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Publication numberUS2488035 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 15, 1949
Filing dateMay 8, 1946
Priority dateMay 8, 1946
Publication numberUS 2488035 A, US 2488035A, US-A-2488035, US2488035 A, US2488035A
InventorsPistone William R
Original AssigneeAlbert Anch
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Mirror-lined cellarette
US 2488035 A
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Nov. 15, 1949 -w. R. PlsTONE v 2,488,035

l MIRROR-LINED CELLARETTE Filed May 8, 1946 162 zum fg/M.


INVENTOMZ Patented Nov. 15, 1949 TES ' OFFICE This invention relatesto cabinets andm'ore Vparticularly to cabinets 'fand/ or cellarette structures, such as areused for containing-glassware and bottled goods.

There have been 'various types lof cellarettes and much effort has 'beenexpendedin enhancing the external appearance thereof, but the interiors are'usuallybare wo'odand are unattractive, and the interiorsk are exposed to `View at all times when the cellarette's are use. Single'mirrors Yhave Abeen'used :on cellaretteswhere 'there are back'bars provided in'v connection therewith, and such mirrors are'usually-mounted in frame or by a number of fastening devices'extending through 'thevglasspaneL The glassware 4and other equipment usually'contained in cellarette's are of variousand attractive designs but attractive equipment on a bare background does "not show up to a good advantage. Y

The principal object of the present iinvention is to provide a cellarette and/or cabinetfwith a mirror liningv to enhance the appearance-thereof and the equipment usually containedtherein, -to provide novel means forlmounting'mirrors 'in the cellarette' whereby-relative expansion or contraction 'of the mirrors and cellarette walls Awill not exert any strain to crack and break the mirrors; to provide Yspace between the `mirrors and walls; to provide for positioning glassware holders in the'cellarettein such a manner 'thatthey 'are reflectedv in the various mirrors Yto give Vthe 'eiect of increased size-and quantity-of equipment; to provide means for'illuminatingthe-interior of the cellarette and to provide a cellarettethat is sturdy, durable, yet presenting a'delicately, beautiful interior when itis `opened for iuse; Yand to provide hidden storage for the bottled goods norm'ally contained in cellarettes andto providea cellarette with all portions thereofeasilya'ccessible and easily cleaned, yet is adaptable for any Variation in external design.

In accomplishing-these and other-objectsofthe present invention, I have provided improveddetails of structure, the preferred forms ofwhich are'illustrated in accompanying'drawings herein:

Fig; 1 is a perspectiveview 'of la cellarette'embodying the features of the'present invention and particularly illustratin'githe interiorfof the 'cellarette asrwhen openedor inluse;

Fig. 2 is a'verticaltransverse section-through the cellarette on the line 2--21of Fig; 1;

Fig. 3 is af'horizontal `sectional view through the-upper" compartment of lacellarette. A

Fig. 4'is a detailed"'sectional View on'the line 1o 1 at 'I.

vcured to the-'topAedge-thereof and the top edges 5 2, Vsidewallsv 3 and=`-`4 suitably connected tothe rear wall adjacent the side edges 5 thereof. The Vcellarette-is provided "with a bottom Shaving-.its edges suitably securedto the rearand-"side walls in space relation lto 'the bottom lends thereof las Goeextensive withitherear wall and fseof the -side walls is a cover member -8 of suitable VWidth tosextendfsubstantially midway lof the side '-W'all as`at S.l Suitably-connected Atoithe front lledge Iof said cover member Sandpreferablyby vhidden type hinges II is a front cover-member `I2 adapted to`c'1osetheremainder of the top of the cellarette notf'covered by the cover member 8,*:the hinges -II -beingfsuch that "the .cover member I2 "will fall-back over and rest on-thefcover .member 8 'whenthe 'cellaretteiis-in use; A mirror I3,v preflerablymounted in asuitab1e frame I4, issecured ltofthe Ysurface lof'th'e covermemberIZ wherebyfsaid mirrorforms a servingxsurface VvwhenV the cover 'member I2 iis. opened :and'thec'cellarette in use. When the cover member is moved: to a -closing'positionthefmirror is onthe'un'der iside of saidf cover member 'and inside fof thecellarette.

