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Publication numberUS2485120 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 18, 1949
Filing dateNov 6, 1946
Priority dateNov 6, 1946
Publication numberUS 2485120 A, US 2485120A, US-A-2485120, US2485120 A, US2485120A
InventorsMartin I Szulerecki
Original AssigneeMartin I Szulerecki
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Blowtorch attachment for ladle tables
US 2485120 A
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Oct. 18, 1949. M. l. SZULERECKI BLOWTORCH ATTACHMENT FOR LADLE TABLES Filed Nov. 6, 1946 IN VEN TOR. [Var/1 f :fiu/wwkz' ATTDRN EYE Patented Oct. 18, 1949 BLOVVTORCHA-TTACHMEN T FOR' LADLE TABLES Martin I. SiulereckL'Sauk Rapids, Minn..

Application November 6, 1946, Serial N0. 708,1.67"

1 Claim. (Cl. 126-240) 1. My present invention relates to a ladle-support for a blow-torch"- adapted" especially for use as an attachment to liquid. fuel burners or heaters' of thehand-torch or portable -blow-torch type. The attachment of my inventionxis capable of installationon standard types.- of blow-torches that include a holder for a soldering-iron, and in equipping a blow-torch withmy-ladle-support or table,.the soldering iron isremoved, and :the ladle is substituted and heldbythe means for attaching the table or support to the. blowtorch;

By the-utilization of my attachment, the ladle issupported on the blew-torchin position for heating and melting the selectedemetal ,andzthe portable torch with its attachment may: with facility be employed for pouring the molten metal from the supported ladle.

The primar object of the invention is the provision of an attachment or appliance of this type that consists of a minimum number of parts that may with facility be manufactured at low cost of production, and which parts may with convenience be assembled, adjusted, and installed for use with a blow-torch or similar appliance, without necessity for skilled labor, and with accuracy and convenience.

The invention consists in certain novel combinations and arrangements of parts, and in the means for attaching these combined parts to a blow-torch or the like, as will hereinafter be described, and more specifically set forth in my appended claims.

In the accompanying drawings I have illustrated one complete example of the physical embodiment of my invention in connection with a blow-torch, wherein the parts are combined and arranged in accord with one mode I have devised for the practical application of the principles of my invention. It will, however, be understood that changes and alterations are contemplated and may be made in these exemplifying drawings, mechanical structures, and installation, within the scope of my claims without departing from the principles of the invention.

Figure 1 is a view in side elevation showing in dotted lines a portion of a standard type of blowtorch, equipped with the attachment of my invention, and also showing in dotted lines a ladle supported in position for heating, and for pouring the molten metal.

Figure 2 is a top plan view of the attachment of my invention; and

2V Figure 3 :is: an end'lelevation 1 of theattach ment asseen from th'elright in Fig. 1;.

In order that the general arrangements-and. utility of parts ;ma readily be understood; I

have shown by' dottedczlines, inuFig; v1 asportionr of a standard type: of portable-e gasoline blow. torch including the fuel; tank;.formingsaabasei-By; the upright fuel supply. pipe F.rising;frtunzithei= tank, and the horizontally1disposedutorchdIbupon: which the usual holder:Hris;mountedzitozholdc a conventional soldering iron. In equipping-the: blow torch with the attachmentiofrmy finvention the soldering iron is removedaand there-.- fore not illustrated in the drawings; andiazladle: having a pouring. pot" or rbowl :Ir. and: handle: A is substituted for the-soldering iron;

The' handle AQf-the-u-Iadle .-is..held or retained; by the holder H which is threaded into a socket of a boss C which is rigid with the top face of the torch, and this holder for the ladle is also utilized as means for attaching the ladle support over and parallel with the torch T.

By means of my attachment the bowl L is supported directly in front of the torch to receive the blast for heating the metal within the bowl, and the portable blow-torch is manipulated by hand for pouring the molten metal from the bowl.

The appliance of my invention includes a circular open-center, preferably sheet-metal, supporting plate or ring-shaped table I, having an interior edge-notch 2 to accommodate the pouring spout S of the ladle L, and a radially extending, integral, attaching blade or arm 3 having a longitudinally extending slot 4.

This open-center supporting plate or ringshaped table is mounted above the torch T, and secured thereto by means of the holder H which is threaded through the slot 4 of the arm 3 and firmly fixed on the socket-boss C of the torch. As shown, the bowl of the ladle fits neatly into the open center table and the handle A of the ladle is retained by the holder H; and the slotted attaching arm 3 may be utilized in adjusting the bowl with relation to the torch for effective heating of the contents of the bowl of the ladle.

For bracing the outwardly projecting table, a sectional longitudinally adjustable, and obliquely disposed brace is provided, which includes a leg or sheet metal plate 5 having an angular foot 6 that is fashioned at its outer edge with a notch l for engagement with the fuel feed pipe F of the blow-torch; and this metal plate is fashioned with a longitudinally extending slot 8 for co-action with a complementary plate 9 forming an arm of the adjustable brace.

The slidably adjustable leg 5 and arm 9 are fixed in adjusted position by means of a headed screw bolt Ill passed through a hole in the arm and through the slot 8 of the leg 5, and a clamp nut I I, preferably of the wing type, is utilized for locking the arm and the leg in adjusted position.

As best seen in Fig. 1, the arm 9 of the brace is fashioned with a bent or hook-shaped head I2, and a screw bolt [3 is passed through registering holes in the head and the table I for rigidly fastening the adjusted brace to the ladle table.

The attachment may be applied to the blowtorch for use by a right-hand craftsman, or by a left-hand craftsman, by first removing the brace from the table and then by turning over and reversing the relative position of the table, so that the notch 2 for the spout S will be at the opposite side of the center line in Fig. 3. In this reversed position the brace may again be attached to the table, and the table and brace aflixed to the blow-torch for use therewith in supporting the ladle.

By means of the slotted attaching arm 3 of the table and the adjustable brace or bracket 5-9, it will be apparent that the device may be fitted with facility to a blow-torch or the like to locate the ladle in desired position for effectively heating the contained metal, and the whole structure may skilfully be manipulated for pouring the molten metal.

Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

In an attachment for supporting a ladle in heating position over a portable blow-torch, the combination with an open-center ring shaped 4 table adapted to receive the bowl of the ladle, of a slotted arm rigid with the table, a holder for the handle of the ladle coacting with said slotted arm for attaching said arm to the blow-torch, an angularly disposed bracing arm with a hookshaped head bolted to said table, said bolt passing through said hook-shaped head, a slotted adjustable leg secured to said angularly disposed bracing arm, and securement means for securing said slotted adjustable leg to said angularly disposed bracing arm, said means including a threaded bolt and a wing nut, said slotted adjustable leg being provided at its other end with an angular foot having a notch for engagement with said torch.


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