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Publication numberUS2493085 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 3, 1950
Filing dateJan 10, 1946
Priority dateJan 10, 1946
Publication numberUS 2493085 A, US 2493085A, US-A-2493085, US2493085 A, US2493085A
InventorsPincus Sidney L
Original AssigneePincus Sidney L
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Combination pouch shopping bag
US 2493085 A
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Jan. 3, i950 s. L. PlNcus 2,493,085

COMBINATION POUCH SHOPPING BAG Filed Jan. 1o, 194e 14 lia INVENTOR. 1b @oA/EY L )Dm/cas v BY 4 TTORNEY it may be suitably Vexpanded' to acc' many articles and which at thelgsarne Patented Jan. 3, 14950 y g,493,os5 weeeaowaseerrla f 1-1drfrP-.1ecls mme l Applicatie!! Jensen@ :l A.. My invention relates generally toshoppi bags. -.More particular toward an improved eine bee.

'One of the objects of my: invention isztovprovide a novel. combinatiomplch shopping' bag'f" he character described Which Shall be so constructed and arrangedthat-,When not; inv use, the bag may be turnedy into a'pouh.; oi relatively;lsn'lallmsize capable of being carried in a la es ha'Irilib mans overcoat pocket.

Anctherobj ect. of .my invention is. to provide a novellcombination pouch, -shopping bag .which shallbe of Woven or knitted "c'xonstruction` hat ng d er II-is provided with a r' n 1 wf. '.J' t roundedI intercontlie een. bottom well being aditionally dented to serve as a pocketiorlthestorage of papers or A handkerchief while the. ..b ag}is being `iigsedvior. y shopping purposes.

A further object of my invention is to provide have a relatively sturdyI supporting boIv a combination pouch shopping bag which shall g be characterized by the simplicity cf ccnstrucloops 22 suitably connected. The loops 22 may tion and facility of use. 25 also be of closely Woven or knitted construction Other objects of my invention will become apor they may be of any other suitable handle maparent as the description proceeds or will hereterial.

ingfter be pointed out` In Fig. 1 of the drawings I have shown the In the accompanying drawing, combination pouch shopping bag of my invention Fig. 1 is an elevational View of a combination 30 in effective position for use eS a ShODlOIle Das pouch Shopping bgg constructed and arranged Articles may be inserted into the tubular main in accordance with my invention and illustrating bOdY DOrtiOIl I0 from the Open end at the top the same in effective shopping bag position; and held in the bag by the relatively rigid bot- Fig. 2 is an elevational view thereof, slightly in tom Consisting of the pouch il- The button I9 perspective, and illustrating a step in the process and loop I8 effectively lock the open mouth of of converting the same into a pouch; the pouch. It is noted that certain papers, such Fig. 3 is an end elevational view of a portion eS bllS, Shopping liStS 01 the like may 'he protecoi the bag as shown in Fig. 2; and tively housed Within the pouch I I, being inserted Fig. 4 is a view similar to Fig. 3 but illustrating through the mouth thereof. iy shopping bag completely converted into a. When the beg S llOli in use fOI' ShODDihg it may pouch. be collapsed and received Within the pouch for Referring now in detail to the drawings, I have storage in the OlIOWIlg mennei shown a combination pouch shopping bag con- The button I9 is rst released from the lool) structed and arranged in accordance with my in- I8 and the liDS I5 and l'I of the pouch spread vention and comprising a main body portion I0 45 apart. Then the'pouch is reversed so that the 0f suitable material knitted .or woven into a tuouter walls I2, I4 and I5 are turned inside so that bular member, and a pouch member II. The said it appears aS in Figs- 2 and 3 Where it is noted pouch Il may also be made of suitable knitted or that the inner Surfaces 2a, I4a and I5a of the woven material and may be of generally circular walls I2, I4 and l5 respeetively are now outershape, comprising a bottom circular outer Wall I4 50 mOSt, While the Said Walls l2, I4 and I5 are now and an interconnecting circumferential rounded inside. While in this position the tubular mem- Wall portion I5. It is noted that the tubular porbei' l0 iS gradually inserted inside the pouch until tion IB is made of relatively wide open weave it is entirely enclosed within the pouch, as shown While the pouch member II is of relatively close in Fig. 4. In this position the lips I6 and I7 may Weave. By such construction the tubular porbe held closed by the button I9 and the loop I 8,

tion are achieved, and which is well adapted to meet the conditions of practical use.

As various possible embodiments might be made of the above invention, and as various changes might be made in the embodiments above set forth, it is to be understood that all matterA herein set forth or shown in the accompanying drawing is to be interpreted as illustrative and not in a limiting sense.

Having described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

A combination pouch shopping bag comprising an axiallyY elongated substantially hollow main body portion formed of relatively open-work net like fabric, a substantially annular upper mouth end marginal portion surmounting said main body portion and formed of relatively closely crocheted fabric, a pair of curved normally upstanding mutually spaced handles carried by said upper marginal portion and formed of similar fabric, a substantially circular iioor member formed of relatively closely crocheted fabric and secured at its periphery to the lower extremity of said cylindrical hollow main body portion to form a fioor thereof, a second substantially circular vmember of size, shape, and fabric similar to that of said iirst circular iioor member, means continuously securing said first and second circular members together along their perimeters in face to face position along an arc of more than about 180 degrees but less than about 260 degrees, leaving said abutting perimeters of said circular members unsecured continuously together along an arc which is more than about degrees and less than about degrees, button and buttonhole means carried jointly upon said unsecured perimeters of said circular members for closing the open lower mouth thus formed, said lower mouth affording access to a lower chamber thus formed between said two circular members for the reception of articles therein, and whereby, upon opening and turning inside out, said lower chamber and inverting the same, and grasping the then upturned lower mouth sides thereof, said widely opened lower mouth is constructed and arranged as aforesaid, to receive, freely and without further expanding said lower mouth, the entire said main body portion, upper annular portion and pair of handles, whereupon said button and buttonhole means may be mutually engaged to close the said lower mouth thereupon, and whereby, upon disengaging said button and buttonhole means, and inverting said lower mouth, said contents thereof are free to fall by gravity force alone, out of said lower mouth until in extended positions relative thereto.


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