.Preferably mountedin `the :cellarette'substanutiallymidway the height between the bottom 'i6 and lthe Y cover member 8, is :a partition or shelf l''dividing the cellarette into upperand lower `compartments 'I'I and vI8 respectively. The edges fofvthe partition |61 are suitably'fsecured to `the freariand side .walls,2,f.3:and124. The `lower compartment I8isprovi'ded withiafgrooved frame I9 mounted substantially midway the depth of the lower fcompartment, .said-rv frame being connected to'the'sidewalls Band 4; bottom wall 6, andi par- Ottitionf I6. *Theframe I9 rpreferably'fhas spaced `grooves-2li fand! 2 I adaptedtolreceive: glass panels ',222' and .'23 .frespectivelwofsuch `length that vsaid panelsi overlap'. adjacent the center` 24 whereby said panels may be moved inthe'grooves20 and 4522i to selectively close oropen*thexrear'portion 25 xof; the lowercompartm'ent I 8i `The vrearsuriace ofth'epanels 22 @and 23 are silvered-and provided Awith a; suitable backing therefor, whereby 'when looking into the compartment I 8:with 'thef panels in closed position as*vv shown '.inFig: 1, afmirrored'fsurface Ais presented; The frontfportionofthe compartment f I8 is-Lproy'i'ded4 :with ha mirror 21 resting'r'on-the bottom B, said mirror being narrower-'thanthe "Y distance `from the fronti edge28 iof f the bottom and the frame I9 to provide a space 28 between the edge of the mirror and the frame I9. The side iwalls 3 and 4 in the compartment I8 are provided with mirrors 29 and 39, the lower edge of said mirrors resting on the bottom 6 and terminating short of the partition I6 to provide a space 3| therebetween. Mirrors 29 and 39 are of substantially the same width as the mirror 21 and arranged to provide a space 32 between the mirror 3l! and the frame I9. Mirrors 29 and 30 are provided with suitable fastening devices 33 for holding frames loosely upright adjacent the side walls, there being a slight space between the mirrors and the side walls allowing air eirculation therebetween. It is to be noted that there is only one fastening device for each'of said mirrors. rors 29 and 39 to provide suitable spacing 34 between the ends of the mirror 21 and the mirrors 29 and 30. With this arrangement there is sufficient space between the mirrors and any of the walls of adjacent surfaces permitting full expansion of said mirrors without danger of strain or cracking thereof.

In the upper compartment I1 on the inside surface of the @wall 2 there is a shelf 35 having suitable apertures 36 therein for supporting glasses or other equipment in the cellarette. The shelf 35 is preferably secured to the wall 2 slightly below the center of the height of the compartment I1. Located below the shelf 35 is a mirror panel 31 resting on the partition IB and having its upper edge terminating short of the shelf 35 and its ends spaced from the side walls 3 and 4. Said panel 31 is provided with a single fastening device 38 supporting the mirror adjacent the wall 2 and slightly spaced therefrom. Located above the shelf 35 is a panel 39 which has its lower edge resting on the shelf 35 and its upper edge terminating short of the cover member 8 as at 40. The panel 39 is also mirrored and terminates short of the side walls 3 and 4 in the same manner las the panel 31, there being a suitable fastening device for supporting said panel as illustrated in regard to the panel 31 in Fig. 4.

The side walls 3 and 4 are also provided with mirror panels 4I and 42 respectively, lower edges of which rest on the partition I6, the upper edge termin-ating short of the upper edge side wall as at 43. Each of the panels 4I and 42 is provided with a single fastening means 44 of the same type as shown in Fig. 4, wherein an aperture 46 is provided in the mirror panel and a screw or other suitable device 41 extends through said aperture and is threaded into the wall as at 48. The head 49 of the screw engages in a washer 50 of the larger diameter than the aperture whereby the edges of the washer engage the mirror back as at I. It is to be noted there is spacing as at I52 between the panel and the wall whereby the panel is loosely supported adjacent the wall with clearance on two sides so the panel may expand without undue stress thereof.

