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Publication numberUS2493598 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 3, 1950
Filing dateAug 6, 1948
Priority dateAug 6, 1948
Publication numberUS 2493598 A, US 2493598A, US-A-2493598, US2493598 A, US2493598A
InventorsRozek Louis M
Original AssigneeRozek Louis M
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Self-retaining abdominal retractor
US 2493598 A
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Jah. 3, 1950 1 M. RozEK 2,493,598

SELF-RETAINING `ABDMINAL RETRACTOR Filed Aug. 6, 1948 2 Sheets-Sheet l Inventor fazz'zls' Mlaze K By @www Attorney Jar-l. 3, 1950 L, M.ROZEK Y 2,493,598 Y 'SELF-RETAINING ABDOMINAL RTRACTOR Filed Aug. 6, 1948 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Ifazzzls' M302 e 7( Patented Jan. 3, 1950 oFF-Ice. 'i

' SELF-Re'rnmme ABDoMrNAL nn'rRAcrron Belek, ngplicatiqnaugust c, 194s, serial 1go. 42,572

(Cl- :lsmflil 2 Glance. l .The ypresent invention relates toself-retaining abdominal lretractor and it consists in the ccm-.. binations, constructions and arrangements of parts herein describedand.v claimed.

It is an., object vofithe present `invention to r`provideI an vapparatus of the character set forth which is simpleand rinexpensive in its construction, easy to operate and ecient vand effective in use.

Another object ofthe invention is the vprovisionof a-devicexof the character set forth which will eliminate the.- necessity-'for at least one at.- tendantl in surgicalxoperations.

A further object of the invention is the' prof vision of= a device which will eliminate the une. certainty- Of the-'amount of tension applied to conventional retractorscby eliminating the human element from such operation.

A further object of the invention is thetprof. vision Qf-l a device ofthe character set forth which readily lends itself to sterilization A further object of the invention is the provision f a retratel: which. may b tion in the wound of a patient w-1 which may also be removed by th Y hand.

A still l further object or@ theinventioniszthe previgenti an @retraits ci the characterise@ forth which may be rolled into a compact mass taking a minimum of space in sterilization apparatus.

Other and further objects of the invention will become apparent from a reading of the following specication taken in conjunction with the drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is a plan view of an embodiment of the invention in position upon the body of a patient,

Figure 2 is an elevational View of the device shown in Figure 1,

Figure 3 is an enlarged sectional view taken along line 3-3 of Figure 1,

Figures 4 and 5 are plan views illustrating certain elements of the invention,

Figures 6, 7 and 8 are perspective views illustrating certain elements of the invention, and

Figure 9 is an enlarged sectional View taken along line 9-9 of Figure 1.

Generally there is provided a self-retaining abdominal retractor consisting of a rectangular mat of canvas having a stitched in reinforcement comprising a steel rod along either side thereof. To one end of either side of the mat is attached a pair of table strap elements whereby the mat may be fastened over the body of a patient to 24 an operating table. At the other ends of the sidesare aii'ixed straps provided with buckles having hooks for engaging the undersides oflthe, Qperatingft'able. The mat is centrally provided witha relatively large circular kopening having a widexreinfcrcing seam along its periphery. 'In spaced relation to the seam Yis placed a seriesvof buckles for adjustably holdingstraps the rinner ends .'of "which vare provided with retractors. The retractors 4are formed of sheet material and each comprise a surface portion .extending toward the center of-.the wound, a retracting portionextending rearwardlyl therefrom atan angle of-sube stantiall-y '30% and peritoneal retaining portion likewise'extending rearwardly but in parallel re..- lation to the surface portion.

VVVlteterring more particularlyA te the. drawings, there is shown therein a substantially rectangue larshapedmat l0. preferably formed of canvas having a seam Ilr along'either side thereof in each'of which seam. is positioned a steel reineY forcing rod l2.

Atoneend of eitherr side.v ofthe mat I0 is ax'ed br stitching' I3 oney end of a table strap I4. which is: provided with a conventional buckle I5. 'Pathe other ends of either side of thev mat is. faixed bystitching IB a 'table strap VI'I having .a metallic tip :IQ and providedwith a buckle I9` the structure of which is illustrated more clearly in Figure 8.

