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Publication numberUS2488266 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 15, 1949
Filing dateJan 19, 1946
Priority dateJan 19, 1946
Publication numberUS 2488266 A, US 2488266A, US-A-2488266, US2488266 A, US2488266A
InventorsBrenn Jacob L
Original AssigneeHuntington Lab Inc
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Pedestal type foot-operated liquid dispenser
US 2488266 A
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Nov. 15, 1949 J. L. BRENN PEDESTAL TYPE FOOT-OPERATED LIQUID DISPENSER Filed Jan. 19, 1946 Patented Nov. 1 5 1949 PEDESTAL TYPE FOOT-OPERATED LIQUID DISPENSER Jacob L. Brenn, Huntington, Ind., assignor to Huntington Laboratories,

Ind., a corporation Inc., Huntington,

Application January 19, 1946, Serial No. 642,138

4 Claims.

This invention relates to a liquid dispenser, and particularly a pedestal type of dispenser for liquids such as liquid soap, alcohol and the like for controlled discharge n the hands of the user.

It is the object of the invention to provide a simplified type Of pedestal dispenser for the convenient mounting and removal of a liquid containing reservoir of the Mason jar type with simplified liquid propulsion mechanism Another object of the invention is to provide for a demountable dispensing head conveniently removable and replaceable on the pedestal, and wherein a multiple number of said dispensing heads with the removably supported and depending reservoirs may be independently operable.

Still another object of the invention is to provide a structure of this character wherein the one or more dispensing heads may be adjustably set as a unit to different positions relative to each other and to the supporting standard.

The full nature of the invention will be understood from the accompanying drawings and the following description and claims:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the pedestal dispenser.

Fig. 2 is a central vertical section through the pedestal showing one of the dispensing units in elevation with a portion thereof broken away and shown in central vertical section.

Fig. 3 is a top plan view of one of the units as shown in Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is a section taken on the line 4-4 of Fig. 1.

In the drawings there is illustrated a liquid dispensing device of the pedestal type having a base support I0 upon which is secured a tubular mounting post ll. Said post carries a cap l2 at the upper end thereof through which the actuating rod I3 extends. As shown in Figs. 1 and 4, there is a pair of actuating rods l3 for independently actuating the dispensing units. The lower end of each actuating rod extends into the base l0 and is pivotally connected to one of the treadle levers l4. Said treadle levers extend at an angle to each other within the base I 0 and as shown in dotted lines in Fig, 4, the inner end of each lever being pivoted to a bracket l5 and the outer end thereof carrying an exposed actuating pedal l6. Thus, as one or the other of the pedals I6 is depressed by the operators foot, its respective actuating rod I3 is depressed.

Each of said actuating rods l3 extends upwardly through a guide bracket ll secured Within the post II. The upper end of each of said rods is threaded to receive a flanged sleeve I8. A compression spring I9 surrounds each of said rods, being interposed between the bracket 11 and the sleeve l8, respectively. Thus, the springs l9 bias their respective rods upwardly against forcible depression by the actuating pedals.

Threaded into each of the sleeves l8 there is a piston rod 20 reciprocable by its actuating rod through the bushing 2|. Said bushing carries a knurled clamping head 22, said bushing having screw threaded engagement with the cap l2 of the mounting post. Said piston rod is bent laterally above the head 22 and then angularly and upwardly, terminating in a downwardly extending piston actuating tip 23.

Each of the dispensing units, operable by their respective actuating and piston rods, includes a dispensing head 24 adapted to support a depending reservoir 25 of the Mason jar type having screw threaded engagement between its neck and a threaded ring portion 26 about the bottom of the dispensing head. Said head is formed with a' laterally extending supporting portion terminating in a bifurcated bracket 21 adapted to be inserted between the clamping head 22, with an intervening lock washer 28, and the cap l2 so as to surround and embrace the bushing 2!. Thus, the dispensing head may be slipped from the supporting cap upon the clamping head 22 being released for convenient removal, but will be rigidly secured on said cap in supported position upon said clamping head being tightened. The supporting bracket 24 is formed with an inclined recess 29 extending from the bifurcated portion thereof and in communication with a cylinder 30 formed centrally of said dispensing head. This permits up and down movement of the sloping portion of the piston rod 20 when actuated.

