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Publication numberUS2491619 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 20, 1949
Filing dateJan 12, 1946
Priority dateJan 12, 1946
Publication numberUS 2491619 A, US 2491619A, US-A-2491619, US2491619 A, US2491619A
InventorsAtkinson Ralph L, Lund Malcolm G, Staunton Le Roy W
Original AssigneeUnited Wallpaper Inc
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Combination wallpaper and border package
US 2491619 A
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Dec. 20, 1949 M. e. LUND ETAL COMBINATION WALLPAPER AND BORDER PACKAGE Filed Jan. 12, 1946 INVENTORS. M50202 6 land By hip/2i. aim/@6072 16 Bay M/ filazaniarz,

Patented Dec. 20, 1949 COMBINATION WALLPAPER AND BORDER PAC Malcolm G. Lund,

Hinsdale, and Le 11]., assignors to KAGE Chicago, Ralph L. Atkinson, Roy W. Staunton, Evanston, United Wallpaper, Inc., Chicago, 111., a corporation of Delaware Application January 12, 1946, Serial No. 640,697

3 Claims. 1

This invention relates to a new and improved construction for packages which is particularly adapted for use with wallpaper rolls or the like, and with a predetermined length of a trimming material to be used therewith.

In recent years there has been placed on the market a ready-pasted wallpaper which is prepared in rolled form. These rolls are usually constructed with their decorative sides rolled outside and with a suitable retacking adhesive provided on their inner surfaces. In use, the adhesive surface may be moistened by submerging the roll or by other method so that the paper may be prepared and applied to the wall or ceiling without requiring the application of an adhesive thereto. Wallpaper of the type referred to is disclosed in United States Letters Patent No. 2,383,637, and one method of moistening and applying the same is disclosed in United States Letters Patent No. 2,347,865.

In addition to the foregoing, it is desirable to deliver to the purchaser of each roll of prepasted Wallpaper, a predetermined quantity of a prepasted trimming strip or border, which has a decorative surface thereon of suitable design and appearance and character to be used with the particular pattern of wallpaper With which it is sold. Heretofore it has been the practice to supply such rolls in cardboard boxes and to supply therewith, by inserting the same in such boxes, the prescribed amount of border material to be used with each roll.

It is an object of this invention to provide a new and improved package for rolls of the character described, which may or may not be prepasted but which in any event are sold in conjunction with a predetermined amount of border material to be used therewith. It is customary in packages of this kind to include a length of wallpaper substantially in excess of the length of border to be sold and used therewith. For instance, one popular length for the wallpaper in a single roll is 81 feet which, when prepared in the conventional way, provides a roll having an external diameter of approximately 3%; inches. With a roll of this character it is also customary to provide a length of border material of approximately 21 feet.

It is a further object of this invention to provide an improved package of wallpaper and border material which includes in its construction a protective wrapping of transparent material, such as a prepared cellulosic film of regenerated cellulose or cellulose acetate or like materials, whereby the paper rolls which are formed with their decorative patterns on the outside are clearly visible to the purchaser and at the same time the exterior surface or surfaces of the associated border material is likewise visible.

It is a further object of this invention to provide a convenient, simple, and yet efiicient arrangement by which the border material and the roll of paper material are associated in. such a manner that a compact and neat assembly is formed which can be readily wrapped with transparent or similar wrapping material with a minimum of difficulty and expense.

It is a further object of this invention to provide, when desired, means constituting an end wall against which the end folds of wrapping material may be pressed in a manner to complete the package with the greatest facility and in the shortest possible time.

A further object of this invention is to provide additional space within the package which may or may not be visible, in which instruction sheets or other literature may be enclosed within the confines of the package without rendering the same unsightly or bulky.

A further object of this invention is to provide adequate means within the package on which may be placed printed material, such as thename of the product and the manufacturer, the makers trade-mark, grade names, and like informative data.

These and other objects not specifically enumerated are contemplated for this invention, as will readily appear to one skilled in the art as the following description proceeds.

The following description makes reference to the accompanying drawing, which illustrates: one embodiment of the invention. The examples set forth in the drawing and specification are not to be regarded as limiting the invention in any respect, as the scope of the invention is to be determined from the appended claims, when given the broadest possible interpretation permitted by the prior art.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a side elevational view of a package of wallpaper and border material constructed in accordance with this invention.

Figure 2 is an enlarged view, partly in crosssection, showing the end of the package illustrated in Figure l, and showing the end of the border roll.

Figure 3 is an end view of the package shown in Figure 1, as viewed from the right-hand side of the figure looking toward the left; and

Figure 4 is a detail view of one form of border on the outside whereby the same is readily visible 7 to the purchaser.

In association with the roll of wallpaper, a holding member indicated generally by the numeral 12 is provided which may be constructed in the manner shown in Figure 4, that is to say, it may be made of cardboard or other similar material, and is composed of a central member [3 and-apair of diametrically opposed wing members Mend-i5. Each of the wings may be equipped with a central opening 13 of such size as to. accommodate the opposite ends of a roll I! of paper border material in the manner illustrated. In use, the wings of the holding member are preferably folded along fold lines 18-18 until they are disposed at right angles to the center member l3.

It willzbe noted from Figured that the sides of thawing members may be cut slightly into the central member 53 by means of cut lines 19-49;- whereby the wing members i i and I5 are disposed inwardly from the outer periphery oi the package.

Whenthe holding member and its associated roll of border material is assembled as indicated, the same may be placed in association with the end of the rollof wallpaper in the manner shown inFigure 1, that is to say, with the ends of the wing-members M and 15, respectively, in abutting engagement with the edge of the roll and with,

the central member 13 disposed outwardly to form a cylindrical end for-the package as a whole,

With-theparts thus assembled, the entire unit bordermaterial-is tightly held in engagement with theroll of wallpaper, while at the same time the entire'assembly is visible through the transparent wrapping whereby the nature of the border pattern and the wallpaper pattern are readily visible to the purchaser and at the same time are mounted in association for a comparative visual effect.

As shown in Figure 1, the markings 25 represent elements of the pattern of the wallpaper, and the markings 26 represent the elements constituting the design of the border.

The central member 13 of the border holder forms an end disc for the package-onwhlch may be placed suitable printed material such as advertising, brand and grade names.

If desired, the wing members may be solid, that is to say, produced without holes l6l6, provided they are constructed to embrace the ends of the border roll and in such manner hold the border roll against displacement. It will be apparent to those skilled'inthe art that holders of some- -What modified construction may be employed,

providing only that the border roll is held in the space immediately adjacent the end of the wallpaper roll disposed within the projection of the roll surfaces.

What is claimed is:

1. A package comprising a roll of wallpaper, a roll of border paper, and a holder having a disc member and arm members, said .arm members embracing the ends-of said roll ofrborder'paper and abutting one end of saidroll of wallpaper for maintaining said roll of border paper in the space between said roll of wallpaper and said disc member, and a wrapper enclosingsaid. rolls of wall and border paper and said holder.

2. A package of the character definedin claim 1, further characterized in that the arm members of said holder have openings therein. through which portions of said roll of border paper extend.

3. A package of the characterdefinedin-clalm 1, further characterized in that said wrapper is.

transparent and said wallpaper and border rolls:

are wrapped with their decorative surfaces on the;

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