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Publication numberUS2482322 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1949
Filing dateNov 6, 1947
Priority dateNov 6, 1947
Publication numberUS 2482322 A, US 2482322A, US-A-2482322, US2482322 A, US2482322A
InventorsFrancesco P Cortese
Original AssigneeFrancesco P Cortese
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Jacket for feeding bottles
US 2482322 A
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Sept. 1949- F. P. CORTESE JACKET FOR FEEDING BOTTLES Filed NOV. 6, 1947 Patented Sept- 20, 1949 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE JACKET FOR FEEDING BOTTLES Francesco P. Cortese, Highland Park, Mich.

Application November 6, 1947, Serial No. 784,480

1 Claim.

This invention relates to jackets for feeding bottles. It is an object of the invention to provide a jacket for feeding bottles which will keep the contents of a bottle warm over prolonged periods, thereby rendering it feasible to heat one or more bottles in advance with the assurance that when feeding time comes the contents will be at the desired temperature.

Another object of the invention is to provide a jacket for feeding bottles wherein insulation is employed for retaining the food at the required temperature, and wherein the insulation also acts as a cushion or padding in the event of the jacket with a bottle therein being dropped and thereby rendering it very unlikely that the bottle will be broken.

A further object of the invention is to provide a jacket for feeding bottles having an opening therein through which a feeding bottle may be easily inserted or removed, and a closure for the opening so that the bottle is snugly housed in the jacket.

Having thus stated some of the objects and advantages of the invention I will now describe a preferred embodiment thereof with the aid of the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure 1 is a view taken on the line l-| of Figure 3, and showing a feeding bottle therein.

Figure 2 is a front view of the jacket showing a feeding bottle being withdrawn therefrom through the opening; this view also shows a different kind of closure for the opening.

Figure 3 is a section on the line 33 of Figure 1, but neglecting the feeding bottle.

Figure 4 is an inverted plan view showing a modification wherein the opening is formed across the base of the jacket.

Referring to the drawing, my jacket includes an inner annular wall I between which and an outer annular wall 2 insulation 3, such as shredded asbestos, cork, or the like is provided. The Walls l and 2, which are preferably made of suitable fabric and in any case are flexible, are secured to one another vertically at spaced intervals by seams 4 to hold the insulation evenly distributed around the jacket and also to present a quilted appearance. The base of the jacket consists of an inner wall 5 and an outer Wall 511 of fabric or the like, and between them insulation 6 is provided. The base may also be quilted or radially sewn as shown at 6a in order to keep the insulation 6 evenly spread. The annular margins of the inner and outer walls 5 and 5a of the base are suitably secured to one another either by an adhesive, by stitching or in any other preferred manner. The lower extremities la and 2a of the annular walls I and 2, which are of downwardly increasing diameters, are suitably secured to one another. The extremities la and 2a are then placed upon the annular margins of the base walls 5 and 5a and the four thicknesses of material are sewn together as indicated at I, or otherwise suitably secured to one another.

Formed vertically through the inner and outer Walls I and 2 is an opening 8 of sufficient size to permit insertion or removal of a feeding bottle A therethrough. The vertical edges of the walls i and 2 on each side of the opening 8 are secured to one another by an adhesive or otherwise if desired, and provided on the outer wall on opposite sides of the said opening are suitable cooperating fasteners, such as the dome fasteners 9 shown in Figure 1, or the zipper fasteners 9a arranged intermediately of the height of the side walls shown in Figure 2. Toward the upper extremity of the jacket the walls I and 2 are tapered to provide a small aperture [0 at the top of the jacket of sufficient size to permit the upper end of the bottle A and a nipple B thereon to pass therethrough. The upper annular edges of the said walls I and 2 are of course also secured to one another.

In the modified form shown in Figure 4, the opening 8a for the passage of the feeding bottle is shown extending diagonally across the base 50, in which case of course the walls I and 2 of the jacket are imperforate throughout their height. 9b in this case denotes a zipper fastener which forms the closure for the opening 8a.

While in the foregoing the preferred forms of the invention have been described and shown, it is understood that alterations and modifications may be made thereto provided the said alterations and modifications fall within the scope of the appended claim.

What I claim is:

A jacket for feeding bottles including an inner and an outer annular fabric wall, said walls being secured to one another at their extremities and sewn longitudinally to one another at spaced intervals to form quilting, insulation inserted between the walls and held distributed by said quilting, said inner and outer walls being split intermediately of their length along one line of guilting for the insertion of a bottle, the edges of the inner and outer walls On each split side being sewn to one another, a zipper portion secured along each sewn edge, a movable zipper portion cooperating with the aforesaid portions to open and close the split, said zipper portions being so arranged that the movable portion is adjacent the lower extremity of the jacket when the split is Number closed, the upper annular oined extremities of 025 the inner and outer walls being of reduced diam? 1 464525 eter to permit the neck of the bottle to protrude 5 1669061 therethrough, and a padded base secured to the 1687004 lower joined extremities of the inner and outer 1890323 Wa11s- 7 1,939,777 FRANCESCO P. CORTESE. 2 024 553 I V I '1 Q 2 REFERENCES CITED The following references are of record in the Number file of this patent: r 1

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U.S. Classification215/12.1, 215/11.6, 220/903, D24/199
International ClassificationA61J9/08
Cooperative ClassificationY10S220/903, A61J9/08
European ClassificationA61J9/08