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Publication numberUS2481725 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 13, 1949
Filing dateJun 1, 1945
Priority dateJun 1, 1945
Publication numberUS 2481725 A, US 2481725A, US-A-2481725, US2481725 A, US2481725A
InventorsErwin R Culley, Marie W Culley
Original AssigneeErwin R Culley, Marie W Culley
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Play table
US 2481725 A
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p 1949- E. R. CULLEY ET AL ,4

PLAY TABLE Filed June 1, 1945 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 '11 INVENTORS L'rwin R. Guile Minis WCuZZe Sept. 13, 1949.

E. R. CULLEY ET AL 2,481,725

PLAY TABLE Filed June 1, 1945 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTORS EreqzhR.CulZey Mr: 8 WUzLLLeI A'ITO RN EYE Patented Sept. 13, 1949 PLAY TABLE Erwin R. Culley and-MarieWWCulley, Chicago, Ill.

Application June 1, 1945, SerialiN0. 597;138

1 Claim. (Cl..155.31'23) T1 The invention relatestoan infants table, and more especially to a playtable having guard means and an improved rotatable seat for children.

.The primaryobjectof the invention is the provision'ofa tableof :thischaracter, having a rotatable, seat, .wherein -an infant or child can be safely ;penned, .with access to the table top, so that heorshe,lcanxmaneuver play-things without these getting out of reach, and in this manner, p-acifying such 'nhild .lor infant, without attendance by .a grown-up, andeliminating the danger of injury;

Another object of the invention is the provision of atablelof "this'zcharacter, wherein greater play area is afforded than is provided through the use. of, an infants high chair, and in addition, myinvention makes it possible for the easy feeding of the infant, without the chance of accidental upsetting of the food containers by the latter, .or knocking these from the table.

A further object of the invention is the provision of'a table of this character, which is rim andrisreadily portable .and is foldable to a compact object when not in use.

A still further object of the invention is the provision of a table of this character, which is simple in construction, thoroughly reliable and efficient in its operation, and is strong, durable, neat and attractive in appearance, and wherein an improved seat is rotatable with respect to the table and can be latched in a fixed position. Furthermore, my invention is compact, eliminates the services of an attendant for the infant, affords maximum play space for the latter, and is inexpensive to manufacture.

With these and other objects in view, the invention consists in the features of construction, combination and arrangement of parts as will be hereinafter more fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawing, which shows the preferred embodiment of the invention, and pointed out in the claims hereunto appended.

In the accompanying drawing:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the table constructed in accordance with the invention;

Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view therethrough with an infant in occupying position;

Figure 3 is a top plan view;

Figure 4 is a detail view in plan, showing the manner of suspension of the chair or seat for the infant;

an, enlarged .-s c,al Fi u 3 do kin rail. 317116, legs .I

Figure .,5s;is ya fragmentany. :Sectional aview on @3811 91 the fline 51-5- of herdzirectionzof the arrows but win :seat a liba k'rfls iimfilevation;

Figures lie-la topplanrlviewl of a modified form of my nv ntion wherein the chair is attached an up ortedbyiano i-frictionally mounted up tarried-beneathethertabletop;

:Fignrefl :isva ,-section50n;the:1inei i -:1: of Figure 6 but showingsea nd rlqackerest in elevation;

. :SGGQDILQW the linen-18 ofzFigllre F ure 9; F1523 :idctail; ofnthev ilatching device to prevent o atienavfzthezrhain J 7 Similar reference gc'hanacters indicate corres sponding palits -WluhQut itherseveral views in the: d a i g.

1able legs I l, .-which;,are pivotedjat, I12, for folding and unfoldingmovements; these gpiVOtS 12 being attached zto part-ref i3! encingxrimyit @rnarginally lthewtop enelsand mar inallyw ab ve the top ,panel- (as ,1; Ida ssaid rim :provides ,a guard .sociatedatherewith :piv- .otediangular braces -slidably connected to the top panel l0 in the ordinary welle-knownumanner. The legs H carry swiveled caster rollers l5, to facilitate the rolling of the table from place to place, as may be desired.

