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Publication numberUS2482976 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 27, 1949
Filing dateDec 3, 1946
Priority dateDec 3, 1946
Publication numberUS 2482976 A, US 2482976A, US-A-2482976, US2482976 A, US2482976A
InventorsFredie H Harwood
Original AssigneeFredie H Harwood
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Portable concrete mixer
US 2482976 A
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Sept 27, W49. F. H. HARWOOD 9 9 PORTABLE CONCRETE MIXER Filed Dec. 3, 1946 2 Sheets-Sheet l FWOOD WMMM m W F. H. H RWQoD 2,482,976

PORTABLE CONCRETE MIXER Fiqedpec. 3, 194.6 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Patented Sept. 1949 PORTABLE CONCRETE MIXER 'Fredie H. Harwood, Newport, Ark. Application December s, 1946, Serial No; 713,755

. 1 V 'ThisLinvention relates to new and useful; improvements in portable concrete mixers and the primary object of the invention is to provide a unit of this characterthat may be coupled with a powered-vehicle for transportation and operation of the mixer. Another "object of theinvention is to provide a mixer. including a concrete mixing cylinder mounted on a two wheeled trailer and adapted to be cooperativelyconnected with a tractor having power take-off and power lift means, so that the cylinder may be positioned for charging, transporting and rotation and'discharging, by power derived from the tractor.

A further object of this invention is the provision of a portable concrete mixer of the semitrailer type having means to receive power from a tractor to tilt andtransport the portable mixer.

Still another object of the invention is-the prosion of a simple and sturdy form of portable concrete mixer adapted to be operatively connected to a tractor for mixing and transporting and also adapted to be r'ockedby saidtractor to charging or discharging positions.

These and other objects of the presentinvention will appear as the following description thereof proceeds, and in order to more clearly understand the invention, references may be had to the accompanying drawing in which an embod iment of the invention is shown.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the portable concrete mixer showing the same connected to the rear portion of a tractor in transporting and/or mixing position.

Figure 2 is a side elevation, partly in section of the parts shown in Figure 1, with'the mixer in charging position.

Figure 3"is a similar view with the drum also in section, showing the mixer in discharging position. r

5 The portable concrete mixer-'comprises a'mixing cylinder I having an inwardly tapered portion 2 at its rear end terminating in an opening through which the cylinder maybe charged or discharged The front end of the cylinder has a closure plate 3 with reinforcing cross strips 4. A reinforcing ring 5 also surrounds the cylinder at this end. Adjacent the open end of the cylinder is positioned a surrounding track ring 6. The inner surface of the cylinder is provided with longitudinally extending spaced mixing baiiles I.

The cylinder is mounted on a semi-trailer comprising a frame composed of spaced side U bars 8 and cross members 0. ll, II and II, suitably 3 Claims. (01. 259-477) depth than the other blocks;

secured thereto. The cross member; 9 at the rear of the frame is preferably an L-s'haped bar. The members Ill, H and I2 which are positioned in advance of the front end of the cylinder l are preferably solid blocks, the block l2, which is the front cross member of the frame, being of less To the front end of the cylinder I, at the inter section of the bars 4 on the closure plate 3, is secured one end of a shaft l3 by welding or other desired means. This shaft is supported in bearings on a pair of spaced pillow blocks l4 mounted on cross supports l5 secured to the side bars 8. Beneath the main frame is'mounted a shaft [6, parallel with the shaft l3, in bearings l1, secured to the bottoms of the cross members I0 and II. A small sprocket I8 is secured to theshaft l6 between the bearings. A large sprocket I 9 is secured to the shaft [3 inalinement with the small sprocket l8 and the sprockets are connected by a chain 20. I

Rollers 2| are mounted on bars 8 of the-main frame and the'track ring- 6 of the cylinder I is adapted to run thereon when the cylinder is rotated." These rollers form a support and guide mount for the mjxingcylinder permits the same to be rocked longitudinally on a transverse axis for a purpose to be hereinafter more fully described. v 7 f Mounted on the top-of the'cross block II and extending forwardly to a'point above the cross block I2 is a'bifurc ated coupling 24 provided with a coupling pin 25.

