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Publication numberUS2493977 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 10, 1950
Filing dateMay 20, 1948
Priority dateMay 20, 1948
Publication numberUS 2493977 A, US 2493977A, US-A-2493977, US2493977 A, US2493977A
InventorsKochman Herman S
Original AssigneeKochman Herman S
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US 2493977 A
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Jan. i0, 1950l H. s. KOCHMAN GLOVE Filed May 20, 1948 v INVENTOR. HffMe/v 6.' 46a/MAN.

Patented Jan. 10,5 1950 --r 5: ci;


2,4%,977r ...llftilllg;..

1 Claim. 1

This :invention relates to gloves, more particu larly to gloves of the type used by persons training or exercising with a punching bag. In 'this formyof Iexercise it is frequently necessary -to wear-either alightly padded glove or a more heavily padded glove, depending upon the weight of the punching bag used, or other considerations.

The main object of this invention is the pro vision of a lglove .for the above or other purposes, having a floating pad or padding therein which is adapted to be moved longitudinally along the glove at the back of the hand so that the position of the pad may be shifted from a position, say, directly over the knuckles, to a position up toward the wrist, and vice versa. In the former position the glove provides proper padding over the knuckles for use on a heavy punching bag, and in the latter the light padding or padded lining of the glove itself serves for use of the glove on a light punching bag.

Another object of the invention is the provision of easily manipulated means for shifting the floating pad above-mentioned longitudinally in either direction within the glove.

The above as well as additional and more speciiic objects will become apparent in the following description, wherein characters of `reference refer to like-numbered parts in the accompanying drawing. It is to be noted that the drawing is intended solely for the purpose of illustration and that it is therefore neither desired nor intended to limit the invention necessarily to any or all of the exact details of construction shown except insofar as they may be deemed essential to the invention.

Referring briefly to the drawing, Fig. 1 is a. plan view of the glove embodying this invention, as seen from the back of the glove.

Fig. 2 is a sectional view taken on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken on the line 3--3 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is a perspective View of one embodiment of the anchoring guide provided at the tip of the inside of the glove, about which the control string or tape for moving the floating pad is trained.

Referring in detail to the drawing, the numeral I indicates a glove of the type above-mentioned, including the back II and the palm I2. This glove is of the mitten type, and usually has a rib I3 extending across the palm.

Normally a glove of this type, which is lightly (c1. ana) padded, nasa iayer I4 2 1 'of padding sewed against the back II of the glove, :as by seams I5. In ical rying fout the instant invention, 4an additional layer or vinner lining 'I6 is provided in the-glove, spaced from the padding |14 or the back 'of the glove excepting for its peripheral edge'along which it is .sewed in the glove, thereby providing a pocket vIl extending 'substantially ornearly fthe length of the glove. An opening I8 is provided through the back 'I'I of `Jche glove, located toward the wrist, giving access into the pocket I1.

A transverse guide I9 is secured in any desired :manner within the pocket I'I at the forward tip of the glove. One form of such guide is illustrated in the drawing, and is provided withl pointed right-angled lingers 2U at the corners thereof, which are adapted to pierce the padding I4 and be doubled back thereby holding the guide in position. Of course any other form of guide may be provided in any suitable manner as long as it serves the function required thereof and described below.

A floating pad ZI which may be of the conformation and proportions shown in the drawing, is slidably mounted in the pocket I1. A tape 23 has one end attached to the forward end of the pad 2|, passes forward of the glove, is trained about the guide I 9 and then extends rearward of the glove in the pocket I'I and finally emerges through the opening I8. A second length of tape 22 is attached to the rear end of the pad 22 and extends rearward along the pocket I1 and out through the opening I8. Insteadof comprising tape or bands, the members 22 and 23 might of course be in the form of cords or strings, not shown.

The tapes or bands 22 and 23 may be either elastic or non-elastic throughout their lengths, but it is believed preferable to make either or both non-elastic for a distance between the points of attachment thereof to the pad 2I and elastic for a distance from their free extremities. On their extremities the tapes 22 and 23 are provided with hooks, and for a length along the tapes near the hooks a series of holes or slots 25 are provided. Either or both of the tapes may also be provided with one half 26 of a snap button, the other half of which is shown at 21 attached to the back of the glove rearward of the opening I8; only one` such pair of halves of a snap button is shown.

It is obvious from a perusal of Fig. 2 that by pulling on the tape 23 the pad 2I will be moved forward in the direction of the tip oi the glove, and for use on a heavy punching bag it would of the tapes protruding from the opening I8 arel shown by way of illustration or example only, as they may be considerably longer if desired. The

free ends of the tapes are nally secured by enls l gaging the hooks 24 in any one or two ofthe holes`V 25, after the said ends have been wound about v` the wrist, not shown. As it is customary for persons in training, as for example prize ghters, 'Y

to tape their wrists, the said free ends of the tape thus wound about the wrist wouldeliminate the need Vfor the usual extra tape.

Obviously,V modications in form and structure inay be made Without departing from thek spirit or scope of the invention. f E I claim: Y l v.A glove having a lining secured therein spaced frromvgthe back of the glove thereby providing a pocket in the glove, said back of the glove having an opening therethrough near the wrist giving 30 w 221,113

access into said pocket, a pad slidably mounted in said pocket, a transverse guide secured at its ends in said pocket to one wall of the pocket near the tip of the glove thereby providing a space between said pocket wall and the intervmediate portion of said guide, a exible tape having one end secured to said pad, said tape passing through said space and being trained about said guide and passing rearward and out throughv said opening, a second vilexible tape having one end secured to said pad and extending rearward and out through said opening, said exible members having their other ends free.


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