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Publication numberUS2499528 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 7, 1950
Filing dateOct 10, 1946
Priority dateOct 10, 1946
Publication numberUS 2499528 A, US 2499528A, US-A-2499528, US2499528 A, US2499528A
InventorsReitzes Herbert L
Original AssigneeReitzes Herbert L
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US 2499528 A
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Pafented Mar. v,L 195o i v.application ociobprio, 194e, serialNo, {10.2.477,

` r z-tciaifms. (01.229585) This invention relatesto receptacles, s111011 as bass' or entreloper.,r nteierably made ci, transparent sheet material, and more particularly vto improved closures for the same which whiie providing .adequate sealingof .the receptacles `perriiit of easy opening .for ,access .tolth ontents- It has heretofore .been'nronosed to bass or envelopes of 'synthetic oellulosiolsheet material known as QeHQDhanQQrthe like and `oi v1hr-droohlorinated ,rubberjlm lsnownas, iolin- ,Ethias also beenY proposed .to provide Ytop ...and ...bottom Closures for Such bags .orenvelones by heat sealing the top and portions thereof.

The contents of such 'bags or envelopes may consist of candy, Ielllls, @other edible materials, y or other small articles, which it,` .is desired .to y

package in sealed', air-tight 'condition 'BildjprQ-rtected from water and moisture.

With the receptacles heretoforeavailable, when it .is desired to obtain access to the con:- tents, it is necessary to break tear thetpackage, but this is difficult by r ,l f v' tion of the material at the h at sealed portion, givingthe vsame added strength, and alsoJbecause of the initial resistance to tearing lofthe sheet materials commonly employed.

It is the principal object of the present invention to provide, in a bag or envelope, an improved closure which embodies structure to permit of ready access as desired to the contents of the bag or envelope.l

It is a further object of the present'invention to provide, in a bag or envelope of the character aforesaid, an improved closure which Will be airand moisture-tight, but which will permit of ready access to the contents as desired.

It is a further object of the .present invention to provide an improved closure for bags or envelopes of the character aforesaid which embodies a built in tab portion, which is severablev from the adjoining portions of thev closure, for permitting access to the contents.

Other objects and advantageous features of the invention will be apparent from the speciiication and claims.

The nature and characteristicfeatures of the invention Will be more readily understood from the following description, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings forming part hereof, in which: j

Figure 1 is a front elevational view' of a vbag or envelope in accordance with the present invention;

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary sectional View, en-

larged, taken approximately lon the line -2-2 of rFig.1; n j

V Fig. 3 is a-fragrnentary sectional -vieW,'-en

larged, takenapproximately lon the line 3- 3 of Fig. 1; v v

Fig. 4 is a ffront elevational` view of another embodiment oftheinvention; f Fig. 5 is a yfront elevational view of another embodiment of the invention; yand A Fig 6 is -a front elevational viewfof another formof the invention. 'f

lt` should, of course, be--understoody that-the description and drawingsherein are illustrative merely, and that various modi-ications and changes may be `madefi-n the structure disclosed Withoutv departing? from the spirit of the invention f Referring more particolari-y to the drawings,

`tll'e '-bagor envelope -I llis preferably formed :from a strip or sheet of thin tough transparent material to permit of observation and inspection of the contents;v vThe -bag or envelope I0 may be made of any desired sheet material, such as synthetic cellulosic sheet material, lacquer-coated, if desired, and sold under of cellophane, orv vmay comprise hydrochlorinated'frubber film or sheet material, sold under the name of Pliofilm.

The sheet material is formed in any desiredv manner into a at hollow tube and may have a longitudinally extending seam II,'heat sealed or otherwise secured. The bag orv envelope is preferably permanently closed at one end I2, y'

such as the bottom, and this closure may be j formed in any desired manner.

In the form of the invention illustrated in Figs. 1 to 5, inclusive, the open or top end of the ba?,

' or envelope has a folded strip or label I3 apabove the lower edges I'I of the strip I3. In the sealing, a part of the upper edge portions is `'preferably left unsealed, as at I8.' The marginal edge I9 of Ithe unsealed portion may be V- shaped, as illustrated at I9a in Fig. 1, may be curved, as illustrated at I9b in Fig. 4, or may consist of a diagonal line, as indicated at I9c in Fig. Y

5. The unsealed portion I8 is, however, terd? e minated below the upper terminal edges l5 of the bag or envelope so that a seal is provided across the top edge of the bag or envelope I0.

Along and spaced upwardlyv a short distance from the marginal edges l9a, I9b and |90, a plurality of perforations 2B are provided which are preferably applied in such a manner as tofurther join and seal the material at the area surrounding each of the perforations 20, thereby obviating any tendency to leakage at the perforations. The perforations 20 are terminated a predetermined distance below the upper marginal edges I5 to permit of the lcomplete sealing across the top edge of the bag or envelope I0, thereby obviating any tendency to leakage of air or water. There is thus provided a laminated severable tab 2| in the top closure.

In the form of the invention illustrated in Fig. 6, the strip or label I3 may be omitted. The sealing is applied only to the sheet material of which the bag or envelope I is made, with a lower terminus I6, with an unsealed portion I8-and a margin I9 bounding the unsealed portion I8. Perforations 20 are provided as before to bound a tab 2Ia. Y

When it is desired to obtain access to the contents of the receptacle, the tab portion 2l or 2 I a is grasped between the thumb and first finger, and the same may be readily severed from the remaining portion of the bag or envelope ID. The strip or label I3 if employed is simultaneously severed. The contents may then be pressed against the marginal edges I9 to rupture the seal at that location, or, if desired, the marginal edges I 9 may be separated with the fingers.

It will thus be seen that there is provided a package or receptacle which will remain in airtight and liquid-tight condition, but which may be readily opened for the removal of the contents as desired.

I claim:

l. In a closure for the flattened tubular end of a package, a sealed portion extending transversely across the end and having ,an inner boundary with part thereof spaced inwardly from the transverse terminus and another part there 4 of spaced inwardly at alesser distance from the terminus, said other part of said boundary having a weakened portion therealong between said boundary and said terminus, said weakened portion and the terminus defining a severable tab or" a width corresponding to the transverse length of the other boundary part and extending inwardly from said terminus, said weakened portion and said other part of said boundary denning a sealed band of reduced width accessible and readily breakable after severing of said tab for access to the interior.

2. A closure as defined in claim l, in which the weakened portion comprises perforations.

3. A closure as defined in claim l, in which, said other portion of said boundary is of V- shape.

4. A closure as defined in claim l, in which said other portion of said boundary is of curved shape.

' 5. A 'closure as defined in claim l, in which said other portion of said boundary includes a part extending diagonally with respect to the terminus.

6. A closure as defined in claim 1, in which a transverse strip encloses and covers said end and the strip is provided with a weakened portion alined with said other weakened portions.

7. A closure as dened in claim 1, in which the weakened portion comprises perforations, and a transverse strip encloses and covers said end and the strip is provided with perforations alined with said other perforations.


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U.S. Classification383/208, 383/78, 383/106, 383/209
International ClassificationB65D75/58, B65D75/52
Cooperative ClassificationB65D75/5816
European ClassificationB65D75/58D