Formed centrally in the top panel In is a circular opening [6 for a ring-like turning hoop H, which is rotatably oriented at [8 to the edge of the opening l6, and is flush with the top panel and rising through the opening is a chair or seat I9 for an infant. The chair or seat I9 is rotatably fitted to a pedestal 20, having its base 2| fixed to a supporting shelf 22 stationarily hung in downwardly and inwardly angled suspension straps 23, which are made fast at their outer ends to the under side of the top panel [0 at the four corners thereof.

The back 24 of the chair or seat H] has fixed connection with a depending flange 25 on the hoop I 1, So that these turn together, whereby an infant when occupying the chair or seat l9 can alter his or her facing position or an attendant can do so at will.

The chair or seat I9 is fitted with a latch, for looking it against rotation, if desired, and which is fully described and shown with reference to Figures '7 and 9. The top panel Il] may be ornamented in any desirable manner, if desired, to

2,481,725 f f i If f lend attractiveness to the table, and for observation by the infant when using the table A.

The top panel It) gives maximum play space thereon for an infant when occupying the chair or seat l9, and the said infant can be readily fed from this panel, but the guard rail 13 prevents knocking of toys, plates and the like from the top panel, and the infant is properly elevated by the chair or seat with relation to the top panel.

In the modified form of my invention shown in Figures 6, 7, 8 and 9, the table top panel NJ has an opening 16 and a guard rim or rail 13 similar to that shown in the principal form. However, the rail I3 is extended considerably below the table top as at 26, and in addition to pivotally supporting the foldable legs II, the part 26 of the rail below the top panel has bolted thereto as at 21 a supporting frame 28 having radial supporting legs 29 attached at the comers and extending to a circular channeled rim 30 beneath the table top and of greater diameter-than the opening 16. The rim has a bail race 3| formed therein, in which are mounted balls 32 of an anti-friction bearing, and another ring element 33 is attached to the rim by bolts 33a and seats in the channel 34 of the rim 30 whereby the'balls operate between the rim 30 and element 33 and the other anti-friction bearing element 35. The element 35 has a sleevelike part 36 which is flush with the inner-edge of the opening l6 and has bolted thereto as at 31 the infant's chair 38. -By these means, the chair is rotatably mounted with reference to the table and movement is facilitated by the anti-friction mounting. To latch the chair in a fixed position, I provide a latch pin 39 in a keeper 40 attached to the rim 30 which is spring-pressed to a latching position by spring 4|. The pin has a curved shank 42 which is pivotally connected as at 43 near one end of a rotatable arm 44 on the bracket 45, to the other end of which is pivotally connected the curved end 46 of an operating rod 41 extending through a friction stop device 48. Any suitable friction stop or clamp, generally indicated at 48, may be employed to engage the rod 46 to prevent accidental release of the latch pin 39-from the sleeve-like part 36 of the bearing element 35. If desired, depressions maybe provided in the part 36 to receive the end of the pin, or the pin may be provided with a, rubber tip foot 50 to function as a friction brake.

What is claimed is: l

An infant's table and seating device, eomprising a table top, a guard rim about the table top and extending below the top, a support member attached to the rim, the table top having a circular opening located centrally thereof, a second member beneath said table top and attached to said member support, said members having an opening in alignment with and of a greater diameter than said table top opening, a channel-shaped raceway in said members, anti-friction means carried by said raceway, a hollow cylindrical chair-supporting member within said members and extending from below said table top to substantially below the lower edges of said support member, said chair-supporting member having an internal 7 diameter substantially equal to that said table top opening whereby said table top overlaps said chair-supporting member, an annular portion integral with and intermediate the ends of said chair-supporting member, said chair-supporting member being rotatably supported in said raceway by said anti-friction means, a chair fixed to said chair-supporting member and'within said member whereby said chair is rotatably mounted relative to said support and a latch device secured to said support and adapted to engage said chair-support- 7 ing member to prevent rotation of the chair.


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