The buckle I9 comprises a surface portion 20 having an integrally formed upwardly extending ear 2| at either side of its inner end and an integrally formed dependant hook 22 at its outer end. A strap retainer is provided and consists of a body 23 having a pair of integrally formed outwardly extending axles 24 revolubly mounted in the ears 2I, an outwardly extending integrally formed curved handle 25 and, downwardly extending from its axial area, an integrally formed toothed strap-gripping plate 26.

The mat Ill is provided with a large circular opening 21 to the periphery of which is ailixed by stitching 28 an overlapping preformed seam 29, to which is affixed at spaced intervals a series of retractor buckles 30 one of which is shown in greater detail in Figure 7.

The buckle 30 comprises a base plate 3I having openings 32 for stitching the same to the seam 29 and has integrally formed at its inner end a pair of upwardly extending ears 33. A strap retainer is provided for the buckle 30 and consists of a body portion 34 having 1a pair of integrally formed axles 35 journaled in the ears 33', an integrally formed outwardly extending curvular handle 36 and, at its `inner end, an integrally formed, downwardly extending, toothed strap-gripping plate 31.

Adapted to be adjustably held by each of the buckles 30 is a retractor strap 38 having a metallic tip 39 at its outer end and a retractor 40 at its inner end. The retractor 40 is shown in detail in Figure 6 and comprises a surface portion 4l having a transversely extending slot 42 adjacent its outer end, a -retracting portion 43 formed integrally therewith at its inner end and a peri-Y toneal retaining portion 44 formed integrally with the retracting portion 43. The retracting portion 43 extends downwardly from the base portion and forms an angle of approximately '70 therewith and the peritoneal portion 44 extends in an outward direction and is parallel to the surface por-v tion 4l. Y

It will be understood that the terms inwardly and outwardly as used herein refer to the center of the device or the center of the circular opening 21.

In use, it will be apparent that the. mat will be positioned on the body of a patient on an operating table "45 in such manner that the opening 21 v`encompasses the area to be operated upon.

Thereupon the straps I4 are connected'aboutthe table 45 by the buckle I5. The buckles I9 are then connected with the sides of the table 45 by means of theirhooksY 22 and the strapsV I1 tightened beneath the body 23 and then gripped by the plates 26 by pressing downwardlyV upon the handles'25. The mat is prevented from creeping or'w'rinkling by means of the rods I2.

VAs a wound 46 is formed in the patients body, the walls thereof 'may be held by placing the retractors in the wound at points selected by the surgeon whereupon the straps 38 are inserted into the buckles 30, the metal tips 39 thereof facilitat-v ing 'suchprocedure' When sufcient tension has been placed upon a retractor by the outward movement of a strap 36, the handle 36 of the buckle 30 will be depressed to thereby'cause the teeth of the plate 31 to engage and hold the strap. Once soplaced,rthe'retractors 40 will remain in position and no unwarranted movement of the wound"46 will take place as is often the case Where such retractors are held manually. The retractors Ymay be Vquickly and easily removed by merely lifting the handles 36 and disengaging the straps 38 from the buckles 30 and the device as a whole may be wrapped into a compact mass for sterilization. All of the metal Darts mentioned herein are preferably formed of stainless steel or like rustproof material.

While but one form of the invention has been shown and described herein, it will be readily apparent to those skilled in the art that many minor modifications may be made without de parting from the spirit of the invention or the scope of the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

1. A device of the character comprising a canvas mat having a circular opening, a Wide preformed seam afxed adjacent the periphery of Lsaid opening, seams at either side of the mat, a

metal rod in each of said last-mentioned seams, a series of buckles mounted on the preformed seam, retractors removably and adjustably mounted in said buckles, a table-engaging belt at one end of the Amat and straps having hooked buckles at the other end of the mat.

2. A device of the character described comprising ka canvas mat having a circular opening, a wide preformed seam affixed adjacent the periphery of said opening, seams at either side of the mat, a metal rod in each of said last mentioned seams, a series of buckles mounted on the preformed seam, retractors removably and adjustably mounted in said buckles, a table-engaging belt at one end of the mat andstraps having hooked buckles at the other end'of' the mat, said retractors each comprising a surface portion, a downwardly directed retracting'portion at an angle of to said surface portion, a peritoneal engaging portion parallel to said surface portion and a metal-tipped strap affixed to the surface portion.' Y


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