The cylinder 30 has mounted for reciprocation therein a piston 3| which is provided with a recessed seat 32 in its upper surface for reception of the downwardly turned end 23 provided upon the piston rod. The lower end of the cylinder provides a seat for the spring 33 which bears against the underside of the piston 3|, tending to keep it in operative engagement with the piston rod. The lower end of said cylinder is also provided with an intake port 35 in which a check valve 35 is mounted. Said port is in communication with a tube 36 extending downwardly close to the bottom of the reservoir 25.

The dispensing head 24 is provided with a laterally extending conduit 31 communicating with the cylinder substantially above the lower end thereof. Connected with the conduit 31 there is a discharge spout 38 terminating in an upwardly curved portion 39. The dispensing head is also provided with a filler chamber 40 closed by a removable cap 4| swiveled about the pin 42.

By means of this arrangement the liquid is pumped from the reservoir to be dispensed in a small charge upon depression of the pedal l6.

When said pedal is depressed it forces the piston rod 20 downwardly against the tension of spring I9. The rod forces the piston downwardly in the cylinder, discharging liquid therefrom according spout connected with said pump cylinder, a liquid to the displacement of the piston through the a discharge spout 38 and goose'ne'ck trap 39. Upon the return stroke of the piston under action of the spring 33 a charge of liquid is drawn into the reservoir suspended from said dispensing head in communication with said cylinder, a laterally extending bracket formed on said dispensing head having a bifurcated end, a bearing in the upper 7 end of said pedestal for said piston rod for recylinder past the ball check valve 35 so that the cylinder 30 will normally contain a charge of liquid extending above the top of the gooseneck 39. The gooseneck, being below the liquid level in the cylinder 30, will act as a trap to prevent air from being drawn into the cylinder on the upstroke er the piston.

remove the dispensing head 24 and reservoir from the supporting ,post, it is only necessary to loosen the clamping head 22, manually depress the piston 3l to free the end 23 of the piston rod, whereupon this unit will be freed. It may ;be replaced through similar procedure.

Whereas one of said dispensing units has been described in detail, the same description applies to such other corresponding units as may be mounted upon the pedestal, there being two such units illustrated herein. However, as may be desired, the pedestal may carr only one such unit or three, and possibly more.

The intention claimed is:

l. a liquid dispenser including a supporting element, 'a piston rod reciprocable through said supporting element with its upper end laterally disposed and terminating in a downwardly extending tip, a 'd'er'n'ountable dispensing unitha'ving a cylinder and piston member operating therein for dispensing liquid from said cylinder 'iipon reciprocation of said piston member, the tip of said ro d be'i'n g movable into operative engag'e'merit with saidjpiston member and removable therefrom, a bracket extending laterally from said unit for supportin en agement with the upper end of said supporting element, and a clamping :he'ad surrounding said rod and con-- 'nected with said supporting element for releasablyclamping said bracket thereto.

7 2. liquid dispenser having -'a supporting "elelneiitfia piston rod'reciprocable throughsaid supin'ovably receiving the bifurcated end of said bracket, and a clamping head on said bearing for removably clamping the bifurcated end of said bracket about said bearing for supporting said dispensing head laterally thereof with the laterally disposed portion of said piston rod extending thereover into operative engagement with said piston.

4. A liquid dispenser having a supporting element, alpiston rod re'ciproca'ble through said supporting element with the upper portion thereof laterally disposed and terminating in -a downwardly extending tip, a dispensing 'unit in'cluding a dispensing head having a cylinder, a piston operable in said cylinder with the upper end por tion thereof exposed from the top of said :head for end to end abutting engagement with the downwardly extending tip of said piston rod, a reservoir removably depending from said dis pensing head, a laterally extending spout mounted on said head to extend therefrom and having communication with said cylinder, said cylinder being in communication with said reservoir for receiving fluid therefrom to be dispensed through said spout upon piston rod actuation of said piston, and means removably securing said head 'up'onsaid supporting element to permit ren'rioval thereof upon the laterally extending portion of said connectin rod :being removed from piston engagement.


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