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Publication numberUS2495977 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 31, 1950
Filing dateApr 23, 1946
Priority dateApr 23, 1946
Publication numberUS 2495977 A, US 2495977A, US-A-2495977, US2495977 A, US2495977A
InventorsMadsen Jay R
Original AssigneeMadsen Jay R
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Gunstock ammunition container
US 2495977 A
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Jan. 31, 1950 J. R. MADSEN 2,495,977


Patented Jan. 31, 1959 miresmithsiie'fsau oer-1c I'Claims. (Cl. 42 7-1)" This invention-relates Ito. .al-gunstock-iammunh tion=. container, andsmoreparticularly -to such a..- container, that .-is.- adapted iforvuse in connection: withhsmalll icaliber. rifles.

Among thel.principal.objects of theinvention provide:

(a) A convenient; and f'saf =gunstoclmammuni: tion container, that, is accessible from a side face of the .gunstocky (b) A device th'at'in n0,1way interferes with the 10 ordinary-use of "affir'earm to which'iit'is applied.

' (c) 'A' device-that keepsammunition always at hand and "in' readiness fon-use;

(d)A- device that is self-contained in--a=gunstock and that in no way detracts fr'om theapl5 pearance-thereof;

(e -A device -which can be easily-andquickly applied to =existinggunstoc-ks or--that may constitute= original equipment.-

(1) Means for holding original ammunition: packagescunden a slight tension; so there 1 is no rattlingrnorbumping :because' of lost; motion";

(9:) A devices'=thatiisz accessibleafrom one sidefacefiof the stock, but does: not=iinterfere with: resting thezstock.--against'thescheekmf the usertin.:,25 theiusualmanner; K

According to the I invention, a a recess; of preferably rectangularl configuration .isiormed in thee stock the entry vaperturesof therecessbeing-on the sideof thestocklwhich is oppositea users cheek.v Iniother words, the .-plane. of. the entry aperture is substantially vertical whenrthelfir e arm with. its stock is heldinthenormalfiring position. A unique. jeatdreis to so arrange the .re-, cess'ithat alwall of substantial thickness subsists., between the'backsurfacezofithe ,recess and the. cheek: Thisrecesstaccommodates a chambered; insert whichfinsturn accommodates the length of "an-ammunition package :under at -least a fair degreeoftension. Thebreadth ,of, the package. 40 is 'largelyaccommodated withinth'e thickness of th'e stock; leaving-however; a certain excess'of the "breadth protruding beyond the side surfaceof the stock so the package'can' be easily grasped for: removal-. Moreover, a suitably fastened cover can :be snappedfover the protruding'portion, the cover being normally fastened in-place to pressagainst the-protrudingportion, all 'of which contributes to holding the package' securely in" place. This, construction is-unique inthat it provides thee desireds storage space 1; without" cuttingexcessively/into thezstockand at' the-same time makes it easyafor themser-tmgraspthe package.

' In:.the accompanyingedfawinggwhich illustrates onerembodiment of theeinventionr Fig l represents ajsideielevation ofth'e butt of"a -,gunstock viewed from the ,aperturecl .sicle of 'the'devic'e of the invention;

Eig; 2; a bottom ,planJcorresponding to Fig. 1; Fig. 3;a-yertical section taken on the line 37-3 in 'Fig. 1';- drawn'to 1an-enlarged scale;

Fig:- 4;,a*side".elevation with the cover in an open posit-ion;arportion-of the cover being broken away and the figure being drawntothe'same scale as 'Figs: 1''. and 2," and-f Figa 5; an-insideelvation of thecover, viewed as indicated by the arrow 5*inFig; 3, portions being brokenzawayfor convenience,- and the scale to-whic-h this-figure is 'drawnbeing substantially the same as that used in Fig. 3."

Referring :to the=drawing,= the numeral Gdenotes the buttbf-"agunstock', in this instance a cess l I preferably having a rectangular 'config-" uratiomas showrrin:Figsza3 and T45 Substantially lining this recess is a boxlike casing lzizithat is made :of' any suitable material; for example, metal-,2 plastic;.ontheilike; Inthis instance the casingz-hasranrintegrak frame-PI 3?: which rnoreeor less overlaps the sideuotdaherstock. Hinged at It to the lower part of the frame zltiris'a cover I5, this; cover-1b.eing:providedzwith:ascatch; I fiithat in turn is engaged by-akeeper- I! when the cover is in zthe:clamping;positionriindicated :by the dotted lines.-v

In theepresentinstancethewasing I2 has two similarcompartmentslB; onevofwhich, in this instance,.-accommodates a'package I9 of so-called long cartridges,-.and another a: package 26 of so-called ShOItS-fz" these-packages being of substantially:equallengthsbutvarying in height, as

indicated in Fig. 4. The compartments 5% and I8 are advantageously separatedaby a.,.par-titicn 2 2' preferably: hollow, sosasutol provide sufficient a width between theitwoepackagessto, admit the mounting. of theicatchnl 6 when the cover I 5 is. in

th'eidotte'd; line. position- Obviously, only one.

compartment I8 might be.provided if so desired, itbeing assumed that any skilled artisan can make requisite changes without a detailed. showe ing thereof herein... It'isto beiunderstoodgthatthe dimensions of the compartment-I 8 "are such that a; reasonable pressure, is'necessaryto' force the packages 59 and 2 0' into place; leaving however, ,appreciabie portions of the v respective packages protruding from, the side surface-offithestock-It, as indicated inFig;' 3'3 This "provides'for a substantial thicknessof a*'-wa;ll ;22"betweenthe bottom ofthe recess '1 I and -the scheek-"(not'shown) of a person using the firearm. Without the wall 22 an advantage of the invention Wou d be lost. 1

