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Publication numberUS2493697 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 3, 1950
Filing dateAug 19, 1946
Priority dateAug 19, 1946
Publication numberUS 2493697 A, US 2493697A, US-A-2493697, US2493697 A, US2493697A
InventorsRaczkowski Edward
Original AssigneeRaczkowski Edward
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Profile building puzzle
US 2493697 A
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Jan. 3, 1950 RA ZKQW K! 2,493,697



Application August 19, 1946, Serial No. 691,436

2 Claims.

This invention relates to an educational puzzle and one of its objects is to provide a unit system comprising a series of fiat layers or sheets of cardboard or similar material with edges shaped to form sections of a sculptured head or other object having breadth, height and depth, each of the fiat layers being adapted to carry independent jig-saw puzzle constructions, and informative printing matter displayed thereon.

Another object of the invention is to provide a base and a central support on which the individual layers are assembled, the central support being of hexagonal or other shape and the individual layers having central holes of matching shape, so that the person attempting tosolve the puzzle is under the necessity of finding the correct key relation of each layer to each other layer and also to the central support.

With the above and other objects in View the invention comprises certain new and useful constructions, combinations and arrangements of parts, clearly described in the following specification, and fully illustrated in the drawings, in which:

Fig. 1 is a front elevation of the completed profile assembly or figure.

Fig. 2 is a perspective View of one of the layer sheets.

Fig. 3 is another view in front elevation, showing a profile figure with a larger number of layer sheets.

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of one of the layer sheets.

Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the base and its post.

Referring to the accompanying drawings, which illustrate the practical embodiment of the invention, 5 designates a profile shape in the form of a human head, and which is made up of a base 6, a central post "I, and a series of horizontal layers 8, which are shown to be nineteen in number, but which may consist of a smaller or a greater number of layers.

The base 6 may be given an oval or other suitable shape, and the central post 1 is shown to be of hexagonal construction and its lower end is embedded and secured in the base 6, and its upper end is free of any obstructions.

All of the horizontal layer sheets 8 have profiled outer edges corresponding to a horizontal and vertical section of the complete figure or shape 5. Each of these layers is formed with a central hole 9 which matches the form of the central post. If the central post is hexagonal then the central hole is hexagonal, and if the center post is oval or triangular, then the central hole would be oval or triangular, with a matching fit.

The complete figure is composed by correctly assembling the different layer sheets in an arrangement corresponding to that required to properly complete the profile figure or head.

Each individual layer sheet 8 may be provided with zig-zag cuts or severing lines l6, indicated in Fig. 2, so that the sections thus formed may be separated from each other and then an efiort made to correctly assemble the sections or parts in their original order.

The individual layer sheets may be printed with speeches made by the person whose head is displayed by the profiled figure, or display scenes representing the rise to fame of such a person.

The object embodied in the profile construction may be suggestive of a pitcher or other article of general service, or may represent any of the various food or draft animals.

The layer sheets may be constructed of any suitable material and various changes in the details of construction, their combination and arrangement, may be made, in carrying out the invention, as defined by the claims herein set forth.

Having described the invention, I claim as new:

1. An educational puzzle comprising a base having an upstanding post disposed therein, a plurality of horizontal layer members adapted to be placed on said base one above the other, said upstanding post extending through each of said layer members, each layer member having an outer face which constitutes a section of a profile of an object to be displayed, and all said layer members, when properly assembled, constituting a complete profile of the entire object,

; each of said horizontal layer members being formed of a plurality of jig-saw pieces, at least some of said jig-saw pieces extending to the outer edge of said layer members.

2. The puzzle, as set forth in claim 1, in which said upstanding post is of polygonal cross-section, and said horizontal layer members are keyed on said post, thereby maintaining said layer members in proper alignment relative to each other.


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