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Publication numberUS248559 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 18, 1881
Publication numberUS 248559 A, US 248559A, US-A-248559, US248559 A, US248559A
InventorsJambs D. Jackson
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US 248559 A
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(No Model.)


Patented Oct. 18, 1881..

. passage of water and other sewage matter, as

, Fig. 3, a perspective view of the frame for sup- JAMES D. .IAoxsoN, or WASHINGTON, nIsrnIOr'oFoOLUi/IBIA, .AssIGNOR or cNnnALr To LOUIS WINTERS, OF SAME RLAcn.


SPEIFICTON forming' part 0f Lettls Patent N0. 248,559, died October 18, 1881.

Application led August 25, 1881. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JAMEsD. JACKSON, a citizen of the United States, residing at Washington, in the District of Columbia, have invented new and useful Improvements in Disinfecting Attachments for Sewers, Sinks, Sto., of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to disinfecting attachments for sewer-openings, the object being to provide a simple device for absorbing and deodorizing or disinfeotin g the escaping gases from sewers; andthe invention consists in a foraminons box or receptacle for broken charcoal or other disinfectant or deodorizing material, which device is pivoted in suitable bearills@ at the. .eutrancesnexitsxotseners. or sewer-connections in such a manner aste act as a valve to normally close such openings and absorb the intercepted gases and odors, and yet have snicient movement to permit the hereinafter more fully set forth.

In the accompanying drawings, which fullyillustrate my invention, Figure l is a sectional View of a street-sewer catchbasin or trap with my disinfectant attachment in position. Fig. 2 is a perspective View of the foraminous box or cage for holding the disinfectant material;

porting the box or cage; and Fig. 4 is a transverse vertical sectional view through the box or cage.

Like letters indicate like parts. A The disinfectant-receptacle A consists of a narrow box or cage having foraminous sides a, adapted to permit the passage of air or gas. This cage is lled with broken charcoal orother suitable disinfectant material, which may be readily changed or renewed from time to time, as required. The box A is provided with a cover, @which is slotted at each end to engage with perforated lugs c c, the cover being held in place by pins d d passing through the lugs. t each end of the box is a pivot, e, by which the receptacle is journaled in inclined slots j' f, formed in the bearingpiates B B at each side of the sewer-opening.

When in position the disinfectant-box A'ts be connected above by a transverse piece, B', 5o

that forms a seat for the upper rear portion of the box when the sewer-openingis closed. In closingathe sewer-opening the box A is also seated anteriorly against a shoulder, C, at the lower edge of said opening.

' It will thus be seen that the box or cage A acts as a valve to close the mouth ofthe sewer, while the disinfectant material, D, contained in the box is in such position as to intercept and absorb the deleterious gases and odors that seek an escape thronghthe sewer-opening.

It will also be observed that while the box or cage is hung in such a way as to normally closethe sewer-opening it will readilyopen inwardat itslower edge on recel-vin g the slightest pressure of wateren tering the sewer-month or streetjnlet E. As the lower edge of the box thus moves backward under the pressure of incoming water its upper portion tilts forward until `its anterior face rests on the inclined guard F above the sewer-inlet. In this position, while the sewer-openingis lilled with incoming water, the escape otlgases. above is d prevented by the-contact of theposterior face of the disinfectant-box with the lower edge ot the transverse frame or shoulder B', that 'extends between the bearings B B. The manner in which the disinfectant-box is arranged with relation to the streetrinlet enables it to be readily removed and replaced by simply raising the cap-plate G and lifting the box out or again loweringr it in position, as required.

It is obvious that the disinfectant-box may be composed of any suitable materials, or made in any oonienient shape to conform to the shape and size of the openings which it is designed to guard.

The invention may be applied not only to the street-inlets of sewers, butalso to water-closets, f

sinks, privies, and Ventilating-pipes with only 'f slight modifications.

Where the flow of water is insufficient .to operate the device it may be provided with rods or chains arranged to open and close the pas sages without departing fromthe spirit of my invention, the essential feature of which consists in applyingto sewer openings or passages snugly between its hearings B B, which may through which noxious gases and vapors are exhaled atrap or valve composed of aforalniterial,pivotedin suitable bearings, and forming r 5 nous receptacle containing n suitable 'disinavalve for intercepting and absorbing gasesiu fectant material adapted to absorb and destroy sewers and sewenconneqions, substantially such deleterious exhalations. as described.' f4

5 When the disinfectant: material is remoi'ed, In testimony whereof I have hereunto set myy --afberV-becoming charged with .sewage metter hand in the presence of two subscribing witze' and gsest may be advantageously employed nesses. as a fertilizing agent.'

By Atheuse of this device sewer-*passages may J D. JACKSON. zo be ventilatedvwithout exposure to the dangerous influences 'of .escaping gases. Witnesses:

Having thus described my invention, what JAMES L. NORRIS, I claimis- L. WINTERs.

A fornminons receptacle for disinfectant ma-

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Cooperative ClassificationA61B10/007