Mounted on the glass panels 4| and 42 are brackets 53 and 54 preferably having openings 55 therein provided with slots 56 extending to the outer edge 51 of said brackets whereby Stemware or other suitable equipment may be supported on said brackets. The brackets may be suitably supported on the panels 4I and 42; however, one form of such fastening device could be screws 58 extending through respective panels and into the brackets.

Mounted on the front edges 59 of the side walls Mirror 21 terminates short of the mir.

3 and 4 preferably by suitable hinges 60 of the hidden type are doors 6I and 62, said doors being of such size that when they are closed they close the front portion of the cellarette and cooperate with the panel at cover I2 to enclose the entire opening in the cellarette. Mounted on the inner surface of the doors are brackets 6'5, 66 and 61 for holding various types of glassware.

The upper surface of the partition I6 is preferably provided with a mirror panel 68 of such size that the rear inside edges terminate short of panel 31 and 4I and 42 to provide a spacing therebetween as at 69, said panel 68 being of suilicient weight'that no fastening devices are required for holding the same in place. A suitable light 10 is preferably mounted on the lower side of the cover member 8 adjacent the mirror panel 39 whereby the interior of the cellarette is illuminated when desired.

In using a cellarette constructed as described, the doors 6I and 32 are 'opened and the cover member I2 folded back over the cover member 8 to provide access to the upper compartment I1 and the forward part of the compartment I8, thereby exposing glassware carried by the respective brackets, mounted doors, side walls and rear walls and also all equipment on the respective panels 21 and 63. The bottle goods are stored in the compartment 25 and therefore out of sight, but access can be gained thereto by moving one of the panels 22 and 23 to open said compartment 25. With this arrangement the mirrored surfaces provide an effect of increased size and depth of the cellarette and also an appearance of additional equipment therein. The mirrors may be colored if desired to further enhance the appearance of the interior of said cellarette. Each of the panels may be easily removed by the removing of one fastening device for each of them, and it is obvious that the entire interior of the cellarette may be easily cleaned and even if something is spilled therein, the appearance of walls or partition would not be affected.

It is believed obvious that I have provided a sturdy, durable cellarette providing easy access to all portions thereof and of greatly enhanced interior beauty.

What I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A cabinet of the character described comprising, rear and side walls, a bottom connecting the rear and side walls, a shelf connecting the rear and side walls midway the height thereof, means closing the top of the cabinet, means closing the front of the cabinet, mirror panels slidably mounted between the bottom and the shelf and spaced from the rear wall to form a hidden compartment between said rear wall and the panels, mirrors on the inner surfaces of the side and rear walls and the upper surfaces of the shelf and bottom, means for loosely holding said mirrors on the surfaces, means mounted on Iselected mirrors for supporting glassware in the cabinet, and means in the upper portion yof the cabinet for illuminating the interior thereof.

2. A cabinet of the character described comprising, rear and side Walls, a bottom connecting the rear and side walls, a shelf connecting the rear and side walls midway the height thereof, a cover connectingr the rear and side Walls and extending substantially half the length of the side walls, a door hinged to the front edge of the cover to complete the closure of the top of said cabinet, doors hinged to the front edges of the side walls for closing the front of the cabinet, mirror panels 5 slidably mounted between the bottom and shelf and spaced from the rear wall, said panels formingr a closure for a hidden compartment between the rear wall and the panels, mirrors on the inner surfaces of the side and rear walls and the upper surfaces of the shelf and bottom, means for loosely holding said mirrors on said surfaces to allow for relative expansion, brackets mounted on selected mirrors, said brackets having recesses for receiving and supporting glassware in the cabinet whereby reflection by the mirrors provides an effect of larger cabinet size and more glassware, and means in the upper portion of the cabinet for illuminating the interior thereof.


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