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Publication numberUS2494724 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 17, 1950
Filing dateJul 14, 1945
Priority dateJul 14, 1945
Publication numberUS 2494724 A, US 2494724A, US-A-2494724, US2494724 A, US2494724A
InventorsSchmidt Emil G
Original AssigneeSchmidt Emil G
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Cigarette and match case
US 2494724 A
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Jal1-'17, 1950 E. G. SCHMIDT CIGARETTE AND MATCH CASE Filed July 14 Patented Jan. 17, 1950 UNITED .STATES PATENT OFFICE 2.4945124,v CIGARETTE AND MATCH CASE Emil` G. schmidt, Chicago, n1. Application J u1y'14; 1945,`Serial No. 605,092 `1 Claim. (Cl. 20c-ss) This invention relates to a cigarette and match case, and its primary object is the provisionof a new and improved case comprising a pair of members, one of which members acts as a container or holder for a package of cigarettes as well as a holder for a package of matches, while the other member acts as a cover for covering the cigarettes in the container and the matches in the holder.

Another object of the invention is the provision of a telescoping device comprising a container and a cover, the container being adapted to receive a package of cigarettes, there being means provided exteriorly of the container for supporting a package of matches, and the cover being adapted to cover both the matches and the cigarettes and thereby maintain the cigarettes and matches in a dry state of preservation.

Numerous other objects and advantages will be apparent throughout the progress of the following specication.

The accompanying drawings illustrate certain selected embodiments of the invention and th views therein are as follows: l

eFig. 1 is a detail perspective view of the improved case embodying the invention; i Fig. 2 is a detail elevational View of the cover;

Fig. 3 is a detail elevational view of the container with which the cover telescopically nts, a package of matches being shown mounted on the container;

Fig. 4 is a side elevation of the cover shown in Fig. 2; H w

Fig. 5 is a detail side elevation of the container shown in Fig. 3;

Fig. 6 is a detail longitudinal sectional view showing the case and cover in telescoped position showing the compartment for the cigarettes and the manner in which matches may be carried by the case;

Fig. 7 is a detail exploded view of a modified form of case wherein the cover is elongated and extends down over the container at the point where the bottom of the matches is supported; and

Fig. 8 is a section on the line 8-8 of Fig. '7.

The particular cigarette and match case herein shown for the purpose of illustrating the invention comprises a lower container I which has a reduced neck portion 2 for receiving telescopically the closure part 3 of the cover 4. 'Ihe container is relatively rectangular in shape and is adapted to receive an entire package of cigarettes of the so-called popular brands wherein twenty cigarettes are contained in the package. The top 2 i ofthe package may be torn off, as is the usual custom, and the entire package inserted within the container I. The container and its cooperating cover are adapted to be made of any suitable material, such as plastic, hard rubber, metal, and the like. Y

`The closure part 3of the cover 4 has an inside diameter equal to the outside diameter of the neck part 2 of the container so that when the two parts are telescoped together, there will be a snug t and the exterior surfaces will be flush.

UThecontainer I has a strip 5 formed thereon.

This strip may be in the form of an additional piece of material formed on an outer surface of the, container, or it may be struck out so as to provide a space 6 through` which the cover or a part of thecover of a package of matches 'l may be received by threading a part of the match cover through the space or slot 6. The matches are the so-called paper book of matches ofthe type which are normally given away at tobacco stores when la purchase of cigarettes or other tobaccoaproducts is made. a The entire paper cover surrounding the book of matches; may remain intact or it may be torn partly off to allow merely the back part 8 to remain as shown in Fig. 6.` However, it is desirable that the front cover be left intact so as to cover the heads of the matches in order that there will be no danger of igniting the entire package when a match is struck on the abrasive surface 9 which is provided at the front of the conventional paper book of matches. The part 5 may be made of any desired shape, width, thickness, or construction as its sole purpose is to receive the back part of the book of matches to assist in holding the matches in proper position and to prevent shifting of the matches when a match is struck on the abrasive surface il.

