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Publication numberUS2491978 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 20, 1949
Filing dateNov 26, 1946
Priority dateNov 26, 1946
Publication numberUS 2491978 A, US 2491978A, US-A-2491978, US2491978 A, US2491978A
InventorsDaniel Wulfson, Hyman Helfman
Original AssigneeDaniel Wulfson, Hyman Helfman
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Syringe holder
US 2491978 A
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Dec. 20, 1949 H. HELFMAN ET AL SYRINGE HOLDER 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed NOV. 26, 1946 111 rel/tor m, k n m M w q m [A MM H. e w I, m .m I, m n 0 Wu MW RM) vm cm NW 5% E a m t Dec. 20, 1949 EL -M ET AL 2,491,978

SYRINGE HOLDER Filed Nov. 26 1946 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 4 Fig. 2. 3 44 38 Hyman Helfman Daniel Wulfson V o By M WW 1 A ttorzeys Patented Dec. 20,1949 4 SYRINGE HOLDER Hyman Helfman, Middletown, and Daniel Wulfson, Dayton, Ohio Application November 26, 1946, Serial No. 712,312

4 Claims. (01. 128--218) The present invention relates to novel and useful improvements in a syringe holder and more particularly has reference to a convenient holding and actuating means for a surgical syringe for making intravenous and intraspinal injections.

The principal objects of this invention reside in providing a device for adjustably mounting and holding a syringe; for actuating the plunger of a syringe by an improved, positive actuating mechanism; and in generally providing an improved surgical device which may be operated for the purpose described with a minimum effort and attention on the part of the operator.

These, together with various ancillary objects of the invention which will later become apparent as the following description proceeds, are attained by this device, one embodiment of which has been illustrated, by way of example only in the accompanying drawings, wherein like numerals indicate similar parts throughout the several views, and wherein:

Figure 1 is a perspective view showing the device connected to and supporting a syringe of a type for performing intravenous injections;

Figure 2 is a side elevational view of the device shown in Figure 1, with the syringe removed therefrom, and with parts being shown in section:

Figure 3 is a vertical central sectional view through the device of Figure 2, and is taken substantially upon the section line 3--3 of Figure 2 Figure 4 is a detail view of the plunger actuating mechanism of the syringe holder, and is taken in transverse vertical sectional view substantially upon the line 4-4 of Figure 2;

Figure 5 is a detail view taken at right angles to Figure 4 and taken substantially upon the section line 5-5 of Figure 4; and,

Figure 6 is a further detail view of a portion orthe mechanism, being taken in horizontal section substantially upon the line 6-6 of Figure 2.

Referring now more specifically to Figure 1 of the accompanying drawings, designates generally the device forming the subject of this invention and which is shown supporting a syringe barrel I2 which is provided with the customary type of flexible hose l upon the end of which is detachably mounted a needle I8 for performing intravenous or intraspinal injections in the manner customary in the surgical art. The device is attached to any suitable supporting surface such as the side 20 of a table or the like, for the purpose of rigidly .and .immovably mounting the syringe and device for convenient use.

As shown best in Figures 1 and 2, the device I 0 consists of a flat plate or frame 22 which along its lower surface is provided with a longitudinally extending depending rib portion 24 constituting a reinforcing and seating means in a manner to be set forth hereinafter. As shown in detail in Figure 6, one end of the frame 22 is provided with an upstanding jaw portion 26 which may be integrally formed or suitably attached to the frame 22 in any suitable manner, and which is provided with an arcuately shaped portion 28, see Figure 3, which is contoured to receive the convex surface of the syringe barrel I2, and which cooperates with a movable jaw element 30 having an inner surface 32 arcuately shaped to cooperatewith surface 28 and firmly gripping the barrel l2 therebetween, and which may be releasably and adjustably engaged upon the barrel I2 as by means of a thumb screw having a knurled head 34 and a threaded portion 36 engaging in a correspondingly threaded bore in the fixed jaw 26. As will be understood, the barrel [2 will be positioned between the jaws 30 and 26, and the thumb screw 34 tightened to firmly secure the barrel rigidly to the frame 22.

At the other end of the frame 22 and in alignment with the jaw members 26 and 30, is an upwardly disposed stand or casing 38, whose interior construction is shown best in Figures 4 and 5, and which is provided with a longitudinally extending bore 40 in substantial alignment with the axis of the barrel 12. An actuating rod 42, having an actuating button or head 44 at the outer end thereof, is slidably disposed in the bore 40, and extending therethrough terminates in an end portion having laterally disposed arms 46 terminating in inwardly turned claws 48 adapted to engage the flanged head 50 of a syringe plunger 52. Integrally formed upon the rod 42 and extending therebelow is a rack bar 54 which extends through a lower longitudinal slot in the bore 40 into a housing 56 disposed in the casing 38, which housing encloses a pinion 58 constantly in mesh with the rack bar 54 and which pinion is provided with axles 60 extending through a side wall of the housing.

