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Publication numberUS2484239 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 11, 1949
Filing dateAug 16, 1946
Priority dateAug 16, 1946
Publication numberUS 2484239 A, US 2484239A, US-A-2484239, US2484239 A, US2484239A
InventorsMoon Richard H, Moon Robert W
Original AssigneeMoon Richard H, Moon Robert W
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Garden grill
US 2484239 A
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Oct. 11, 1949. N ET AL 2,484,239 GARDEN GRILL Filed Aug. 16, 1946 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 1 7 7 H 5 5+- 4? M? H20 l3 /5 4 6 /0 5 3 ll; e


GARDEN GRILL Filed Aug. 16, 1946 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTORS RICHARD H.MOON ROBERT W-MOON Patented Oct. 11, 1949 GARDEN GRILL Richard H. Moon and Robert W. Moon, Milwaukee, Wis.

Application August 16, 1946, Serial No. 690,947

1 Claim.

Our invention refers to garden grills and it has for its primary object, to provide a simple, foldable grill for convenience in storage and shipment. A further object of our invention is to provide a pair of hingedly connected leg-frames, one of which, at its upper end, carries a handlebar and at its lower end a pair of supporting wheels for convenience in transporting the same from place to place.

A further object is to provide means, at the free end of a pivoted fire box supporting frame, for securely locking said free end to the upper ends of a second leg frame, the said pair of le frames being pivotally connected, whereby the device may readily be collapsed or distended in its assembled position for functioning.

A still further object of our invention is to provide a support for a metallic fire box assemblage, in conjunction with a horizontally positioned frame, the same being provided with air spaces between the fire box unit and horizontal frame slats, to eliminate damage through burning the parts.

A still further object of our invention is to provide a fire box having a bottom grate in the form of a perforated plate, over a bottom opening in the fire box and a transversely disposed slidable drawer thereunder, adapted to serve as a damper and also as an ash tray in conjunction with the fire box, it being understood that an offset fiange about the mouth of said fire box serves as a support for a grid sheet of wide mesh, it being also understood that the horizontal frame carries metallic brackets in engagement with the corners of the fire box flanges whereby the same is suspended.

With the above and other objects in view, which will appear as the description proceeds, the invention resides in the novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts, substantially as hereinafter described, and more particularly defined by the appended claims, it being understood that such changes in the precise embodiment of the herein disclosed invention may be made as come within the scope of the claim.

In the accompanying drawings is illustrated one complete example of the physical embodiment of the present invention constructed according to the best mode so far devised for the practical application of the principles thereof.

In the drawings:

Fig. 1 represents grill embodying the the section being indicated by line Figure 2.

a sectional elevation of a features of our invention, l-l of Fig. 2 is a plan view of the same with parts broken away and in section to more clearly illustrate structural features.

Fig. 3 is a cross section of the grill, the section being indicated by line 3-3 of Figure 1.

Fig. 4 is a detailed cross sectional view through the fire box supporting frame illustrating a cleat supported work board, the section being indicated by line 4-4 of Figure 1.

Fig. 5 is a crosssectional view through the horizontal frame particularly illustrating a cleat supported tray.

Fig. 6 is a side elevation of the grill in its folded position.

Referring by characters to the drawings, l, 1, indicates strips of a front leg frame, the said strips being connected by a bottom brace-bar 2 and an upper handle-bar 2'.

A similar rear leg frame includes strips 3, 3 connected by upper and lower brace-bars 4 and 4, respectively. These frames are crossed intermediate therein and connected by pivot bolts 5, 5, to the front leg sections, the last mentioned frame being provided with coaster wheels 6, 6, while the ends of the rear legs rest upon the ground to hold the grill in any desired position.

The upper ends of the frame strips 1 have pivoted thereto parallel strips 7 of the horizontally disposed fire box supporting frame, the said strips being secured by pivot bolts 8, 8. The strips 1 of the fire box supporting frame are connected by transverse strips 9, 9, and also the free ends of the fire box frame strips are further secured by a brace-bar 9, as best indicated in Figure 6 of the drawing. The upper ends of the leg frame 3 are provided with slots H] for the reception of bolts I I, which bolts are carried by the horizontal frame strips 1.

Thus, when the grill is open or distended, as shown in Figure 1, the free ends of the fire box supporting frame, are rigidly connected to the upper ends of the rear supporting le frame 3, forming a tie connection.

