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Publication numberUS2483947 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 4, 1949
Filing dateOct 18, 1947
Priority dateOct 18, 1947
Publication numberUS 2483947 A, US 2483947A, US-A-2483947, US2483947 A, US2483947A
InventorsTurner Alonzo Robert
Original AssigneeTurner Alonzo Robert
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Cover lift hinge
US 2483947 A
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Oct. 4, 1949. A. R. TURNER 2,483,947

1 COVER LIFT HINGE Filed Oct. 18, 1947 a, a y INILENTOR.

WWII E t: WW/EW Patented Oct. 4, 1949 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE COVER LIFT HINGE Alonzo Robert Turner, Oregon, Wis.

Application October 18, 1947, Serial No. 780,694

4 Claims. 7 1

The present invention relates to a cover lift construction and especially to a novel cover lift hinge for retaining the pivoted lid or top of a cabinet or the like in open or closed position.

In cabinets of the type provided for radios, record players, etc. and having a pivoted or hinged lid or top, difliculty has been experienced in retaining the latter in open position. The present construction provides a lift hinge used in combination or association with the conventional butt hinges now employed in pivotally mounting the lid so as to permit it to be openedor closed by the operator lifting the lid to open position or lowering the lid to return it to closed position. As the use of such butt hinges makes no provision for retaining the lid in open position or when closed, retaining it against accidental opening, I have developed the present invention which provides positive means for automatically locking and retaining the lid in open position, and also for looking the lid in closed position to thereby eliminate vibrations of certain chords of music and voice.

The novel cover lift hinge construction of the present invention comprehends a housing adapted to be mounted in the cabinet and provided with a spring-pressed cam arm having one end slidably mounted in a slot in a bracket mounted on or in the lid.

Another important object of the present invention is the provision of a novel cover lift hinge assembly which is so constructed, arranged and mounted in the cabinet as to substantially reinforce the latter.

Further objects are to provide a construction of maximum simplicity, efliciency, economy and ease of assembly and operation, and such further objects, advantages and capabilities as will later more fully appear and are inherently possessed thereby.

The invention further resides in the construction, combination and arrangement of parts i1- lustrated in the accompanying drawing, and while there is shown therein a preferred embodiment, it is to be understood that the same is susceptible of modification and change, and comprehends other details, arrangements of parts, features and constructions without departing from the spirit of the invention.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a view in perspective of the novel cover lift hinge as applied to a cabinet having a pivotally mounted lid or closure and the latter 2 provided with 2. depending and encompassing flange.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged view in vertical cross-sec.- tion taken in a plane represented by the line 22 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a View in vertical cross-section taken in a plane represented by the line 33 of Fig. 2, but showing the lid bracket mounted upon a block secured to the depending flange of the lid.

Fig. 4 is a top plan view of the housing for the cover lift hinge and showing the manner of mounting the housing in the corner of the cabinet, the view being taken on the line 4+4 of Fig. 3.

Fig. 5 is a fragmentary view showing in rear elevation the cover lift hinge assembly but with its cam pivotally attached to an L bracket mounted on the underside of a flat top or lid.

Fig. 6 is a fragmentary view showing the cam arm bent and its upper end connected to a Z bracket.

Referring more particularly to the novel cover lift hinge construction or assembly as shown in Figs. 1 to 4 inclusive, the assembly includes a housing i providing an enclosure for a coil spring or tension means 2, the lower end of the coil spring seating upon and being retained by a pair of inturned ears or flanges 3 at the base of the housing, and the uper end carrying a plate 4 slidably mounted in the housing. Upon this plate or block 4 is carried an inverted, substantially U- shaped saddle or member 5 having its upper face or surface 6 maintained in continuous contact with a cam face I of a cam arm 8, and its outward- 1y projecting flanges 9, 9 seating upon and carried by the upper surface of the plate or block 4.

The cam end I!) of the cam arm 8 is pivotally mounted at H between the spaced, upstanding arms A projecting upwardly from and preferably formed integral with the housing I A bracket 12 is secured to the housing I by spaced projections I3 projecting rearwardly from the housing and adaptedto project through spaced openings in the web it of the bracket and thereafter bent over to lock the parts together. The outwardly projecting legs l5 and I6 of the bracket are provided with spaced screw holes I! for receiving attaching screws l8 and whereby the housing is securely anchored into a corner of the cabinet IS.

