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Publication numberUS2485161 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 18, 1949
Filing dateAug 21, 1948
Priority dateAug 21, 1948
Publication numberUS 2485161 A, US 2485161A, US-A-2485161, US2485161 A, US2485161A
InventorsHarry Silverman, Joseph Pampinella
Original AssigneeHarry Silverman, Joseph Pampinella
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Lipstick cover with a springing mirror set therein
US 2485161 A
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Och 1949-v J. PAMPINELLA ET AL 2,485,161


IN V EN TORS Patented Oct. 18, 1949 LIPSTICK COVER WITH A SPRINGING MIRROR SET THEREIN Joseph Pampinella, Bloomfield, and Harry Silverman, Newark, N. J.

Application August 21, 1948, Serial No. 45,454 2 Claims. (01. 132-79) The invention relates to an improvement in lipstick covers whereby a plain or convex glass mirror is attached to a coil or spring (metal or plastic) set within and attached to the inside bottom of the lipstick cover. The object of the improvement is; first, to provide a mirror inside the lipstick cover to assist in lipstick makeup. When the lipstick cover is removed from the case, containing the lipstick, the spring on which the mirror is attached, is released. The mirror by action of the released spring is then pushed up to the open end of the lipstick cover and a practicable and usable mirror presents itself; second, when the cover and the case containing the lipstick are put together the action of closing puts the case against the mirror in the cover and forces the spring on which the mirror is fastened to be compressed within the said cover.

One form of the invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which Figure 1 is a vertical view of the case and a cut out section of the cover, when removed one from the other. Figure 2 is a view of the closed cover and case with a cut out showing the various parts of the improvement with the spring compressed. Figure 3 shows details of the improvement in its free position.

The invention is applicable to any lipstick cover in which the case containing the lipstick has the lipstick set below or capable of being set below the open edge of the case, in order that the edge of the case when pushed into the cover, or vice versa, forces the spring to which the mirror is attached to be compressed with the action of closing. The cover and case are kept together by any of the various ways or means in current usage for accomplishing this purpose. A detailed description follows: The plain or convex mirror I is attached to one side of a disc 2, made from cardboard, metal, fibre, plastic, rubber, wood or something similar thereto. The coil or spring 3 is fastened at one end to the other side of the disc 2. A cement, adhesive, or any other kind of attachment is used for the fastening of the disc 2 to the mirror I and one end of the spring 3. The other end of the spring 3 is attached to a disc 4, which is similar to disc 2. Then disc 4 is fastened to the bottom of the interior cover 5. A cement, adhesive, or any other attachment is again used in fastening the disc 4 to the other end of the spring 3 and the bottom of the interior cover 5. (It is also to be noted that disc 4 may be left out and the spring 3 fastened to the cover 5 by the process of spot welding.) Any fastening of the component parts, one to the other and to the bottom of the interior cover, may be eliminated if a stop or sleeve is built into the cover, close to its edge.

The foregoing detailed description has been given for clearness of understanding only, and no unnecessary limitations should be understood therefrom, but it should be construed as broadly as permissible, in view of the prior art since other modifications, within the spirit and scope of the improvement will be apparent to those skilled in the art.

We claim:

1. A lipstick cover assembly having a retractable and projectable mirror assembly therein comprising a lipstick cover having an open and a closed end, a spring having one end mounted inside the cover adjacent the closed end and a mirror mounted on the opposite end of the spring so that the spring in an unstressed condition holds said mirror adjacent the open end of the cover and in the stressed condition, as by compression, permits the mirror to be retracted within the cover.

2. In a lipstick cover for use with a complementary lipstick case, a retractable and projectable mirror assembly comprising a mirror mounted on a disc, a coil spring having one end fixed to the opposite side of the mounting disc and the other end fixed to a second disc, said second disc being fastened to the interior of the closed end of the lipstick cover so that the mirror is retracted when a lipstick case is inserted in the cover and is projected to the usable position when a lipstick case is removed from the cover.



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