38 and upon which a nut 62 is provided. for retaining the pinion snugly against the wall of the housing and in operative, meshing engagement with the rack bar 54. snugly disposed in the outer end of the housing 56, is a journal bearing 64 constituting a journal for a hub portion 66 formed upon the outer end of the pinion 58, which journal. constitutes a retaining means for journaling and enclosing the pinion in the housing 56.

As best shown in Figures 1 and 4, a handle member is detachably secured upon the outer end of the pinion 58 for rotating the same as desired. For this purpose, a circular plate 68 is provided with a pair of diametrically disposed handles to facilitate the operation of the handle and pinion by one hand of the operator as desired. The inner surface of the plate 60 is provided with inwardly and axially extending lugs or keys 72 adapted to engage in corresponding notches or recesses 14 in the adjacent wall of the hub portion 66, whereby upon rotation of the plate 68, the engaging keys i2 and keyways 74 cause corresponding rotation of the pinion 58 resulting in longitudinal movement of the rack bar 54 and the operating rod 42. Preferably, the plate 68 is centrally apertured to tor to apply a steady and if desired an increasing pressure upon the plunger 52 as when making injections or to steadily and smoothly retract the plunger as desired. I 1

Attention is now directed again to Figure 6, wherein it maybe seenthat the detachable or removable jaw 30 is guidingly positioned upon the fixed jaw 26 by means of a pair of guide pins 18 which may be press fitted into suitable apertures or bores in the movable jaw 30 and which extend through loosely fitting guide slots in the fixed jaw 26, thereby positioning and guiding the latter in its adjustment movements.

Attention is now directed more particularly to Figure 3, wherein it may be seen that the above mentioned longitudinally extending integral rib.

24 is snugly received in seating and guiding relation in a longitudinally extending channel or groove 8%! formed in the upper surface of a swivelling member 82 to which the frame 22 is detachably secured as by means of fasteners 84.- The swivelling member 82 constitutes a bracket rigidly but removably attached to the frame 22 for supporting the same at various inclinations or angular relations as desired, andfor this purpose is provided with a laterally extending pin 36 constituting a fulcrum in a manner to be set forth hereinafter and upon which is screw threaded a knurled adjusting nut 88.

Upon the upper endof a rod 90 is rigidly at-' tached in any suitable manner a tubular bushingor sleeve v92 whose upper portion is diametrically split as at 94 to provide a pair of bifurcations.

96. which are laterally apertured to receive the ally and yieldingly engage the pin 86, and pivot-- allysupport the bracket 82 upon the upper end' ofthe rod 90, in an adjustable position. Rigidly attached to the lowerend of the rod '90, is a laterally extending arm 95 through which'extends. anadiusting screw 91. having. almanual. actuat-L 4 ing head 98 and a pressure plate I00 on the other end thereof. A second laterally extending arm I02 is carried by the rod 90 and the latter and the pressure plate 100 are adapted to engage upon opposite sides a portion of a table or the like for the purpose of securely anchoring or clamping the device thereto.

From the foregoing, it is believed that the construction and operation of the device will be 'now apparent. By means of the clamping means,

just described, the entire appliance may be rigidly secured at any desired point for convenient use,

" ticularly adapted to permit the holding and operation of the syringe, in a steady and immovable position, without attention by the operator and requiring merely one hand to properly actuate the syringe in an efficient manner.

Since various modifications of the invention will readily occur to those skilled in the art, the foregoing description and drawings are to be taken as illustrative only, and all suitable modifications may be resorted to falling within the scope of the appended claims.

What we claim as new is:

l. A hypodermic syringe holder and actuator comprising a frame having longitudinally spaced supports, one of said supports having means for gripping a syringe barrel, the other support including a bore, an operator slidable in said bore and having a fastener engageable with a syringe plunger, a chamber in said other support, a guide slot in the wall of said bore andintersecting said chamber, a rack bar carried by said operator and slidably guided in said slot, a gear in said chamber engaging the teeth of said rack bar and means exteriorly of said chamber for actuating said gear.

2. The combination of claim 1 including a hub on said gear, one wall of said chamber having an opening extending therethrough for receiving said hub, said means comprising a cover for said opening and having a driving connection with said hub.

3. The combination of claim 2 wherein said driving connection comprises pins on said cover and recesses in said hub for receiving said pins.

4. The combination of claim 1 including a universal support for said frame, said support including a body having means for securing said frame to said body, said last means including a groove in the upper surface of said body. and a reinforcing rib on said frame seated in said groove.


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