The cross strips 9 in conjunction with the strips 1 of the horizontal frame form a pocket for the reception of a rectangular metallic fire box l2 and secured to the corners are metallic brackets l3, 13, as indicated in Figures 1 and 2 of the drawing.

The side walls of the fire box have offset flanges l4 at their upper edges, which flanges engage the brackets, whereby an air space between the associated frame members and the walls of the fire box is obtained.

The frame members, for simplicity in conis pulled. full out.

struction, are all fabricated from wood strips and hence, in such cases, the air vents about the fire box prevent scorching or damage to the parts.

Agrid plate I5 is removably seated upon the fire box flange l4, the same being formed with coarse meshed screen opening for full distribution of heat thereto. The vertical walls of the fire box l2 have extending from their lower edges an inwardly inclined bottom I 2, whichbottom terminates with an elongated air-intakeopening I2" therein. The bottom has secured thereto a grating plate [6 preferably formed with a series of perforations therein through which air is-i-ntroduced into the fuel bed stacked thereover.

The lower face of the inclined-bottom Kassie--- cured thereto an inwardly flanged apron Hfor I8; which is: slidabtythe reception of a drawer flanges, of the said in dotted lines of Figure 3, the drawer forms an air-intakedraft opening! It Will also: b'enoted th'altlth'e bottonmiace of' thegrate .l 6 haszcentratly secured thereto an inverted U-shagieduair: de-

fl'ector'. It. which deflector: servesa-to-xidistribute"the air uniformly through thetap'ertures. oiksaidzgrate for the purposeao-f developingshig-h.cookingtemperatures.

It should be .noted that i the: air: deflector; Hi and associated parts not-lonl y serve to uniformly distribute the -.air. but it also serves as a deflector, whereby ashesf alling through thengrid plate: will be divided in two mounds as theysettle' upon the bottom of theipan. Between these moundsthere ;is developed a clear air channel for distributing thefisanre inxthe fire part;

The tendency to choke-the a'ir opening-is avoid.-

1 ed,-..which chokewould "o'ccurin the eventa single mound of ashes were piled: intotheipan.

As indicatemin; starting aafiregthewdrawer. l8

After a. cooking. fire is developed, .the .drawer may 'be. fully. closedxito conserve fuel and to. decrease temperature: of the cooking fire.

Referringespecial-ly to Figure 1 of'the drawings, the horizontally. disposed fire box carrying frame is provided. at'either end: witha series of cleats. l9, l9, eachpfrwhich series serveas a support'for a work board ZUand a-Ltrayi'Zl; itbeingunderstood that'tl'iese: parts may; be interchangeable for convenience. in cooking...

When :it .is desired to store the grill or: to ship the same, thetnuts'of the clamping bolts-at t, which se'rveto tie up the entire assemblies, areiloo-sened whereby the centrally pivoted-legframes:will collapse foldtog-ether,-as'zillustratedi in Figure-6 50 of the-'drawings.-. If so.folded; the vertically, disposed .fire box framewillalso fold down upon its pivotable connection 8, whereby the parts are closely nested as shown.

When it is desired to position the folded parts for use, the handle-bar 2, in conjunction with the pivoted fire box frame, are lifted whereby the leg elements will assume their proper supporting position and the free end of said fire box frame is then locked to the upper ends of the leg 3 by means of: the clamping bolts H.

1t will be n'oted thatthe' upper-sections of the front leg frame are of materially greater length than the upper sections of the rear legs, whereby a.convenient clearance for a handle-bar is developed for conveniently manipulating the assemblagez- We claim: In a portable stove supporting frame having a fire box mounted therein, the same comprising rectangular wall sections terminating with inwardly inclined Wall sections the ends of which forma rectangular. air opening, a grating. plate seen-red to the inclined wallvsectionsabove the air. opening, a flangexapron extending downward- 1y from the inclined walls aboutthe air opening, an ash receiving drawer mounted upon the: apron flanges, a grid mounted upon the top edge "of the box, andan inverted U shaped. central-1y disposed defiector plate secured to the grating plate having its lower ends in juxtaposition andspaced from the edges of the air intake opening'of said fire pot toprovide the incoming air for combustion, thereby providing distribution of the air to the grate, whereby ashes aredefiected. in the pan in separate mounds to develop a clear channel forair into the fire-box.-

RICHARD 1-1.. MOON. ROBERT W. MOON. REFERENCES CITED" The following references are ofrecord inthe file ofthis patent:


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European ClassificationA47J37/07B