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Publication numberUS2490075 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 6, 1949
Filing dateApr 24, 1946
Priority dateApr 24, 1946
Publication numberUS 2490075 A, US 2490075A, US-A-2490075, US2490075 A, US2490075A
InventorsMatheis Aaron
Original AssigneeJosam Mfg Company
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Floor drain fixture
US 2490075 A
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Dec. 6,"1949 A. MATHEls V 1FLOOR DRAIN FIXTURE Filed April 24, 1946 'fn-l.


BY 1 l 77' TTOHNEYS.

Patented Dec. 6, 1949 2,490,075 @een DRAIN narran Aaron Matheis, Miehiean tv, 15nd,., assigner te Application Apri124, 194e. serial Ndesrggss l Elinepresent ,invention relates-'t0 a -QOrdrain fixture which. is adantedtobe imbedded in a conerete floor structure or the like for draining .-waterand other liquids .from the floor and direc-ting the liquidsinto asewer connection.

ln ,providing drains for: ,concrete floors, for eX- n-let has: been tbenraetice when using drains large; grates tinstall. the sewer connections and door .drains .prior torouring vthe Concrete- Qften, thelevelof theQQr does not turn out to be .eerreet for the drain elevetien, and the neer must then be removed-adiaeent-to they drain and the drain rxturefdiseenneeted irem the sewer and then reeenneetedat'the prever level and the ileerretebed Tine isernensiveend theretching ef the f1eer-uSiie11v-:ruinsits eentinueus Surface .er menelitnie and weternreefirrereriiee- -Qbieet et the rreeentfinrentien is to nre- -Vide e `fle-er drain erturetbat has e bedr portion that is :edepted'toeeatteehed te .e Sewer Cenneetien and having@ grate member esseeieted therewith which may be easily adjusted relative to the body .portionto raise or lower the elevation thereof'to correspond to the nished oor surface and vthe g-graternember' may also be adusted so that its surfaee Williie the same plane as the floor Vforrne'daloo11't"tl'1'e "drain,

Another object of the inventionisto provide iloor drain Vfirtureiof".the .typereferred to hereinbe'fore in which the iture will support ertrernelyheayy loads without damaging the mech- -ariism by which'the adjustability of the elevation ori-,hegrateis obtained.

Stillanother object ofthe invention is to provide aliioor drainxture suchasthat referred to hereinbefore in which thetmeans for adjusting thegratealsoforms an auxiliarypassageway for conducting water enteringopenings inthe side walls of the drain fixture to the outlet of the xture.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent from the following description of a preferred form of the invention, reference being made to the accompanying drawings in which:

Fig. 1 is a cross sectional view of a floor drain fixture showing the grate in the lowered position; and

Fig. 2 is a View similar to that of Fig. 1 but showing the grate in an elevated, tilted position.

Referring to the drawings, I have shown a floor drain fixture indicated generally at l0, which xture comprises a bowl-like structure Il that is open at its top and has an outlet I2 at the bottom thereof.

as compared to the supper portion of .the structure and is adapted to'be lattached :to a sewer pipe, not shown. The foutlet; li2emay beiinternally threaded, for receiving azthreaded sewer pipe,.or as shown inzthedrawings, it-may have `an inwardly extending ledge A1:31by s whichan vinside caulk connection with the sewer pipe may be effected.

`water impervious-:sheathing. member, not shown,

which is vclaurnoed.,tozthef bnttom wall ofathe :trough by an annular clampingfri-ng i6. 'The ring I5 is adapted to be .pressedagainst the sheathing'by screws il threaded inlateraIIy extending clamps I8 secured under Klugs',-,formed on the bowl lI l. The `leurliose ofgtheasheathing is well knownto those -ramiliar with the art, andit extends lat erally `from the xture and is imbedded in .the lQQr :so that any moisture seeping through the Afloor -will 'be caught by the -lsheathing andv .directed into thetraugh :15; -fA plurality of openings 20, sometimes referred tetas weepholes, preformed-through thewalls of the bowl l l and .whichopenfinto verticalchannels I-S formed in the inner surface -ofbowl ll forsdrainingrthe wa.- ter'frorn the trough lirlto theinterior of the bowl ll from whencegitf flows to the sewer.

