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Publication numberUS2493492 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 3, 1950
Filing dateAug 14, 1948
Priority dateAug 14, 1948
Publication numberUS 2493492 A, US 2493492A, US-A-2493492, US2493492 A, US2493492A
InventorsTessie Malamut
Original AssigneeTessie Malamut
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Baby moistureproof diaper protector
US 2493492 A
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Jan. 3, 1956 "r. MALAMUT 2,493,492

BABY MOISTUREPROOF DI PER mo'ractrok Filed Aug. 14, 1948- INVENTOR. Tnssxa MALAMUT Patented Jan. 3, 1950 (11F Eli-IE BABY-MOISTUREPRO'OFDIAPEB- 'eaornc'ron Tessie. Malamut, Breaking,- ApplicationAug ist li, 1m; SerialNo. 44,260 I This; invention; relatesat new ands-useful; .ime provements in diaper protectorsgandg;mercenar-.

ticularly zzthaaim is to. providezaznovelandsvaluable baby pants of: improvedbehavior when. worn.

by ain-tinfantv ovenardiapena The-mere diaper: pmtecton: prevents: moisture. fromzrtea-ching the iniiantfs dress; and toth-at. end; ar-waterproofi ply oivmatenalris included; Thearrangement isi::suclr. thatrwith" saidz ply:- innervmostrnevertheless chafing; of; the legs and ah-v dfimeniiifii prevented; which; chafing: is a;;-bother;;

some: and- SQmQtjmGSLJSGIiOUSIQ problem-i when or-v dinarm-mbberbaby-pants are worn.

inventiomara more: particularly set. forth:;

In the accompanying drawings forminga maeteriali partkof; disclosure Fig. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of the invention'as.novwifavored, raised at itsoppositeends. in. the manner inv which these portions of the garmentwouldlbe'. arranged in r the course of placing the same on an infant.

Fig. 2 is a plan view showing the 1 garment spread. flat, and looking at the inner side thereof/i.

Fig. 3iisanenlarged detailview; beingsaisection takenonthe line 3-3 otFignz. V

Fig. his arsimilar view, being a ;section .-taken on the line 44 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 5 shows a piece of textile material as cut for edgefacing the same to provide the outer ply oi the garment.

Fig. 6 is a view for assisting to show the relationship, in the finished garment, between the aforesaid waterproof ply and said piece of textile material; said waterproof ply being shown in full lines.

Referring to the drawings more in detail, the garment shown is substantially of dumbbell outline, having like end sections l and II each shaped as a truncated triangle. Such triangles have their bases facing each other; and they are joined by a central section l2 of greater length than width and having its opposite sides symmetrically substantially arcuately concavely curved as shown best in Fig. 2.

The garment incorporates an outer ply provided by a single piece of cloth I4, cut to the outline shown in Fig. 5. To provide along the two concavely curved sides of the garment section l2 narrow inner facings l5, each established by stitching a seam as shown at l in Fig. 4,

extensions. l6 arepresent, each for an infold-=alonga. line i'l'rz TQ PI'GWGQHfSJiI'IY wide inner'facings. for the-garment sections. Ill and ii along the free end and 'alongb'othof the sides. of each of" said: sections, at eachof said sections. extensions is; I 8, l8 "1 are provided; these tobe infolded along the linesvl 9, I9, 19..

The; extensionsit. having been foldedand: stitched toprovide the-facings. i5; next; at: each. OFthGx end sections .liizandyii the sections; 1.8.; are foldedsand stitchedito provide theeinnerfacings 2H, incidental to the establishmentof'a sui t:-.v

able seam; as one likethe: one next-mentioned.

