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Publication numberUS2495200 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 17, 1950
Filing dateMay 19, 1948
Priority dateMay 19, 1948
Publication numberUS 2495200 A, US 2495200A, US-A-2495200, US2495200 A, US2495200A
InventorsSands William H
Original AssigneeGambrills Company Inc
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Demonstration device and package
US 2495200 A
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Jam. 17, 1950 w. H. SANDS 2,495,200

DEMONSTRATION DEVICEL AND PACKAGE Filed May 19, 1948 clitoa nugs Patented Jan. 17, 1950 UNITED STATES PATENT *OFFICE The Gambrills Company, Inc., Gambrills, Md., a corporation of Maryland Application May 19, 1948, Serial No. 27,904

1 Claim. 1

The present invention concerns an advertising device or package designed to demonstrate the moisture resistant properties of masonry paint.

It is an object of the invention to provide means whereby an article such as a structural element treated with a water resistant preparation may be tested. It is an object of the invention to provide means whereby the moisture penetration of masonry structures or elements may be tested.

It is an object of the invention to provide a display demonstration assembly comprising a container having a liquid holding compartment, support means mounted on said container, and a masonry block, said support means comprising transverse rods, brackets, projections, wire clips or the like positioned on the upper half of the container whereby the block may be supported above a substantial quantity of liquid in the compartment to be used for demonstrating the liquid resisting qualities of a coating on the block.

Most processed masonry elements are more or less pervious to moisture. This is also true of natural stone, but it is in the field of artificial structures that the invention is expected to find the most use. Cinder block, cement block, cement pipe, tile and certain brick lend themselves especially well to test by the present invention. However nothing herein is to be construed as precluding the testing of natural products.

While concrete block and unglazed tile are porous and will permit the passage of water, cinder block is spectacularly so, being as pervious as a sieve. A cinder block is of relatively open construction but has all the appearance of solid structure. However water will flow through an untreated cinder block almost as fast as it can be poured. In this way a direct comparison between treated and untreated portions of the block may be made. Slabs of artificial or natural material may be tested as such or built up into forms.

Reference is had to the drawings in which like numbers refer to like parts throughout.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the complete display package.

Fig. 2 is a section taken along line 2-2 of Figure l.

A container Ill may be made of metal walls II, I2 and I3 with an upstanding back wall I4 extending well above the other three so as to provide a prominent display for directions and advertising matter. Two rods I5 and I6 are welded or otherwise attached to front and rear walls II and I i just above the level of water H.

A cinder block I8 is positioned on rods l5 and I6 adjacent wall I3 so as to leave ample room between the other end of block I8 and end wall I2 to ladle water I! with a dipper (not shown) into channels l9 and 20 of block I8. The inside of channel I9 is coated with a selected moisture resistant masonry paint. The same coating ZI is applied to the front of block I8. Channels I9 and 20 have their bottoms closed by wooden blocks 22. The rear 24 and side 23 of block I8 are left uncoated. Container I0 is painted to present an attractive appearance and to guard against rust caused by water I1.

It will be noted that although both channels l9 and 20 have their bottoms closed by a plug 22, only channel I9 is coated with masonry paint 2i The advertising matter on wall I4 identifies the coating 2| and directs that water I! be poured by means of the dipper into channels I9 and 20.

Most people think of a cinder block as a more or less solid piece of masonry. It seems hard and reasonably solid. It seems fairly heavy when lifted. In general observers are quite surprised and even a little startled, upon pouring water into channel 20, to see the water gush out the side 23 and back 24 faster than they can ladle it in, In this manner the high porosity of cinder block is vividly demonstrated. Cinder block is a good and cheap building material, but where water is present the block must be sealed by a masonry paint. Where the coating 2I is composed of a certain grade of such paint the water in channel ill will remain for days until it evaporates and is in part absorbed by the walls of the block I8. The water on gushing through the walls of channel 20 wets the back of the masonry paint coating on front wall ZI which usually darkens somewhat. This demonstrates the appearance of the paint when it is exposed to rain. Wall I4 serves as a splash wall to assure that water flowing out channel 20 is confined to container I0 and does not splash on observers. It is of course important to place side wall coating 2| in front to prevent resulting splash as well as demonstrate the elfectiveness of coating 2|.

I claim:

A display demonstration assembly for masonry paint comprising a container for fluid, support means carried by said container and positioned to support a cinder block above and spaced from the bottom of said container, a porous cinderblock, having two channels, positioned on said support means and protruding from said container, plug means closing the bottoms of said channels, the walls of one of said channels and the front wall of said block being coated with a masonry paint to be demonstrated, the back Wall UNITED STATES PATENTS of said container extending above the cinder Number Name Date block positioned on said support means whereby 1 218 154 Zahm Mar 6 1917 fluid may be poured into said channels and 1833441 slack 1931 permitted to run through the unpainted porous 5 portions of said block, the painted front wall of FOREIGN PATENTS said block and the upwardly extending back wall Number Country Date of said container acting to directthe flowing 333:7 Great Brifiam Aug 21, 1930 fluid into the container and eliminate splash, 3 Great Britain Sept 22, 1937 said coated channel retaining the fluid without 10 noticeable loss.


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