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Publication numberUS249938 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 22, 1881
Filing dateOct 8, 1881
Publication numberUS 249938 A, US 249938A, US-A-249938, US249938 A, US249938A
InventorsDaniel M. Holmes
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US 249938 A
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(No Model.) I


. CAKE MACHINE. O- PatentedNov. 22,1881

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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 249,938, dated November 22, 1881. Application filed October 8, 1881. (No model.) i

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, DANIEL M. HOLMES, of Cincinnati, in the county of Hamilton and State of .Ohio, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Cake-Machines, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the annexed drawings, forming part of this specification.

My invention relates to an improvement in machines for making dough into cakes; and it has for its object to secure an even and constant feed and pressure to the valves and cutters.

The improvementconsists in a novel construction and arrangement ofparts, as hereinafter described.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is a side elevation of a cake-machine; Fig. 2, a

plan view of a portion of the machine, with the hopper and packer removed Fig. 3, the packer; Fig. 4, a vertical section, and .Fig. 5 a detail view.

With the useof the ordinary dough-box and plunger in cake-machines considerable time is lost in the intermittent action of the feed. I have therefore provided the herein-described means of accomplishing an even and constant feed and delivery, whereby the time usually consumed in recharging the machine is saved, and a consequently larger yield of goods in a given time is effected.

In the drawings, A represents the frame of the machine. G is the driving-pulley, attached to the shaft P,upon whichis secured the chainpulley H, which, by means of the chain 0, drives the pulley H, secured upon shaft 122. A pinion, M, secured to the latter shaft, meshes with the gear-wheel K, whiohis provided with adjustable bearings, and through this wheel communicates motion to the shaft f. The shaft f is supported in suitable bearings at the top of the machine in front of an iron chamber, Z, having a series of openings, 2, and is provided with as many beveled pinions D as there are openingsin the saidchamber. Throughthe said 'openin gs in the chamber Z project a series of shafts, D, having on their projecting ends corresponding beveled pinions D which are adapted to mesh with the pinions D. The inner ends of the shafts D are provided with screw-propellers O, and the said propellers are adapted to communicate with the usual detachable delivery-chamber, B, through an opening in the chamber Z.

Above the propellers G, and at right angles thereto, is arranged a shaft, a, supported in bearings formed in the walls of the chamber Z, and provided with a series of radial teeth, a, which are adapted to be rotated through slots formed in a plate, B, which is securedin a horizontal position by means of a flange upon the rear wallof the chamber Z. A hopper, E,.is secured above the chamber Z, and communicates therewith through the open top of the latter. 1

The chamber B. is provided with the usual cutters, which are operated by means of cams upon shaft P.

The operation of the machine is as follows: The shaft or is rotated by means of the gearing shown in the drawings, so that its teeth will pass up through the slots in the plate B. The plate thus serves as a scraper for the teeth to prevent the dough, which is fed in at the hopper, from being carried round by the teeth, and the dough is thus fed to the propellers and packed closely thereon. The revolving of the propellers carries the dough into the deliverychamber R, from which it is delivered in the form of cakes by means of the cutters r valves, used as in the ordinary machines.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. In a cake-machine, the combination, with the delivery-chamber R and its cutters, of the chamber Z, propellers O, toothed shaft a, slotted plate B, and suitable gearing for the said shaft and propellers, substantially as and'for the purposes set forth.

2. In a cake-machine, the combination of the chamber Z, having a series of openings, 2, the propellers G, supported through said openings and provided with bevel-pinions D the shaft f, having intermeshin g pinions D, the

toothed shaft 0, and slotted plate 13, substantially as shown and described.

3. In acake-machine, the combination of the hopper E, the chamber Z, open at the top for receiving the dough, the toothed shaft 0, and slotted plateB ,adapted to serve as a scraper, the series of propellers 0, arranged at right angles to the said shaft through openings in the chamber, and suitable gearing for Operating the said shaft and propellers, substantially as shown and described.

4. In a cake-machine, the combination of a series of propellers arranged in a suitable chamber and provided with suitable gearing, of a toothed shaft arranged at right angles thereto and adapted to pack the dough round the propellers, substantially as shown and described, and for the purposes specified.




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