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Publication numberUS2488326 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 15, 1949
Filing dateJan 27, 1948
Priority dateJan 27, 1948
Publication numberUS 2488326 A, US 2488326A, US-A-2488326, US2488326 A, US2488326A
InventorsArthur E Pratt
Original AssigneeArthur E Pratt
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Auto cleansing tissue holder
US 2488326 A
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Nov. 15, 1949 A. E. PRATT 7 3 AUTO CLEANSING TISSUE HOLDER Filed Jan. 27, 1948 INVENTOR.

ATTU RN EYS Patented Nov. 15,1949


Application January 27, 1948,

1 Claim.

The present invention relates to the general class of specially mounted supports r racks, of the suspended type, for dispensing packages, and more specifically to an improved automobile cleansing tissue holder which, while well adapted for various purposes and uses, is especially designed for suspension on the upper edge of the inside right front panel of an automobile. The holder or support is located on the passenger side of the front seat and under the instrument panel in order that the tissue carton or dispensing package will be readily accessible beneath the instrument panel without interfering with the leg-room of a passenger in the front seat. With this purpose in view, the improved holder of my invention is designed to receive and retain a rectangular carton or dispensing package such as a cleansing tissue carton, for ready access, and afford a support or holder into which the carton may easily be mounted, and with equal facility the carton may be removed when empty, and replaced by a loaded carton.

Resilient or elastic means are provided for receiving and clasping the carton in stabilized position within the holder, against dislocation of the package due to jostling or vibrations of a traveling automobile, as well as when a tissue is being pulled from the retained carton.

The holder or supporting rack of my invention includes a minimum number of parts that may with facility be manufactured with low cost of production, and the parts may be assembled and united with convenience to assure a unitary structure that is durable, inexpensive, and efiicient in the performance of its required functions.

The invention consists in certain novel features of construction and combinations and arrangements of parts as will hereinafter be described and more particularly set forth in the appended claim.

In the accompanying drawings I have illustrated a complete example of a physical embodiment of my invention wherein the parts are combined and arranged in accord with one mode I have devised for the practical application of the principles of my invention.

It will, however, be understood that changes and alterations are contemplated and may be made in these exemplifying drawings and mechanical structures, within the scope of my claim, without departing from the principles of the invention.

Figure 1 is a front perspective view of a holder in which my invention is embodied, shown as suspended on a panel of an automobile.

Serial No. 4,537

Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view at line 2-2 of Fig. 1, showing by dotted lines a rectangular dispensing carton mounted in the holder;-and

Figure 3 is a top plan view of the holder.

In order that the general relation of parts, and the utility of the holder may readily be understood I have indicated by dotted lines a portion of an upright panel P from which the holder is suspended in Fig. 1; and a rectangular tissue disliz ensing carton C is indicated by dotted lines in The several parts of the unitary holder may be fashioned of any suitable material, and in its preferred form as shown in the drawings, the parts are pressed, stamped, or otherwise fashioned from sheet metal that is springy or resilient, to provide flat parts that jointly reinforce the unitary and open frame, and to provide substantial retaining and supporting parts for the carton C.

As here shown I employ a unitary structure that includes a pair of laterally spaced legs or strips forming L- shaped posts as l and 2, each of which terminates at its upper end in a backwardly turned and downwardly extending spring clip or resilient clasp, as 3 and 4, for ready attachment over the upper edge of the panel P, to suspend or support the holder in upright position so that the open front of the carton C is readily accessible for pulling out a folded tissue as usual.

These laterally spaced upright strips Or posts are rigidly united by a horizontally disposed tiebar or strips 5 that is spot welded at 6, 6, or otherwise rigidly affixed to the respective legs or posts to provide substantial joints between the intercepting parts; and the opposed projecting ends of the tie-bar terminate in a pair of forwardly projecting resilient or elastic side-arms or retaining ends I and 8. The side arms permit the carton to be lowered into the holder, and they resiliently clasp the ends of the carton to prevent longitudinal, as well as upward movement of the retained carton.

Each of these legs or posts, at its lower end, is fashioned with a horizontal supporting flange, as 9 and Ill, and these integral flanges terminate respectively in a pair of upright front retaining arms II and I2.

These elastic or resilient front arms permit the carton to be pushed down into the holder upon the supporting flanges 9 and ill, and the resilient front arms clasp the front face of the carton, for co-action with the side arms I and 8, for retaining the carton in its proper place.

When the supply of tissues has been exhausted from a carton, the empty carton may readily be removed, and a fresh, or loaded, carton may easily be substituted, and pushed into place in the holder.

Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new and 'desireto secure by Letters Patent is:

In a holder for an, open package of sheet material, the combination which comprises spaced vertically disposed flat strips of springy material with the upper ends folded over providing sprin clips and with the lower ends extended horizontally a distance slightly less than the thickness of a package of sheet material to be carried thereby, said lower horizontally disposed ends of the spaced flat vertically disposed-1 strips. having upwardly extended spring clips. carried thereby for resilieintly holding a package of sheet material, and a horizontally positioned fiat connecting strip havingforwardly extended ends spaced from the lower ends of said spaced vertically disposed flat strips and integral with said 4 vertically disposed flat strips, positioned strips positioned wardly extended ends thereof engage the ends of sheet material of a package positioned in the holder to prevent accidental longitudinal displacement of said sheets as sheets are used from the outer part of the said package.

said horizontally whereby the for- ARTHUR E. PRATT.

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