comprises the minimum number of parts.

Another object is to provide a brush combined with means for supplying it with face powder or the like in the quantity needed to have the desired effect.

These and other objects and advantages are set forth in the ensuing specification and the accompanying drawings which show one or more embodiments of the invention. But I do not wish to be limited to the forms illustrated, and I reserve the right to make changes in detail which are within the scope of the claim which points out the features wherein my invention resides.

In the drawing,

Figure 1 is a side elevation of an article containing my invention.

Figure 2 is a section on lin 2-2 of Figure 1, and

Figure 3 shows a modification.

The article comprises a brush holding member I that is tubular, with one extremity closed, and has a plug or block 2 therein, of rubber or other suitable material in which the bristles or hairs of the brush 3 are embedded at one end. The member 2 can be stationary or adjustable in the holder I. Th latter is adapted to have detachable telescoping engagement with a container embracing tubular parts or sections 4 and 5-, joined together, the latter having at one end a cap or closure 6. At the opposite end the section 5 has an inside shoulder 1, against which is seated a movable disk 8 having apertures 9. Against this disk is placed another disk In having similar apertures which are opened or closed as the apertures 9 in the disk 8 are moved into or out of registry therewith. This disk or element I B is made fast by gluing or otherwise to the end of a neck II on the adjacent section or part 4, said neck being surrounded by an outside shoulder I2. The neck II is inserted into the section 5 and the adjacent extremity of the part 5 abuts the shoulder I2. The parts 4 and 5 are secured together by an adhesive at said shoulder, but the disk 8 is left free in the part 5 to be manipulated to turn it through a limited arc of movement.

1 Claims. (Cl. 132-81) 2 The member I is attached to the article by inserting one extremity into the part 4. This part has an internal shoulder I3, and the member a neck M with a shoulder l5. The neck I4 is inserted into the part 4, and the shoulders I3 and I5 come into contact with the rims of parts I and 4 respectively; and these parts fit tightly enough to insure their continued connection unless forcibly pulled apart.

The part 5 is opened by removing the cap 6 and charged by putting in a quantity of powder for the skin. The cap is then replaced. Whenever desired, the device can be used by turning the disk or controlling means 8 to open the apertures 9, letting enough powder drop upon the brush 3, and then turning the disk element 8 to close the openings. For this purpose the disk 8 has a pro- J'ection I6 that lies in a slot 11 in the side of the part 5 and can easily be reached with'a finger to move it. The member I with the brush 3 is then pulled out of the part 4, and the powder thereon transferred to the face or any other part of the body to receive a coating thereof. The disk element 8 can also be mounted to slide back and forth, instead of rotating, to control the apertures 9.

If desired, the brush 3 can be adjustably mounted in the member I. To this end the block or plug 2 can be encircled by a ring I8 having spring catches I9 affixed to one end. These catches have their outer ends bent to enter circular grooves 20 on the inner face of the member I. Simply by pullin on the brush 3 the block 2 and ring I8 can be moved to make the catches engage r any one of the grooves 20 and thus adjust the hairs and bristles so that they project from the member I to a greater or less extent. The brush can thus be adjusted from time to time till the brush is worn out.

The brush can be adjustably mounted in the member I in any suitable manner. The butt end of the member is closed as shown at 2|. The hair of the brush is sterilized and will outlast a powder pull.

The section 5 can be filled with either powder to be rubbed in the dry state with the brush against the face, or powdered soap or other substance capable of being moistened and rubbed on the face to produce a good lather for shaving. In either case, the contents of the section 5 drop through the openings ID in the two disks in suflicient quantity on the brush 3 to give the desired result.

Figure 3 shows a brush holder I with a plug or block member 2 carrying bristles to make the brush 3 and surrounded as before by a ring l8, adjustably mounted therein as above set forth, or in any other suitabl way. To the parts mounting the brush is attached a projection which lies in a longitudinal slot 24 in the side of the holder I, this projection carrying a head 25 on the outer end. By pressing on this head to slide the projection in the groove, the brush 3 can be adjusted more easily. A unit of this design can be made as a brush for separate use.

The holder I illustrated in Figure 4', can also be combined with a container to be filled with either dry face powder or with shaving powder; of the type shown in Figure 2. This container is again composed of sections 4 and 5, the latter serving as the receptacle for the powder; Thecap 6 has a rim 26 on its upper face-to. encircle and retain a mirror 32; and on the opposite side of this cap is a rim 21 which fits upon a shouldered neck 28, around the extremity of the section 5 to close, the. latter.

The disk H1 is at theroppositeeXtreniity-ofthe section 5,,flush with theshoulder. 'i., a. one. piece therewith, or a, separatepiecea-heldby gluing orother means; and the: movablesdisk 8' with holes 9'- seats against this. shoulder. Itis moved as before by a projection. [6a ina v slot through the-side of the part 5., Therneck it of the section 4 telescopes into the section 5,, and the latter engages theoutside shoulder l2" on the section 4. Theholden l fits into the. section 4' in the, same-manner as. illustrated-in Figure.- 2.

The holder l has. a; lining 2-9 of i any suitable material, with grooves or recesses 20:, and. the parts; 2 and I8 carrytwo ormorespring-pressed balls 30 to engage the recesses-:Zfland; act asstops to-hold the brush in adjusted position. Theballs are pressedoutward b springs 3:! in bores .at: the ends of a crossbar, 33, in the-member 2. andrin 58. A thin. sleeve; 342 encirelesthe. ring [8, with openings that allow: the balls 30; to project, and engage the recesses 2.0, but do not alloxv-theballs to be expelled. The slot 2k extendstthroughsthe 4 holder and the metal lining, and whenever adjustment is desired, the owner only needs to press on the button or knob 25 to move the brush to proper position. The sleeve 34 can be omitted and the balls retained by peening or otherwise contracting the ends of the bores at the outer surface of the ring l8.

The invention as shown and described is therefore well adapted to serve all the purposes and gain. the objectsrfor which; it is designed.

Having'described my invention, what I believe to be new is:

An article of the kind described comprising a tubular brush holder member having one end closed, a brush in said holder and exposed through the. other end, a container comprising a section having an end with which the brush holder has a telescoping fit; another section having a shoulden-at one end, a movable controlling element having apertures and engaging said shoulder, said, elementhaving an, operating projection and said othersection aslot for. the projection, a sec.-

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