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Publication numberUS2489845 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 29, 1949
Filing dateAug 16, 1946
Priority dateAug 16, 1946
Publication numberUS 2489845 A, US 2489845A, US-A-2489845, US2489845 A, US2489845A
InventorsZedler Arthur O
Original AssigneeZedler Arthur O
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Suction base and christmas tree stand
US 2489845 A
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Nov. 29, 1949 A. o. vZEDLER 2,489,845

SUCTON BASE AND CHRISTMAS TREE STAND Filed Aug. 16, 1946 /NvE/vro@ ,4R rHuR 0. ZEoLER ATTORNEY patented Nov. 29, .1949

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE Arthur o. Zedler. Yonkers, N. r. f Application August 16, 1946 Serial No. .690,916

1 Claim. l

This invention relates to a combined suction base and support for a Christmas tree, and one of its objects is to provide a support for a Christmas tree, consisting of a post and a plurality of blades rigidly secured to the post and projecting vertically above the post, and adapted to be driven into the trunk of a Christmas tree when the end of the tree trunk is placed on the blades and forced downwardly.

Another object of the invention is to provide a suction base which may be used for Christmas tree supports, or for lamp and music stands, and which consists of a rigid metal plate having a pocket in the bottom face of the same, and a thin resilient rubber sheet which is attached to the bottom side of the metal plate and dished into the pocket thereof, so that only the outer marginal v edges of the rubber sheet will have load bearing l engagement with the floor or other surface engaged, and a very strong suction pull will be produced when the support connected with the base is tilted or moved.

With the above and other objects in view the invention comprises certain new and useful constructions, combinations and arrangements of parts, clearly described in the following specification, and fully illustrated in the drawings, in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective View, showing the lower end of the trunk of a Christmas tree connected to the supporting blades of the post.

Fig. 2 is a central vertical sectional View.

Fig. 3 is a bottom plan View, showing the rubber suction sheet.

Referring to the accompanying drawings, which illustrate the practical embodiment of the invention, 5 designates a metal or other base, which is formed with a pocket 6 in its bottom side, and provided with a centrally located socket 1 on its upper side.

The bottom side is provided with a flat face 8, against which the thin and pliable rubber sheet 9 is cupped or dished, this flat face 8 being set in from the outer marginal edge IIJ of the base. The pliable rubber sheet 9 is constructed of fabric reinforced resilient rubber, and is held in place by the screws II and I2 which engage the plugs II and I2 driven into the holes II and I2 of the base. The marginal edge I0 of the base provides a clearance IIla between itself and the pliable rubber sheet 9, and the central portion of this rubber sheet is clamped against relative movement, by the metal washers I3 and I3', through which the screws II and I2 extend.

The outer marginal edge of the pliable rubber sheet extends outwardly of the base, so that the bearing engagement between this rubber sheet and the floor will be considerably greater than the area of the narrow bearing edge IIlb of the base. The plugs I I and I2 may be wood or other soft material, so that the screws II and I2 may be easily threaded into the plugs.

In the tubular socket 1. a solid post I4 is screw threaded, and on the upper end of this post two blades I5 and IS are secured, by welding or otherwise to the upper end of the post. These blades are arranged in cross wise relation to each other, so as to present a cruciform shape, with the upper edges of both blades disposed in a common plane to each other. These blades are constructed of thin tool sheet steel, and can be driven into the lower end of the tree trunk I'l, by forcing the tree trunk downwardly against the blades. To prevent the tree trunk from splitting upwardly of the points of penetration a band I8 may be clamped around the tree trunk, by means of the screw I9.

The improved base will quickly establish suc tion engagement with any smooth floor, and will continue to provide a secure support for any stand or Christmas tree which is connected to the base. The base will effectively resist displacement, or slipping, on any ordinary wood or other floor, and the smoother the floor is the better will be the resistance to slipping. To facilitate the suction a screw plug 20 is provided in the base 5, its purpose being to rent said base when it is placed upon a smooth oor, said plug being returned to its inner position to prevent air from entering and disrupting the vacuum.

The base may be used for securing a music stand, a lamp stand, a smoking stand, or any other device to a floor or other horizontal flat support.

I am aware that suction bases hav-e been used before, but these have involved the use of molded cups, and have afforded support for only small weights -or objects.

It is to be noted that in connection with my improved base the metal base bears directly on the marginal edge of the pliable rubber sheet, and there is, therefore, direct load pressure on the rubber sheet, and thence against the floor, and that the suction pocket comes into play only to resist slipping or tilting. Due to the fact that the metal base has direct load bearing engagement with the floor, through the `pliable rubber sheet, there is not vertical play or the support carried by the metal base, and any load which the support or upstanding post is capable of cupped into said pocket and secured to therbase.

and also having an outer marginal edge extenqlfv ing outwardly beyond the base, the marginal'. outer edge of said base having load bearing engagement with said rubber sheet, an uprightlpst xed upon the base, and a, plurality of vertically disposed blades secured to the upper end of'sai post in spaced position above said base and adapted to be driven into the lower end of the trunk of the Christmas tree for supporting the latter.


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