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Publication numberUS2486054 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 25, 1949
Filing dateJul 10, 1947
Priority dateJul 10, 1947
Publication numberUS 2486054 A, US 2486054A, US-A-2486054, US2486054 A, US2486054A
InventorsMorse Max
Original AssigneeMorse Max
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Collapsible crib
US 2486054 A
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2 SheeEs-Sheet l @ce 25, i949, M. MORSE COLLAPSIBLE CRIB Filed July 10, 1947 Oct. 25, 1949., M. MORSE 2,486,054

COLLAPSIBLE CRIB Filed July 10, 1 947 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Q?- v v crib is provided with a bottom or floor panel 22 which will ordinarily be constructed of waterproof material perimetrically secured to the lower lateral and end frame members by wrapping the edges of this material around the said members as at 23 in Figure 9 and tacking as at 25.Y The vertical panels 24 are preferably constructed of open mesh material in order to minimize bulk and weight and to minimize the interference of these vertical panels in thecollapsing of the frame members together. This open mesh construction is, of course, very desirable for crib construction inasmuch as the infant placed therein may see and be seen with maximum facility.

It will be noted that all of the upper frame members, both at the ends and sides of the frame are collapsible downwardly and that each of these members is provided with locking means including a pin 26 slidably mounted in an axial bore 28 in the sections 30 and 32 of the end and lateral frame members, respectively. This pin 26 is provided with a radially disposed nger grip 34 which extends through a slot 36 of a length less than the bore 28 and provided in the sections 30 and 32 to register with the bore 28. The sections 38 and 40 of the upper end and upper lateral frame members, respectively, are provided with axial bores 42 to register with the bores 28 and to receive the pins 26 when the frame members are locked in the positions illustrated in Figure 1.

The upper lateral frame members are hingedly secured as at 44 to outwardly extending portions 46 which are integral or secured rigidly in any manner to intermediate portions of the legs I0 so that the sections 32 and 40 when depressed during the collapsing of the crib are offset from the sections 48 and 50 of the lower lateral frame members which are hinged for upward movement when the crib is collapsed.

It should be noted that the sections 54 and 56 are not hingedly connected to the legs I0 and that these sections are hinged to the adjacent section 48 is hingedly connected to the leg I6, as'

the same time as these sections 54 and 56 are hinged inwardly during the collapse of the crib.

It will be understood that in this specication many of the parts described are duplicated on other corresponding portions of the crib. The bottom panel 22 or floor of the crib is recessed as at 66 adjacent each of the hinges 20 on the lower frame members to allow these members to buckle without tearing the material of the panel.

The operation of this invention will be clearly understood from the foregoing description of the mechanical details thereof, taken in connection with the above recitation of the objects sought to be achieved by this invention but, in recapitulation, it may be noted that in collapsing the crib from the locked position illustrated in Figure 1,

the members are unlocked by retracting the pins 26, as to the right in Figure 6, to allow the sections of each member to move relatively to each other. The frame'members I2 and I4 are then depressed while the frame members I8 are collapsed upwardly and the frame members I6 'are hinged inwardly of the crib on the hinges 20 and simultaneously hinged upwardly on the hinges 58, all as clearly illustrated in Figures 3 and 4. The bottom or oor 22 of exible material depends slightly between the legs I0 as these legs approach each other into the nal positions illustrated in Figure 2, while the open mesh structure 24 of the vertical sides may easily be manipulated to prevent the same from unduly fouling the frame members and legs. 'It will be noted that when the device is completely collapsed, as in Figure 2, this crib occupies a very small space.

Though there has been shown a particular embodiment of this invention, this application is not limited to this particular embodiment, but it is desired to include in the scope of this invention the construction,combination and arrangement of parts and portions substantially as set forth in the appended claims.

Having described the invention, what is claimed as new is:

l. A collapsible crib comprising corner posts, a plurality of centrally hinged upper lateral and end frame members and a similar plurality of lower lateral and end frame members, said frame members constituting an open frame hingedly secured to said posts, and flexible panels secured to and between said members, said upper members being collapsible downwardly, said lower lateral members being collapsible upwardly, and said lower end members being hinged to and collapsible on said lower lateral members.

2. A collapsible crib comprising corner posts, a plurality of centrally hinged upper lateral and end frame members and a similar plurality of lower lateral and end frame members, each of said lower lateral members comprising two sections hinged together to fold upwardly, said upper lateral frame members being outwardly oifset in relation to the lower lateral frame members and centrally hinged to fold downwardly, the upper end frame members being centrally hinged to fold downwardly, the lower end members being each centrally hinged and at the extremities thereof hinged to the lower lateral frame members, said frame members constituting an open frame hingedly secured to said posts, and flexible panels secured to and between said members, said lower end members being hinged to the lower lateral members.


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International ClassificationA47D7/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47D7/002
European ClassificationA47D7/00B