On the interior-.ofthe howl l l'thereare formed spiral rolled threads 2l, which .threads V,are formed when the bowl itis-:east andV there is no machine operation @required in `A the formation thereof. The rolledthreadsfin-:cross section, as may be seen in the fdrawingashnile `lOllrlded 0011- tours and the -centerfsfjof'the :threads are, spaced relatively wide .apartr A sleeve memberyfwhich isalsoof cast iron, is adapted to be threaded into the bowl Il and this member is provided with rolled threads 25 similar to those of threads 2|, formed on the exterior of the sleeve. The threads are formed at the time the sleeve is cast by the formation of the mould. The sleeve 24 has a flange 26 extending from around the top edge thereof and this ange engages the top edge of the bowl Il when the sleeve is in its lowermost position. It will be apparent that by rotating the sleeve in the bowl, the elevation of the sleeve may be adjusted as desired and at the same time the threads will aord a bearing surface for the sleeve in the bowl o-f substantially 360. Thus, although the sleeve 24 may be partially elevated, it will support a substantial load because of the heavy, thick The outlet is reduced in diameter 55 threads on the bowl and sleeve and because of the 3 360 bearing surface between the sleeve and bowl.

As may be seen in the drawings, the threads 2| and 25 are adapted to lt loosely so that there will be a spiral passage 26 formed between the threads, which passages will empty into the bowl Il at the outlet I2. By this arrangement, water from the openings 20 which does not pass downwardly through channels I9, due to clogging of the channels, for example, will drain down passage 26 into the outlet and the sleeve 24 will not interfere with this drainage although it extends over the openings 20.

In the form of the invention shown, an internal ledge 27 is formed about the central portion of the sleeve and projects inwardly. A grate member 28 which is in the form of a tubular member 29 having grate bars 30 over one end thereof, which bars are spaced from one another for affording drainage openings, and the other end of the member 29 is supported on the ledge 27. This form of grate member provides a maximum supporting strength and a maximum of open area for drainage between the grate bars 30. It 'will be understood, however, that any suitable grate bar member could be employed.

As brought out hereinbefore, the threads 2! .structure H is attached to the sewer connection at such an elevation that when the grate member sleeve 2li is in its midway position of its elevational adjustment, the top thereof will be level with the intended level of the floor surface. The concrete for the oor is then poured, and before the concrete has set it may be determined with lcertainty the exact level of the floor and if the top surface of the sleeve or the grate member 29 is found to be above or below the actual oor surface, the cement about the sleeve may -be loosened and the sleeve adjusted to the proper level by turning it in the bowl. The wet concrete may then be smoothed around the drain fixture and when it hardens the grate member vwill be properly positioned and there will be no necessity of breaking up the hardened concrete for adjustment of the drain level.

It is to be understood that during this time the level of the grate member 29 can be adjusted as well as the elevation thereof by shinning the grate member, as explained previously.

By my invention I have provided a floor drain 4 fixture that is inexpensive to manufacture and one which has a grate that is adjustable as to elevation and which has provision for drainage through the elevating mechanism for the grate so that water collecting about the side of the drain xture can be drained off into the fixture. Also, the means for adjusting the height of the grate member is rugged and `will stand considerable weight without injuring the structure thereof in any way.

Although I have described but one form of the Y invention, it is to be understood that other forms might be adopted so falling within the scope of the claim as follows.

I claim:

A floor drain fixture comprising, a member having a tubular part for connection with a sewer pipe and a bowl formation extending above said tubular part, said formation having vertical side walls and a substantially greater diameter than said tubular part and having a flange extending radially outwardly from said side walls and located intermediate the top and bottom of the side walls of the bowl formation, the wall of the bowl structure having radial openings therethrough at substantially the level of the topof said flange, the inside of the side walls of the bowl structure having roll threads extending from top to bottom thereof and substantially entirely encircling the inside of the bowl, vertical channels in said threads and extending from in alignment with said openings, respectively downwardly to the bottom of said side walls; a sleeve having roll threads on the outside wall and being adapted to loosely fit into the threaded inside walls of said bowl formation whereby Water passage along the threads may be effected and the sleeve may be tilted axially with respect to the bowl formation, said sleeve being extendable substantially entirely to the bottom of the inside walls of the bowl structure; and a grate member supported by said sleeve.


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