The container I is provided with an outstanding projecting part Ill which is preferably made integral with the container part 1. This projection is in the form of a shelf as is clearly shown throughout the several views and is recessed as indicated at II in Fig. 5 so that the lower end of the book of matches may be received therein. The matches are thus held in position by means of the strip 5 and the shelf IIJ.

The cover 4 includes a match cover part I2 which is preferably made integral with the closure part 3 of the cover 4. The match cover part I2 is adapted to extend downwardly from the part 3 and engage the top of the projection or shelf IIJ. Preferably, the end of the match cover part I2 will either overlap the projection I0 or rest in a.

proper recess provided in the upper exterior peripheral edge of the projection I0. The case is such that when the cover 4 is removed, access may be easily had to the cigarettes contained within the container part I as well as permitting easy access to the matches mounted on a side of the container. The cover is such that when it is applied in position, the cigarettes and the matches will be covered, thereby maintaining the matches dry, which is desirable, particularly to yservice men who are located in remote, hot, damp sections of the world.

The modified structure disclosed in Fig. 7 provides for the cover 4 to extend a considerable distance below the top of the container I. It is desirable that the bottom of the cover be made substantially coextensive with the projection I; also, that the match cover part I2 be made integral with the cover part 4, whereby the cover will be substantially stronger than the cover shown in Figs. 1 to 6. The reduced part'2 of the container extends downwardly to the point indicated at I3 in Fig. 7 so that the single integral cover II `will receive all that part of the container I extending above the proection -or shelf -I I). 'The cover part I2 in Fig. 7 may include side walls :I4 which are preferably made integral with the exterior surface of the container as indicated `at yI5 in Fig. 7.

The invention provides a combined case for cigarettes and matches whereby the matches and cigarettes `are always maintained in dry condition. The use of the case of the invention will prevent the ymatches from absorbing moisture as they are completely closed at all times. At the same time access to the cigarettes and matches is readily available. The case is adapted to beeconomically manufactured, permits easy insertion and application ofthe cigarettes and matches, and maintains the cigarettes and matches in proper vcondition ready for instant use. The match closure part I 2 of the modified structure shown in Fig. '7 may be'merely a hollow bulged out front section of the cover, or it may be an additional cover section secured to the outer wall of one face of the cover, that is, the matches may Ybe arranged 'between the exterior wall of the cover and an interior wall of the match closure part I2.

The invention contemplates a combined cigarette and match case wherein one part of the case encloses cigarettes with means for'supporting a package of matches, while the other part comprises a telescopic cover which fits over the container part and seals the cigarettes 'and mat-ches whereby access is had to both the cigarettes and matches when the telescopic cover is removed.

Changes may be made in the form, construction and arrangement of the parts without departing from the spirit of the invention or sacrificing any of the advantages thereof, and the right is hereby reserved to make all such changes as fairly fall within the scope of the following claim.

'The invention is hereby claimed as follows:

A combined cigarette and match package container comprising a lower hollow container and an upper closure cover telescoping therewith, a shelf integral with the lower container and projecting outwardly from a wall thereof, said shelf having a recess formed in the upper surface thereof to receive the lower end of a match package of the book type, a strap struck from the said wall and located above the shelf and adapted to receive the flap of the match package to hold the package on ythe shelf and prevent the `package from shifting, and an elongated rigid match package covering member integral with the closure cover, said covering member having its front Wall spaced from the said wall of `the lower container to provide a compartment to receive the match package on the shelf when the closure cover is telescoped with the lower container, said closure cover having side walls integral with the front wall thereof, the covering member extending downwardly a .predetermined distance so that its bottom edge will engage the upper surface of the shelf when the closure cover and the lower container are telescoped together.


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International ClassificationA24F15/18, A24F15/00
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European ClassificationA24F15/18