Their. ateach of 1 said sections Wand M, the; extensions 1.8 arefolded: and stitched toprovida, incidentalto the establishment of; a seam such asthatindicatedati iin. Fig; 3, the innerrgfacings,

In .ecnneotion; with the cloth Diane. M which as: above. is; folded and s itched-. 00; provi e. the

facings l5, Zilfandi 2 it willbe noted. from Fi 5. that... at. vthe.meeting.porti ns of an: ext ns on: lifijwithran extension t a .threeeply structure; s: o the provided; and; the. same. is. r erin. egard meeting-pertinent BiH QKtB-HSiOII; it-with; an ex ension; I8 Thereby; aeushien ne means s 1 1-- corporatedat all. p aces: where I the cemen ma imam: -wair nst ic iv lyr n age he. ody 01.- thjeiinfa Theaarment i acomh e edy the: dditions-ctr heapiecewof sheetrmater a to; pr videhe afore said; waterproof ly; he additio roi suitable Gee tachable fastening means along the facings 20, and the stitching in place of a tab to be explained in a moment.

Said waterproof ply is constituted by a sheet 23 of a filmlike, waterproof and preferably transparent plastic of any of the kinds commonly purchaseable on the open market, which plastic sheet may be readily identified by its extreme thinness, a somewhat milky white appearance when backed by an opaque material, and such a fine feel to the fingers as to be almost doeskin like. This material has some slight degree of elastic stretchability, but the elastic behavior is rather sluggish.

A feature of the invention is the way in which this sheet is shaped relative to the shape of the cloth piece It and the arrangement of the sheet 23 to said piece l4 and the manner of attach ment thereto of said sheet 23. The outline of the sheet 23 (after it has been twice reversely folded to provide oppositely facing pleats 24, Figs. 2 and 3), relative to the outline of the cloth piece l4 (after the latter has been provided with its facings I5, 20 and 22), is shown in Fig. 6, wherein said piece HI and its said facings are indicated in dot and dash lines; it being explained that the stitchings employed toestablish said facings further servenot only to lock, in folded condition,

the opposite ends of both pleats 24 and anchor the'end sections of the sheet 23 to the sections l and I lfof the garment, but also, at the same time, the sheet 23 is. sopresent that all along the central section l2 of the garment the central section of said sheet 23 is full-floatingly associated 7 V with said section l2.

' tively.

The aforesaid suitable detachable fastening means along the facings may be tie strings,

buttons and buttonholes, or any equivalent; and

the'same are shown as constituting snap fasten ersfor example, three sets of such fasteners at each of the two garment portions to be overlapped I 7 at each side of the infants body. Of these fasteners, the male elements 26 thereof are herein illustrated as placed along each of the'facings 20 at the rear of the garment, that is, at its section II (the far, section in Fig. 1), with the posts of the said elements at the inner side of the garmerit; while the female elements are herein illustrated as placed along each of the facings 20 at the front of the garment, with the sockets of said elements at the outside of the garment. Thus, in placing the garment on the infants body, the side extremities of the section II will be arranged overlappingly of the side extremities of the section 10.

The garment is completed when a tab 21, is stitched in place. This tab or an equivalent may or may not be used, but its presence is now considered a feature of considerable importance,

as by virtue of its inclusion a safety pin can be used to attach the front of -new garment to the front of a diaper or to the front of a shirt on the infant without injuriously affecting the function of the waterproof sheet 23. The tab 21 is one woven of a moisture absorbent yarn or thread, and hence a piercing of the sheet 23'within the confines of said tab would at worst result merely in the creation of an orifice capable of no more than a negligible action as a moisture passing one. 1 The behavior of the waterproof sheet 23,'while the garment is being worn, is to be emphasized. Because of its free floating central portion said sheet comfortably yet perfectly adapts itself to the infants body at and adjacent to the crotch. The infants frequently changing postures, and

While I have illustrated and described the preferred embodiment of my invention, it is to be understood that I do not limit myself to the precise construction herein disclosed and the 7 right is reserved to all changes and modifications coming within the scope of the invention as defined in the appended claim.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim' as new, and desire to secure by United States Letters Patent is:

A diaper'protectorhaving a crotch-engaging" secured only at its opposite ends and there secured by said stitchings, and a tabof absorbent material overlying the Waterproof ply at one of said sections, said tab stitched all around the same to both plies.


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Cooperative ClassificationA41B13/04
European ClassificationA41B13/04