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Publication numberUS2488121 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 15, 1949
Filing dateOct 1, 1946
Priority dateOct 1, 1946
Publication numberUS 2488121 A, US 2488121A, US-A-2488121, US2488121 A, US2488121A
InventorsHerman L Greve
Original AssigneeHerman L Greve
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Folding box
US 2488121 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Nov. 15, 1949 H. L. GREVE l 2,488,121

FOLDING' BOX Filed oct. 1, 194s 2 sneetssheet 1 JNVENTOR. HERMAN L GPE VE.

H. L. GREVE FOLDING BOX Nov. 15, 1949 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Oct. l, 1946 INVENTOR.


Patented Nov. 15, 1949 fon-irse As TAT-es, vortice ,.2 G laiins. 1

This' invention relates tov improvements infolding :'org'set-'up boxes, @and more particularly to vsuch :boxesas mayqbensed to replace the more expensive woodboardboxes; suehas. for example, those used in packing cigars. Such merchandise as'cigarscandy. etc.,:have to be packed in a container which will preserve the original moisture in the merchandise as long as possible, at least ,during-shipping and storage periods. -Boxes of such type also are at present .fully .assembled when shipped by the box manufacturers and thereforeare bulky in shipping and storing beforense. llt is an object of the presentiinvention tov provide a folding box of uniqueconstruction Iwhich may ,be easily set up for containing moistureretaining articles, and ,which is particularly .-adaptedfor use as a cigar box as t-actsvas a 'humidoiz ',It isanother object of `this invention y,to pro- :vide =a moisture-retainer box which can `;be shipped and stored in a flat condition, thus taking up a minimum amount of space.

Itris a further objectv of Vthis invention to pro- ;vide aboxfof the classeescribedwwhich is ,preferably made of pulp board, preferably has an external surface or covering simulating Wood and which is provided on the inside with a moistureretainer liner, preferably metal foil.

It is a still further object of this invention to provide means, whereby the box can be set up and filled at the same time.

It is a still further object of this invention to provide a frame for loading the box after the same has been set up and during the filling of the said box, the frame permitting adhesion of the end flaps or walls during the filling period.

It is another object of this invention to cut and score the blank, and arrange the various flaps in a manner which will give the box an aesthetic appearance.

Other objects and the nature and advantages of the invention are fully described in the ensuing specification and the novel features are dened in the appended claims. is illustrative only, and in practice changes may be made in size, shape and arrangement of parts without altering the essential construction of my improved box.

In the drawings:

Fig. 1 is a plan view of a blank of a box embodying the invention.

Fig. 2 shows a sectional view through a partly setup box made in accordance with the invention.

But this disclosure yiig. 7 is-a'sectional detail-view of aframe empleved. to maintain vthe f Sections Qi the V100x .weather Whlefbeinapacked- Eig. 8 is fasectional. detail view of theyframe :enclosing the partly l lledI lbox- Fig. 9 is a sectional detail viewofthe packing 'frame'erlclesiee the leaded-and closed bOX Referring noW'more-partieularlv to the drewings, the blank I0 consists of the bottom portieri .I Lithecover portion I2, the-side Walls I3 and al3a and the end walls I4. ,elusive are lined on the .inside with moisture- .retaining material'such as, metal foil I5. An adhesivezz is applied to naps I6, I1, I8 and I9.

VThe height -A-of the flaps I6 and I 8 is slightly `greaterthan the height B of end-Walls I4 and the flaps I1 and [.19. Thedifferencerinheight. is equal tothe thickness of thevcover I2. Theside wall I3 is less in height than the side wall I3a, thus forming the recess 2|, which is also equal to the thickness of the cover I2. Thus, when the box is set up and closed as shown in Fig. 4, the cover I2 will be flush with the outside of the box, the cover resting on edge 22 and shelves 23 formed by the respective adjacently arranged flaps I4, I1 and I'4, I9 as seen in Fig. 3. Portions of the blank I0, which form the inside of the completely set up box are lined with metal foil I5 or any other suitable material. While the outer side of the box, is preferably provided with a face 24, simulating wood grain. In assembling the box, the side walls I3 and I3a are folded upwardly on score lines 25 and 26, the end walls I4 are folded upwardly on score lines 21; while the cover l2 is folded on the score line 28 which separates the cover I2 from the side wall I3a. Flaps I1 and I9 are now folded on score lines 29 and 3D, and after the adhesive 20 has been applied, these flaps are respectively secured to the outside of the end walls I4. The flaps I6 and I8 are also coated with adhesive 20 and are folded on score lines 3| and 32 and adhesively secured to the outside of the flaps I`1 and I9. The edges 33 and 34 will thus face rearwardly from the front of the box, adding to the appearance of the box. As soon as the box has thus been set up, the same is placed in a frame 40, which grips the box 4l tightly and facilitates the adhesive union of the various wall sections. At the same time, it permits the box to be loaded or iilled thus saving time and additional handling. The frame 40 has its upper edge 42 preferably ared as at 43 to facilitate the insertion of the box 4I. The opening 44 at the bottom of the frame 40 permits removal of the box from the frame 40, when iilled. The straight portion 45 of the frame 40 is preferably less in height than the box 4I to facilitate withdrawal of the filled box from its frame. be sealed by various means, such as a label 46, or by a latch, not shown, after the box has been filled with the desired articles.

Although it is preferred that the end wall sections I 4 and sidewalls I3, I3a be lower than the end wall fiaps I6 and I8 to accommodate the edges of the cover and provide seats for the latter, it is to be understood that it is not intended that the invention herein be limited to such construction.

From the foregoing description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, it is apparent that an improved simple, practical and inexpensive folding-box for the purpose intended is provided. It is apparent however, that immaterial changes and modifications may be made by skilledpersons without departing from the true spirit and scope of the invention as outlined in the appended claims. Hence, the interpretation of said claims should not be based on the present specific disclosure but rather on the pertinent prior art.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. A box comprising a bottom of foldable material, a pair of upstanding side walls integral with said bottom, a cover substantially co-extensive with said bottom and integral with one of said walls, and a pair of upstanding end walls, each of said end walls consisting of three substantially co-extensive and overlapping aps integral with said bottom and said two side walls,

respectively, the height of the outermost flap of It is understood, that the cover I2 canY each end wall being greater than that of the other iiaps thereof, the dierence in height between the flaps being substantially equal to the thickness of said cover.

2. A blank for making a box, comprising a substantially rectangular bottom portion, a pair of substantially identical side portions foldably hinged to opposite edges of said bottom portion, a pair of substantially identical end portions foldably hinged to the remaining edges of said bottom portion, the breadth of said side and end portions being substantially the same, a rst pair of flaps foldably hinged to the free opposite edges of one of said side portions, a cover portion substantially identical with said bottom portion, said cover portion being foldably hinged to the remaining edge of said one side portion, and a second pair of aps foldably hinged to the free opposite edges of the other of said side portions, said iiaps and said end portions being substantially identical with one another, the breadth of said first pair of aps exceeding the breadth of said second pair of fiaps and of said end portions by substantially the same thickness of said blank.


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