The upper end 20 of the cam arm 8 is provided with a fixed pin or rivet 2| slidably mounted in an elongated slot 22 of a Z bracket 23 secured by screws or the like 24 to a depending flange 25 on a top or lid 26 for the cabinet. This pivotal connection between the cam arm 8 and the bracket 23 permits movement of the lid or top from its closed position (Fig. 2) to its open posi tion (Fig. 1). In this open position the top or lid is preferably disposed at an angle of approximately 65 to 75 with respect to the horizontal, although this angle may be increased or decreased, as desired.

The cam arm 8-:may be flat as shown in Figs. 1 to 5 inclusive, or it may be bent at 21 as shown in Fig. 6. Also the Z bracket 23 may be attached directly to the lid as in Figs. 1, 2 and 6, or it may be mounted upon a block of wood. 28 as shownzin.

in the drawing, it will be readily apparent: that the present invention provides. a. unique, and simplified constructiom of:cover li-fthinge" which may; be readily applied. to.- cabinets; or the like having a;hinged.or-pivotedlicttoraccess to'the/ interior, and. which-cover. lift... automatically locks f? the lidinnpen or closed position. The camiace l'is so contoured thatwhen the lid. is close the rise it engages the. saddle isuficiently to compress the spring rand retain the lid inclosed position, whi'le'when the lid is raised to its open position; the rise- 32 engages and depresses the saddle? and spring whereb'ythe lid is retained in open position until" it intended us be and ism-manually lowered by the' operator.

Having thus disclosed my invention; I claim:

1. A cover lift hinge for retaining the lfcl ofa'r cabinet. hr operr or closed: positiong..comprisiirg a housing adapted: to ber mmmtedwithin. the -cam:- netand: inacerner thereof below the lid, a VET-'- tioallydisposedvcoilispring in said: housing hav- 1 ingits lower end. seating on the base of thahons ingand. itsnpper end tree tov move. vertically, asaddle member seating upon\ the free enclof the. spring. and! movable longitudinally in the housing, a cam arm pivotally mounted; adjacent one end inthe upper end .of the housing and; t'hereat having. a cam. face seating upon and having rotati've contact with said member said cam face havi'ngspac'ed rises one of which compresses the coil spring and retains thelidin open position and the other compresses the" coil spring: and retains the lid closed position, a; bracket mounted on the interior of the lid; at: one: end

thereof and provided with an: elongated: slot. and".

the. lid of a cabinet in. open or closed position...

comprising. a housing. adapted. to be mounted wholly within the cabinet. tension means insaid housing, an inverted, substantially U-shaped saddle movable in the housing and bearing against said tension means, a cam arm carried by and pivotally mounted in the upper end of the housing and having a cam face at one end projecting into the housing and maintained in rotative contact with the saddle, a bracket secured to the underside of the lid and provided with an elongated slot, and a projectionon. the other end of the cam armand received insai'd slot, said cam face being so contoured as to tensionally retain the lid in either open or closed position.

3. A cover lift hinge for retaining the hinged lief! of 'a. cabinet in either open or closed position, comprisinga cam arm pivotally connected at one endto the lid, a housing mounted within the cabinet-(with the; other end of the cam arm pivotally mounted in the housing, the last mentioned end of the cam arm provided with a cam face depending into the housing and having spaced rises, a: member freely slidable in the housing; and a coil spring-carried in the-housin-g-withone en'd free and in: engagement with said member for forcing said: member into: continuous contact" with theicam: face; whereby when: thezlictzisraised to=:open positiongpne oithe'ri'ses omthewcamiaeee lowered. to closed. position, the: other. rise. is-ro-- tatedloaposition where it engagessaid-memhen and. thereby compresses the springtdretainthe lid in. closed. position.

I 4. A. cover lift hinge. for. retaining thelid ciacabinetin open or closed position, comprising a housing adapted" to be mountedin a. corner of the cabinet belowthe lid and tliereat' reinforcing the cabinet, a coil'spring in-said housing having;

a canranm. pivotall'yi moimt'ed; the: upper: endofith housing adjacent the saddle member and having; acam. face. projecting: inter the: housing andthereat engaging said. member: saidcam: face having spaced rises one oi whichcompressesthe coilspringandretains the lid. in open positon. and the other compresses the coil spring andretains the. lid. in. closed position, a bracket. mounted on the interior of the. lid. and. provided, with an.

elongated" slot, and a pin on the other endol thecarm arm loosely carried in. the slot and. connecting'th'e lift hinge to the lid.


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