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Publication numberUS2485303 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 18, 1949
Filing dateJul 13, 1946
Priority dateJul 13, 1946
Publication numberUS 2485303 A, US 2485303A, US-A-2485303, US2485303 A, US2485303A
InventorsMarcus Louise
Original AssigneeMarcus Louise
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Combined spoon and medicine bottle
US 2485303 A
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Oct. 18, 1949. 1 MARCUS 2,485,303

COMBINED SPOON AND MEDICINE BOTTLE Filed July 13, 1946 Patented Oct. 18, 1949 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE COMBINED SPOON AND MEDICINE BOTTLE Louise Marcus, New York, N. Y. Application July 13, 1946, Serial No. 683,577

3 Claims. (01. 259-422) This invention relates to bottles of the medicine type and more particularly to a cap structure therefor wherein there is provided on the cap and adapted to be extended into the medicine or other liquid within the bottle as the cap is fixed thereto a spoon serving when removed from the bottle to measure off quantities of the medicine. This spoon is of sufficient length to effect, at times, the stirring of the medicine within the bottle.

It is an object of the present invention to provide a combined cap and spoon of a construction such that the spoon while carried on the cap can be confined and retained within the bottle when the medicine is not being consumed, the cap at such times, being screwed down in place on the bottle.

It is another object of the invention to provide a spoon and cap structure wherein the spoon is axially slidable through the cap to be in one position on the cap so that it can be retained against rotation, as when the medicine is being measured out for consumption, and in another position so that the spoon portion can be rotated relative to the cap at times when it is desired to effect stirring of the medicine or the sediment thereof from the bottom of the bottle.

According to the invention, a spoon adapted to pass through the neck of the bottle and into the interior thereof is secured to a removable cap so that as the cap is removed the spoon is likewise removed. When the cap is in place on the bottle, the spoon will extend to some distance within the interior thereof and when rotated can be made to effect a stirring action upon the medicine within the bottle.

A further object of the present invention proposes slidably mounting the spoon through the cap so that while the cap is secured to the bottle the spoon can be adjusted between two positions within the bottle. When it is in the raised position, the spoon is retained against rotative movement and is adapted for eifecting a measuring of the medicine as the cap and spoon are taken from the bottle and held in one hand of the user while pouring medicine out of the bottle with the other hand. Also, the spoon while being retained in the raised position in the bottle is kept from becoming frozen within the sediment which may form in the bottom of the bottle. As the spoon is moved to the lowered position it is permitted to rotate and serves to stir up the sediment in the bottom of the bottle. A shaft extends through the top of the cover and has a winged plate fastened on the end thereof by which the 2 user can effect stirring movement of the spoon when in the bottom of the bottle.

For further comprehension of the invention, and of the objects and advantages thereof, reference will be had to the following description and accompanying drawings, and to the appended claims in which the various novel features of the invention are more particularly set forth.

In the accompanying drawing forming a material part of this disclosure:

Fig. 1 is a side elevational view of a medicine bottle bearing the combined cap and spoon structure constructed in accordance with the present invention.

Fig. 2 is a top plan view of a portion of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged side elevational view of the bottle shown in Fig. 1, but illustrating a different position of the parts and having a portion thereof broken away to reveal interior constructions.

Fig. 4 is a view of the cap removed from the bottle and showing in section the spoon adjusted upon the cap to its lowered or stirring position.

Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the spoon removed from the cap looking into its top end with a portion broken away to show the connection of the lower end of the shaft to the main portion of the SPOOIL Fig. 6 is a perspective view of a winged plate adapted to fit on the spoon shaft to serve as a handle by which the spoon can be rotated to effect the stirring action.

The combined cap and spoon, according to the present invention, is designed for use with a bottle 2| having a neck formation 22. The neck22 has a top threaded portion 23 to which a cap structure 24 is connected upon a sealing washer 25 being located between the top of the neck and the cap 24. The cap 24 has a dependingsleeve formation 26 adapted to extend into the interior of the bottle and support a spoon 21. The sleeve formation 26 has a central bore 28 extending through it and through the main body of the cap 24. Through this central bore, there is extended from the spoon 21 a central shaft 29 adapted to be adjusted axially through the cap 24 and sleeve formation 26 to position the spoon 21 at different vertical heights within the bottle 2|. When the shaft 29 is drawn upwards, see Fig. 3, the spoon 21 is retained in its raised position.

In order that the spoon 21 cannot be rotated while in this raised position and so that it may be made rigid with the cap, when taken from the bottle for use in measuring off the medicine from the bottle, there is provided on the spoon 21 a slit sleeve formation 3| slidable on the exterior surface of the sleeve formation 26 of the cap 24. On this slit formation at the inner face of the upper end thereof, ar radially inwardly extending projections 32 adapted to register with holes 33 on the exterior of the cap sleeve formation 26. By these projections 32 registering with the holes 33, the spoon is retained against rotational and axial displacement relative to the cap.

When the shaft 29 is depressed as shown in Figs. 1 and 4*, the spoon 21 is lowered into the bottle to a point near its bottom so as to be in engagement with any sediment in the bottom of the bottle. The portions of the slit sleeve formation 3| are sprung radially outwardly so that the projections 32 slide on the smooth exterior surface of the cap sleeve formation 26 until they reach an annular groove 34 thereon. When the projections are in this groove the spoon 21 can be readily rotated but will be restrained against fur ther vertical displacement. To rotate the spoon when in this positiomthere is provided a winged plate 35 having a square'hole 36 adapted to fit a squared end projection 3'! onthe upper end of the'sh'aft 29. By turning the winged plate 35 the spoon 21 is rotated in the sediment and the sediment will be loosened from the bottle and a stirring action will be accordingly effected.

While I haveillustrated and described the preferred embodiments of my invention, it is to be understood that I do notlimit myself to the preciseconstructions herein disclosed and the right isreserved to all= changes and'modifications coming within the scope: of the invention as defined in the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I clairn as new and desire to secure by United States Letters Patent is:

1'. The combination with a container having a neck, a" closure for the neck having an integral stem depending from the inner side thereof and provided with longitudinally spaced circumscribing external groove and a hole, a spoon having a tubular shank longitudinally split to provide a plurality of yieldable gripping jaws, at least one ofsaid jaws having an internal stop insertable in said groove or hole, and a rod extending from said spoon and slidable through the stem of the closure and provided on its upper end With a handle for operating the same.

2. The combination with a container for medicine having a neck, a closure having coupling means to engage the neck and provided with a pendant stem on its inner side, a' rod slidable through said stem and provided with a handle on its upper end, a spoon connected with the inner end of the rod, and clutch means carried by the spoon having a sliding adjustable fit on said pendant stem to vary the position of the spoon in said container, and to hold the spoon in adjusted positions in said container.

3. In combination with a bottle having a removable cap, a sleeve formation depending from a the cap'into-t-he bottle, a shaft axially slidably extended through said cap and sleeve formation, a spoon formed on the inner end of said shaft, a sleeve formation .on said spoon overlapping the sleeve formation of said cap and formed with a plurality of slits dividing the sleeve formation of said spoon into a plurality of flexible fingers, acircumferential groove formed on the sleeve formation of said: cap adjacent-the bottom end thereof, a circumferential set of holes'formed on LOUISE MARCUS.

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