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Publication numberUS2493067 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 3, 1950
Filing dateSep 8, 1945
Priority dateSep 8, 1945
Publication numberUS 2493067 A, US 2493067A, US-A-2493067, US2493067 A, US2493067A
InventorsGoldsmith Louis J
Original AssigneeGoldsmith Louis J
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US 2493067 A
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Jan. 3, 1950 L. J- GOLDSMITH MATTRESS Filed sept. 8, 1945 INVENTOR.

Louls J. Gowsmm 7 ATTORNEY Patented Jan. 3, 1950 i This invention relates to improvementsn' matvtressesiand has particularreference Ato.. the type L. known 'asffinner spring Ymattresses? One l, object oi.A .this invention.'` resides in the provision of. a mattressof the lsaid-i'type- `wherein .-...means are 'included forblowing. air of .varying temperatures into the.. inner.. compartment Vof.V the .Cmattress,..and vpermitting` such air .to circulate j. through the saidinnericompartment, andtoheat to1: .cool the mattress .to fad-temperature labove or perature. i: 1"fAifurtherzobjectl.f...this invention is to provide for convenience, butthey are. intended to be kas generic `inttheir;k applica- ....tionptosimilar parts as the art wi1l.permit;a In

.the accompanyingdrawings .therefhas I.been il-lus- Vtratedthe.: best 1 embodiment of., ther .invention known to,me, but 'suchembodiment Iisto .be regarded as typical fonly of many possibleembodiments,and theainvention fis-not to be. vlimited l0 1 below the .normaloutside or `surrounding...tem- Y thereto.

The. novel features considered characteristic of my. invention are setforthwithfparticularity in the appended claim. The invention itselfahowa mattress of the type described wher-ein outlets are formed-in thelupperglayers `or surface of said mattress-.through lwhich.. outlets thev airl within the 4said inner compartmentdsl permitted to Iflow ffrtf-.sionf therein of a blower forrdriving;the` air= into said distributing Vchamber vand having means within thefsaiddistributing chamber to heat the said'air current as itpasses through same. clusion in same of a flat, flexible tube for connecting an air blower with the said air distributing chamber.

A further object of this invention is the inclusion in same of a non-porous encircling band or wall arranged around the edges of said mattress to prevent any of the air within the said inner compartment from escaping through the sides or edge walls of the mattress.

Another object of this invention is the inclusion therein of a housing arranged within and at one end of said mattress and carrying a blowerl and temperature changing means therein.

A further object of this invention is the inclusion of a thermostatic means for setting and maintaining the temperature of the air within the mattress at any desired degree.

A still further object of this invention ls the provision of an organization in which the constituent elements are so arranged structurally and functionally as to assure improved results with materials and members which may be manufactured at reasonable cost, may be easily assembled and which will be eiiicient in operation with minimum wear to the parts.

The invention possesses other objects and features of advantage, some of which, with the foregoing will be set forth in the following description and in the claim wherein parts will be idenever, both as to its organization and itssmethod ofoperatiom togethertwith additionalobjects and :advantagesthereof.,y will best beunderstoodirom the. following .description ofaf specimembodi- ,ment when read -vinconnectionawith theuaccomrpanying.drawings, in which:

Fig. 1 isa perspectiveview,A partly v-brokenf away, ora mattress-.and shows an air blowingmecha- H nism -attachedtheretd Fig. 2 is asectional detail view.

. fglilig.V 3 is a partial fend. elevationwwithY a portion of the .casing-removed.

, A furtherobject ofithisoinventionrisk*the infin Cil

Fig.. lis a sectional View of the airtubeand is taken online 4f!! of Fig. 3.

..Fig- .5 `vis. a. detail.. partly in. section,... and shows the means. .employed for attaching.. the

`to its connecting nozzle, and

Fig.- Seisv-asectional `viewshowingta modified form .ofV air. v.distributings chamber which. forms a part of this invention. Y

Referring in detail to the parts, numeral I I designates an inner spring mattress having an upper and lower pad I2 and I3, respectively, of

cotton or other suitable material, in close contact with which are the sisal pads I4 and I5 respectively.

Attached to and between the said sisal pads are spiral springs I6 which act as spacers between said sisal pads to form an air compartment I'I. The top panel I8 of the outer casing of the mattress is made of porous glass brous material. The bottom panel 39" and the side and end walls 39 of the casing are made of any suitable, nonporous, airtight material.

The upper cotton pad I2 and sisal pad I4 are perforated at intervals to provide the ports I9. Eyelets 2!) may be provided in said ports to clamp the said cotton and sisal pads together.

A distributing chamber 2| formed with a flanged end 22 is arranged at one end of the mattress, extends into said air compartment I'I, and is attached to an end wall of the mattress by rivets 23 or by other suitable means. A leg or block 24 may be provided as an inner supporting means. An adjustable thermostat 25, having a manipulating knob 25, is set within the said chamber. An air inlet nozzle 21 provides a means for attaching a tube 28 which is in turn attached to an electrically operated blower unit 29. The said blower unit may be a regulation portable hair drying machine comprising an electrically operated motor, blower and heating unit and a nozzle outlet to which the said flexible air tube may be con` nected. (See Fig. 1.) The said blower unit 29 may be mounted upon a stand 30 and electric current may be conveyed to the motor by means of a conductor 3l having the regulation plug connector 32. A second conductor 33 connects the said thermostat 25 with a heating unit in said blower unit 29 and with the source of electric current.

The nozzle outlet and inlet 21 may be formed with ridges 34 which act as a gripping means to hold the end of the flat air tube 2B thereon.

To the underside of the mattress there is provided a strap 35 secured to the mattress by a rivet 36 or by other approved means. This strap is adapted to engage around the said flat air tube when same is not in use and hold it against the underside of mattress (see Fig. 2).

The said strap 35 being held in closed position by means of a snap hook 3l'-38.

A wall 39, of any suitable non-porous material, encircles the mattress and acts to prevent the air "within the aforesaid air compartment Il from escaping.

l Adegree of heat, the air owing through the distributing chamber will be maintained at that temperature and distributed into and through the said air compartment I'l and out through the outlet ports I9 and through the pores of the fibrous glass -material I8.

vrFor cooling, the thermostat unit is turned to zero and unheated air is blown through the air compartment.

In the modied form shown in Fig. 6, a motor 39', fan 40 and heating element 4I is mounted in a distribution casing 42 which is mounted or attached to the mattress as hereinbefore described.

The said casing 42 is formed with a perforated back or screen 43 and has a thermostat 44 set in a lower corner. A knob or operating handle 45 being provided for manipulation. A ne wire mesh screen 46 may be provided at the outlet end of the casing. With this form set within the mattress, no outside unit is necessary. An asbestos jacket 41 may be provided as shown. An electric conductor 48 is provided to convey electrical energy to the motor, heating unit and thermostat.

I claim:

A mattress comprising a casing of non-porous material open at its top, top and bottom pads of non-porous material arranged in said casing and coacting therewith to provide an air compartment, a porous covering for the top pad, said top pad having a series of air outlet openings arranged therein for affording communication between the air compartment and the porous covering, an an electric air heating and propelling means arranged in the air compartment.


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