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Publication numberUS2494188 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 10, 1950
Filing dateOct 17, 1945
Priority dateOct 17, 1945
Publication numberUS 2494188 A, US 2494188A, US-A-2494188, US2494188 A, US2494188A
InventorsMeaney Juan M
Original AssigneeMeaney Juan M
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Detachable rock drill bit with replaceable cutters
US 2494188 A
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Jan, 1@,-195@ M AN Y 2,494,188


DETACHABLE ROCK DRILL BIT WITH REPLACEABLE CUTTERS Filed 000. 17, 1945 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR. JUAN M. MEANEV ATI'D RN EYS J. M. MEANEY Jan. N), 1950 DETACHABLE ROCK DRILL BIT WITH REPLACEABLE CUTTERS 3 Sheets-Sheet 5 Filed Oct. 17, 1945 INVENTOR. JUAN M. MEANEV ATTORNEYS Patented Jan. 10, 1950 DETACHABLE ROCK DRILL BIT WITH nEPLAoEABn CUTTERS Juan M. Meaney, Monclova, Mexico Application October 17, 1945, SerialNo. 622,813

, i The invention relates to drills, and more especially to a rock drill head having detachable cutters.

The primary object of the invention is the provision of a drill head of this character, wherein the cutters are detachably mounted therein in a novel manner for cross cutting action in the use of the head for drilling, the cutters being held firmly and securely in placewithout liability of the same working loose to drilling, and whenthese are detached they may be readily sharpened or replaced by new cutters, as the occasion may require.

Another'object ofthe invention is the provision of a drill head of this character, wherein when the points of the cutters become slightly dull they may be adjusted for continued drilling until the points are worn out for further service, then these may be resharpened or replaced by new ones, at the option of the user of the head.

A further object of the invention is the provision of a head of this character, wherein hard faced bit cutters can be conveniently and cheaply made, the cutters having a lasting quality much greater than that of the common steel cutters. Ihus, for example, an operator can run the drill thirty minutes with an ordinary tempered steel bit, whereas with appliants bit he may run the drill on each edge of four-edge cutters, thereby obtaining approximately three hundred and sixty minutes of drilling.

A still further object of the invention is the provision of a head of this character, which is simple in construction, thoroughly reliable and efficient in operation, strong, durable, readily and easily adjusted, allowing placement and removal of cutters with ease and dispatch, unique in the assembly of parts, and inexpensive to manufacture and install.

With these and other objects in view the invention consists in the features of construction, combination and arrangement of parts as will be hereinafter more fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawings, which show the preferred embodiment of the invention, and pointed out in the claim hereunto appended.

In the accompanying drawings- Figure 1 is a plan view of the drill head constructed and assembled in accordance with the invention.

Figure 2 is a side view, partly in vertical section thereof.

Figure 3 is a side view of the upper cutter holder detached from the drill head.

Figure 4 is an end view of Figure 3,

1 Claim. (01. 255-64) Figure 5 is a view similar to Figure 3 but showing the lower cutter holder detached from the drill head.

Figure 6 is an end view of Figure '7.

Figure 7 is a perspective view of the upper and lower cutter holders in their relative assembled position, the cutters being shown removed from the drill head.

Figure 8 is a plan view of the drill head with thepositions occupied by the cutters being indicated by dotted lines therein.

Similar reference characters indicate corresponding partsthroughout the several views in the drawings.

Referring to the drawings in detail, the drill constituting the present invention, comprises a head denoted generally at A, and involves a chuck body ID, which is of substantially circular 'inwardly tapered contour,'ha'ving a centrally located internally threaded bore I l in its smaller end, which bore merges with a central reduced passage l2 aligned therewith and opening through the outer larger end of such body.

The body NJ, at its outer working face, is provided with clearance areas l3. Interseoting the body In at diametrically opposed points are intersecting cross ways I4 and M, which intersect at the center of such body I 0 for continuous communication of those portions of such ways lying at opposite sides of the center of the body.

Interfitting the ways It and M are interlocked cutter or bit holders l5 and I6, respectively, the holder l5 being nested within the holder It, as illustrated in Figures 2 and 7. Cutter holder I6 is provided with a groove for receiving the cutter holder l5. The holders l5 and [6 have outwardly and downwardly sloping end portions I 8 and I8, which are provided with substantially V-shaped channels l9 and I9 longitudinally therein providing seats for cutters or bits 20, each being of substantially diamond-shape in cross section. The cutters or bits 20, when seated in the channels I9 and IS in the holders l5 and IE, on assembly of the latter in the body Hi, are impinged by clamping claws 2| struck from the area l3 to overhang such cutters or bits 20, as shown in Figure 2, whereby these can be firmly and securely held in place within the body IE! when the hollow drill stem or shank 22, which is threaded in the bore II, is turned inwardly of the body l0 causing the end 23 of such stem or shank to be driven against the holder it, which in turn forces it and holder I 5 upwardly to detachably lock the cutters or bits 2!) against the claws 2! of the body l0.

The cutters or bits 20, at their outer faces, are provided with knife-like cutting edges 24, which protrude beyond the area 13 and claws H for cross cutting operation of the drill head in the use thereof.

In the assembling of the device, holder 16 is fitted cross way 14, then holder (5 is slid through cross way M to seat in groove ll of the holder 1 6. The cutters or bits 20 are slipped into between. the claws 2| and the seats is and [9"within the holders, it being understood that the stem or shank 22 has been loosened for this purpose. By"- turning the stem 22 inwardly in; the: hodyathe: end 23 forces the holders and cutters; orbitsito become locked in such body, preparing the head for drilling.

During the use of the drill head if the edges 24 become blunt, the operator loosens the stem or shank 22, and turns any or all four cutters-orbits in their seats H3 or is through 90 degrees, thereby" presenting freshcutting edges and. then tightening the stem or shank; 2.2: whereupon: the head is ready for drilling until another cutting. edge of each cutteror'bitistworn out.- The" foregoing operation is repeated' until all edgesioieach cutter orbit havabeenworn out, when-v a new setof'cutters or'bitsis used'toreplacethe same. This" will avoid the necessity for constantly'resharpen ing the" cutters orbits as'in drill heads employing but a single cutting edge toeach cutter or fit.

What is claimed is:

A drill head comprising a chuck body' having a central longitudinal bore, aportionat said bore: being threaded, a pair of diametricazl: cross waysinsaid chuck body and extending from side to side'of the chuck body,isaid: cross ways intersecting each other at righta-ngles thereto-with: the? center of the intersection coinciding; with axis or said longitudinal bore;v clamp claws. comprising a part of said chuck body and overhanging said cross ways from opposite side walls thereof, a first cutter holder having a groove therein slidably mounted in one of said cross ways, a second cutter holder supported by and positioned in the groove of the said first cutter holder and slidably mounted in the other of said cross ways, a plurality of bits of substantially square cross section and. having the edges thereof-2 forming cutting portions, each said cutting holder having a plurality of seats for supporting said bits, each said seat and pair of clamping claws adjacent thereto; adapted; to slidably receive a bit to present azcutting edge beyond the clamping jaws, and a threaded stem screw threaded into said longitudinal bore and having a head portion adaptedtol contactsaid first cutter holder whereby rotation of said stem in one direction will cause said head portion to force said cutter holders, bits and clamping clawsstogether to form a rigid cutting; structure and. whereby rotation; oi= said stem a; reverse direction: will loosen said cut;- ting structure to permit said bit to be removed and reinserted to selectively present one of its cutting edges for cutting actiom .IUAN M. MEANEY.

BEEERENCESa GITED Thafbilowing; references" are of record in the me of this patent":


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