1 The portable cement mixer on the semi-trailer mount just described is adapted to be cooperatively connected with a tractor having power take-off and power lift means. The rear portion of a conventional tractor T is shown in the drawings. The tractor is provided with a power takeoff P and power lift means, usually hydraulically operated, L. e

A slidable coupling 26 provided with end universal ioints 21 connects the power take-01f P UNITED sTArE s Support-' with the front end of the shaft [6. Thus upon operation of the power take-off P from the tractor rotation is transmitted to the shaft 5 and through the medium of the sprockets I8 and I9 and connecting chain '20, the shaft I3 is rotated. As this shaft is fixed to the cylinder I, the same will also be rotated on a longitudinal axis and a concrete mix positioned therein will be duly agitated and mixed with the help of the baffles l. The slidable coupling 26 with the universal joints 2! permits the drive to be transmitted at various angles of the semi-trailer with respect to the tractor.

Lift arms 28 of the power lift means L extend rearwardly from the tractor in parallel spaced relation in the usual manner. Between the rear ends of said arms is pivotally mounted a perforated draw bar 29. As shown this draw bar is adapted to lie between the bifurcated end of the coupling 24 and is coupled thereto by the pin 25 passing through one of the perforations. W'hen positioned as shown in the drawings the semi-trailer mount for the mixer is coupled to the tractor T for towing thesame.. The pivotal mount of the draw bar 29 in th arms 28 permits the'semi-trailer to be rocked with the axle 22 upon vertical movement of the arms 28 of the power lift means L of the tractor.

In Figure 2 of the drawing the portable mixer is shown connected to the tractor in charging or a loading position. The arms 28 of the power lift L are lowered and the front of the frame of the semi-trailer rests upon the ground, the narrowed front cross block l2 providing a clearance for the coupling 26. The cylinder l is tilted forwardly in this position with the rear open end elevated so the proper amount of cement mix may be placed therein.

For transporting and mixing, the arms 28 are slightly lifted through operation of the power lift L by the tractor to approximately the position shown in Figure 1 of the drawings. This clears the front end of the frame from the ground and permits the mixer to be towed by the tractor T; At the same time the power take-off P of the tractor can be operated which, through the drive previously described, rotates the cylinder I to mix the concrete during transportation when desired.

For discharging the mixed cement the arms 28 of the power lift means P are elevatedto a position shown in Figure 3 of the drawings. This tilts the cylinder I rearwardly sufficiently past center so that the mixed concrete is discharged through the open end by gravity. The cylinder may continueto rotate from the power take-off to assist thedischarge if desired. Upon completion of the discharge of the mixed concrete the semi-trailer may be transported in any desired position of the cylinder provided the ends of the frame clear the ground.

This type of portable cement mixer is particularly adapted for farm use Where tractors are available and increases the utility of the same. It-

may be advantageously used on relatively small cement jobs and provides an easily available source of ready mixed cement. The semi-trailer mount of the mixer permits a rocking of the mixing cylinder for the purpose described and the arrangement disclosed readily adapts the device to use with the power and lift facilities of a conventional tractor.

I claim:

1. A portable cement mixer including a frame, a single axle therefore at an approximate medial point, wheelsf for' said 'axlei a" rotatable mixing cylinder open-at its rear'end, a shaft projecting from the closed end of said cylinder, elevated bearings adjacent the front end of said frame forsaid. shaft; rollers on said frame for engaging the rear portion of the rotatable mixing cylinder,

' asecond'shaft mounted in bearings beneath the fram means for dri-vingly connecting said shafts,

a slidable universal coupling adapted to connect the lower shaft with the power take-off of a tractor, and a pivotal draw bar connection at the front of theframe adapted to be connected to the power lift means .of the tractor.

. 2. A portable cement mixer including a single axis wheeled framewit-h the axis extending transversely at an approximate medial point thereof, a rotatable mixing cylinder longitudinall mounted on said frame open at its rear end, a shaft projecting from thefront end of the cylinder, a second shaft mounted in bearings beneath the frame, means for drivingly connecting said shafts, a slidable universal coupling adapted to connect thelowershaft :with the power take-off of a tractor to rotate the cylinder and permit rocking when the frame is rocked on its medial axis, and means at the front .end of the frameadapted to be connected with the power lift means of the tractor torook said frame.

3. A portable cement mixer including a single axis wheeled frame with the axis extending transversely at an approximate medial point thereof, a rotatable mixing cylinder longitudinally mounted on saidframeopen at its rear end, a shaft projecting from the front end of the cylinder, a second shaft mounted in bearings beneath the frame, means for drivinglyconnecting said shafts, a slidable universalicoupling adapted to connect the lower shaft withithepower, take-off of a tractor to rotate the cylinder ,and'permit rocking when the frame is rocked onits medial axis, and a pivotal draw bar; connection at the front end of the frame adapted to be connected to the power lift means of the. tractor to rock said frame.


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