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Publication numberUS2496068 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 31, 1950
Filing dateApr 13, 1949
Priority dateApr 13, 1949
Publication numberUS 2496068 A, US 2496068A, US-A-2496068, US2496068 A, US2496068A
InventorsValentine W Rutkowski
Original AssigneeValentine W Rutkowski
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Bed guard
US 2496068 A
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Jam. 3L, 13.9% v. w. RUTKOWSKI BED GUARD Filed April 15, 1949 Va/en fine W. Rut/rows/r/ INVEN TOR.

Fig. 2.

Patented Jan. 31, 1950 UNIT-E?!) 1S PATENT FICE. ,496,068

BEI) GUARD Valentine 'Rutkowski, 'Rockville Centre, INI'I.

Application April 13, v1 949, Serialo. 87, 282

3 iillaims. .1

"This invention "relates generally itO bedoguards amid the :subject :matter @of this application is vclosely ire-elated to the :zsubj'ect matter Ldi'SQlOSEd in applicants pending application for ;.patent ifiled September 713, 1948;11nder tSeria'l :No. 48,968.

A primary object of this invention is to provide a detachableguriiversal type be'cl guard, the function ,of which is toprotect the occupant of the 'bed "from falling out of thebed while ,as'leepythe bed guard being particularly useful for use with children, invalids and :certain other persons who may .find such protection inecessary.

.nnothertobject of the inventiomis to ;.pr.oVide a bedzguard construction which isuparticularl well 'adaptedior mounting uponabedhavingianrangle 1 Another object of this invention, directly relating to the last part of the preceding object, is to provide a bed guard construction including a replaceable spacer block which may be constructed to have a thickness particularly adapted to facilitate the connection of the bed guard on a particular bed, the bed spacer block being entirely removable when the bed guard is used with a bed having a wooden rail.

Still another object of this invent on is to provide a bed guard including a, flat plate which can be removed to adapt the bed guard for use with particular types of bed rails, as for example a bed rail of angle iron construction having the vertical flange depending from the outside edge of the rail.

And a last object to be mentioned specifically is to provide a, bed guard which is inexpensive to manufacture, simple and versatile in use, and generally adapted to provide durable and efficient service.

With these objects definitely in view, this in vention resides in certain novel features of construction, combination and arrangement of elements and portions as will be hereinafter described in detail in the specification, particularly pointed out in the appended claims, and illustrated in the accompanying drawing which forms a. material part of this application, and in which:

Figure 1 is a three dimensional view of a poi tion of an upright in this bed guard and operatively associated with an angle plate as provided a 2 :lfor combination with :a zbox-spring imattress, which latter :is shown fragmentarily'in the'view:

Figure 2 is a venticalsectional view taken ion the1irregular section ill1'18T2-Tj2 Figure 1:;

Figure 3 is a three dimensional view :01". a complete bed guard, :with nine :zspacer lbIGCkS :removed and :shown as mounted upon a bed having a wooden'bedrail;

(Figure '4 :is a three dimensional viewshowing how an upright ,of the bed guard can ibe secured to an angle iron xbed :rail shaving ;a "vertical "flange extending upwardly ifromdtsouter'edge and :Ffigure 5 is :a-similar'view showing :how the role vice can be securedito anlangleiron bed rail having its vertical ufiange depending :from its :outer edge, it'beingrnoted'that the member hereinafter referred toiasithe flatimetal 'plate"onitherlowenend of the upright being removed iwhen 'th'e 'deviceris used as illustratediin both Figureseetxand 5.

Similar characters of reference designate similar or identical elements and portions throughout the specification and throughout the different views in the drawing.

Referring now to the drawing in detail, this invention is used with bed structures of diiferent types, Figure 1 representing how a box-spring mattress, generally indicated by the numeral l0, and including ordinarily a wooden frame member l2, will be provided according to this: invention with an angle plate having a horizontal flange portion l4 and a vertical flange portion [6, the vertical flange portion l6 being secured as by wooden screws It on the wooden frame member l2, it being preferred that spacer members 20 will be inserted between the flange I6 and the side of the box-spring mattress, as indicated best in Figure 2.

The bed guard, indicated generally at 22, will include a pair of uprights 26 and elongated horizontal members 26 secured to and between the uprights 24. The lower end portion 28 of each of the uprights 24 is formed with a recess 39 on the side of the upright adjacent the mattress l0, and a flat plate 32, ordinarily metallic but not necessarily so, will be secured as by wood screws 34 to the lower end portion 28 of the uprights, so as to extend over the recess 30, the lower portion of the plate 32 being parallel to the adjacent face of the recessed portion of the uprights, whereby a vertical slot is provided in the bottom end of each upright. A spanner bolt 36 is inserted through aligned apertures in the lower portion 28 .of the upright and the hat plate 32, the spanner bolt having a head 38 and a wing nut 3 40, the latter being disposed toward the side of the upright remote from the mattress ID.

A replaceable spacer block 42, also apertured to receive the spanner bolt 36 is removably securable in the vertical slot or recess 30 and may be made to bear against one side of the flange I 6 while the lower end of the flat plate 32 bears against the other side of this same flange.

In an alternative usage of this invention, the spacer block 42 is removed when the device is used with a wooden bed rail 44 as indicated in Figure 3. The upwardly extending flange 46 of angle iron bed rails may be clamped directly between the spacer block t2 and the lower end portion 28 of the upright, as clearly indicated in Figure 4. Furthermore, the fiat plate 32 may be removed to adapt the device for use with a bed rail having a downwardly extending flange 48, as indicated in Figure 5.

It will be clear that all the above recited objects of this invention can be amply achieved by the disclosed novel structure and further description appears to be unnecessary.

Having described the invention, what is claimed as new is:

1. In a bed guard having uprights and horizontal members connected to and between the uprights, means for mounting each upright comprising an elongated angle plate securable on the side of a bed and having a vertical flange, a recess in the lower end portion of the upright and on the side thereof adjacent said angle plate, a fiat plate rigidly secured to an intermediate portion of the upright and extending downwardly over said recess, a replaceable spacer block within said recess, and means for clamping said block and a part of said vertical flange in said recess so as to support the upright.

2. A bed guard according to claim 1 wherein said means for clamping comprises aligned apertured portions in each flat plate and the lower portion of the upright and spacer block associated therewith, and an elongated spanner bolt inserted through said apertures.

3. The combination, with a box spring mattress having a frame member extending along a bottom edge thereof, of a bed guard comprising a plurality of uprights connected by horizontal members, and means securing each upright to said mattress, said securing means comprising an angle member having a vertical flange, a spacer member interposed between said frame member and said vertical flange, a threaded element extending through said flange and the associated spacer member into said frame member, each of said uprights having a recess in the lower end portion thereof, a plate secured to the upright and extending over said recess, a replaceable spacer block in said recess, and a threaded member extending through said lower portion, spacer block and flat plate and clamping said upright flange between said plate and the associated spacer block.


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