Assuming that one or the other or both pack ages l9 and have been inserted in place, the cover I5, which is held in the open position of Figs. 3 and 5 by means of a spring 23, is pushed into the clamping position of the dotted lines in Fig. 3, the catch [6 meanwhile slipping into the opening 24 of the keeper H. The catch l6 has the integral stem 25 with the collar 26, and is under the pressure of a tension spring 21, the stem 25 being held in a guide clip 28' that is soldered or otherwise fastened to the cover l5. Means for manually pushing the catch I6 out of the engaging position when opening the cover, is provided by a pin 29 having the accessible button 39. The pin 29 moves in-a slot 3| and the button 30 is encircled by a protecting guard 32 for the purpose of preventing accidental movement of the button 30.

It should be noticed that the cover i5 is cupped in order to receive the protruding portions of the contained package, and that the aforementioned clamping action is brought about because the inside surface of the cover bears at least partially against the packages l9 and 20 so as to assist in preventing any inadvertent rattling of the packages.

This invention, as illustrated, is intended for a person having a so-called righthand dispositer of keeping within the range of the size of the stock.

While specific details of construction are necessarily shown and described herein by way of illustration, the invention is limited only by the terms of the following claims.

What is claimed is:

1. A gunstock comprising a butt having a recess therein, the entry aperture of said recess being in coincidence with one side face of said butt so that the plane of said aperture is substantially vertical when said gunstock is in the normal firing position; 'a wall portion between the back surface of said recess and the other side face of said butt, and a cover having a cupped configuration that is substantially in registry with said recess so as to complement the storage capac ty of the latter.

2. A gunstock comprising a butt having a recess therein, the entry aperture of said recess being substantially in coincidence with one substantially vertical side face of said butt when said gunstock is in the normal firing position; a walled box constituting a lining and cover support for said recess; a downwardly swinging .cover attached to said box, said cover having a cupped configuration that is in substantial registry with said entry aperture when the cover is in communication with the entry aperture so as to complement the storage space of said box; and means for fastening the cover in communication with the entry aperture.

3. A gunstock comprising a stock having a rectangular recess therein, said recess having an aperture with a perimeter substantially coincident with one side surface of the stock, said side surface being substantially vertical in the normal firing position of said gunstock and opposite that side surface which rests against the check of a user; a wall portion between the cheek-resting surface and an inner surface of said recess; a cover having a space therein, said cover being hinged to the stock along the lower portion of said perimeter so as to swing downwardly from the vertical position, said cover being adapted to register with said perimeter whereby the space within the cover complements the space of the recess and adapts the combined space to accommodate the depth of a commercial package of ammunition; a self-locking catch operatively disposed in, and transversely of, said cover; and a keeper on the stock above the said recess, said keeper being adapted for engagementby the catch when the cover is in communication with the entry aperture.

4. A gunstock comprising a stock having a recess therein; said recess having its entry aperture coincident with a substantially vertical side face of said stock in the normal firing position, said recess being adapted to partially accommor date the depth of a commercial package of ammunition: a cupped, downwardly swinging, cover which is hinged to the stock, the cupping of the cover beng adapted to accommodate the remainder of the commercial package depth whereby the inside surface of said cover is brought to bear against said package when the cover is closed; and means for normally holding said cover. positively in the closed position against said package.

5. A gunstock comprising a stock having a recess extending inwardly from one substantially vertical side face of the stock when said gunstock is held in the firing position, said recess having an entry perimeter; a wall portion extending inwardly from the opposing side face of the stock and adapted to provide a limit for the depth of said recess, said depth being appreciably less than the width of a commercial package of ammunition; and a cupped cover adapted to seat along said perimeter and having a depth sufiicient, when added to the first-mentioned depth, to closely accommodate the depth of such commercial package; and a frame attached to said stock, said cover being hinged to the frame so as to hold the cover seated along said perimeter.

6. A gunstock comprising a butt having a recess therein, said recess having its entry aperture in coincidence with a substantially vertical side face of said stock when said gunstock is held in the normal firing position, the depth of said recess being appreciably less than the thickness of said stock; a thin-wall, open top casing fitting closely into said recess, said casing having a length along the stock adapted to equal twice the length of a commercial package of ammunition for the gun with a predetermined tolerance; the inside height of said casing being adapted to closely accommodate the height of such a commercial package, and the depth of said casing being appreciably less than the width of said commercial package; a frame flange extending around the open top perimeter of said casing; a cupped, down-swinging cover hinged to the lower member of said frame, the cupping of said cover being of suflicient depth and adapted to bear.

against a commercial package in said casing when the cover is in closing communication with the open top of said casing; and means opera- 5 tive to normally hold said cover in closing communication with the open top of said casing.

7. A gunstock according to claim 6, wherein the means for holding cover normally in closing position is a spring-pressed sliding bolt positioned 5 in the hollow of the cover so as to occupy approximately the aforementioned tolerance; and wherein is included a keeper located in the upper portion of the frame, said keeper being in aligmnent with, and cooperative to engage, said 1 sliding bolt when the cover is closing.


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International ClassificationF41C23/00, F41C23/22
Cooperative ClassificationF41C23/22
European ClassificationF41C23/22