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Publication numberUS2482679 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1949
Filing dateJun 20, 1947
Priority dateJun 20, 1947
Publication numberUS 2482679 A, US 2482679A, US-A-2482679, US2482679 A, US2482679A
InventorsAlexander J Mcallister, John J Dreznes
Original AssigneeUnited Specialties Co
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Air cleaner
US 2482679 A
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Sept. 20, 1949. A. J. MCALLISTE ET AL 2,482,579

AIR CLEANER Filed June 20, 1947 Patented Sept. 20, 1949 AIR CLEANER v ,Alexander J. McAllister and'John J. Dreznens. Chicago,l Ill., asslgnors to United Specialties Company, Chicago, Ill., a corporation of Dela- Ware Application June zo, 1947, serial No. 755,968

2 Claims. (Cl. 18S- 47) This invention relates to an air cleaner and has for one object to provide a cleaner which may be arranged or adjusted for washing after use without separating any of the parts and without disassembling the cleaner.

Another object is toprovide'jan air cleaner including a mass of curled hair or equivalent material as a filtering medium, and to provide means 'for compressing said vmaterial for use and for readily decompressing it for washing without disassembly of the cleaner'or removal of any of its parts.

Other objects will appear from time to time in the specication and claims. Y

Y The invention is illustrated more or less diagrammatically in the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Figure 1 is a top plan view;

Figure 2 is a transverse section taken at lines 2 2 of Figure 1;

Figure 3 is a bottom plan view.

Like parts are indicated by like characters in the specification and drawings.

The cleaner comprises a housing member I which is provided with a bottom which may be inclined as shown. An offset outlet opening is provided at 2, and this member is conveniently made in tubular form as shown. A slotted sleeve 3 is fixed to the tubular portion 2 by welding or otherwise, and a clamping member is positioned about the slotted portion of the sleeve 3. This clamping member is indicated at 4 in Figures 2 and 3. A set screw 5 is used to tighten the clamping member.

The housing includes a generally cylindrical portion 6 which may be integral with the bottom. The portion 6 is outwardly turned at 'I and inwardly turned at 8. Between the parts I and 8 is engaged a top or cover member 9. This member is provided with a plurality of perforations I9.

Within the housing I and bounded by the portion 6 is a quantity of curled hair II. Curled hair or mechanically equivalent material is to be understood where the expression curled hair" is used, and the invention is not strictly limited to the use of curled animal hair. A mixture of materials, or any material generally the equivalent mechanically oi curled hair, may be used.

A perforated pressure plate I2 is provided within the housing I, 6. This plate may carry a peripheral flange I3. A depression I 4 is preferably formed in it, and one or more stiffening grooves I5 may be formed in the plate I2 if desired.

A compression screw I6 is seated for rotation in a nut or other threaded member I'I whichis secured in relation to the bottom of the housing I. The head I8 ofthe screw extends outside of the housing for convenientuse. The screw, if desired, may be enlarged at the opposite end at I9. The end of theV screw, whether enlarged or not, contacts the portion I4 of the pressure plate I2. By adjustment` ofthe screw I6, the degree of compression upon the curled hair or other material which is positioned between the top plate 9 and the` pressurev plate -I2 may be varied for adjustment, or the ypressure may be released or substantially reduced for washing.r

Although we have shown anfoperative form of ourinVentiOn, it will ,be recognized'that many changes in the form, shape and arrangement of parts can be made without departing from the spirit of the invention, and our showing is therefore to be taken as, in a sense, diagrammatic.

The use and operation of this invention are as follows:

The device of the present invention is associated with means for using or otherwise dealing with air. One such means is an internal combustion engine. Ordinarily the cleaner is positioned to receive air through the plate 9 and to discharge it through the member 2 and the slotted sleeve 3. It may be positioned on the upstream side-of a carburetor.

However the device is used or connected, it may be positioned in any position. The plate 9, which has been referred to as a top plate, need not be positioned to face upwardly. When the device is used, air is drawn through the perforations Ill and the plate 9, through the mass of curled hair II or equivalent material, and passes beyond the plate I2 to be discharged through the members 2 and 3. As the air passes through the filter mass, solid material is caught by the filtered mass, and the cleaned air passes from the cleaner.

In the course of time, and after considerable use, the filter mass II will have picked up a substantial quantity of foreign matter such as dust and other solid material which was present in the air as it entered the cleaner. It is important to be able to remove this material easily. It is done in the following manner: The screw IB is backed olf and the pressure on the lter mass is reduced. Curled hair or equivalent material is springy, and when the compression upon the lter mass is reduced, it expands substantially. It will expand as the screw is backed away, and in its expansion it will force the pressure plate I2 away from thel plate 9. When substantial expandesired degree of compression, whereupon the cleaner is again ready for use.

The device thus comprises an efiicient dry air lter andv assembly and provides within itself means for adjustment which permits eective cleaning by water, air or other'fluid without the removal oi any part from the cleaner and without any adjustment except that which reduces the pressure on the filter mass and permits it to expand sufficientlyso that effective washing or renovation of the lter mass can be accomplished.

We claim:

1. In combination, in an air cleaner, a housing, an inlet member permanently xed in said housing, said member formed to provide inlet openings, an outlet passage from said housing, a filter mass of cuidady hair positioned within said housing and in` contact with lsaid inlet member, and an airpervlous pressure member positioned permanently within said housing, said, pressure member being in (mutantv with said lter mass and effective to hold'it in place, an adjustable means fordorcing said pressure member against said iilter mass to compress the same, said adjustable means being also effective to free ,4 said pressure member for movement, away from said inlet member.

2. In combination, in an air cleaner, a housing, an inlet member fixed in said housing, said member formed to provide inlet openings, said housing being permanently crimped over said inlet member and securing it in permanent position, an outlet passage from said housing, a lter mass positioned within `said housing in the line of air entering said inlet member and in contact with said inlet member, and an air-pervious pressure member positioned within said housing in the line of air passing through said cleaner, said pressure member being in contact with said iiltermass and effective to hold it in place, an

adjustable means'for forcing said pressure member against said lter mass to compress the same, said adjustable means being also effective to free said pressure member for movement.



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