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Publication numberUS2502524 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 4, 1950
Filing dateAug 27, 1948
Priority dateAug 27, 1948
Publication numberUS 2502524 A, US 2502524A, US-A-2502524, US2502524 A, US2502524A
InventorsEdward Keller
Original AssigneeEdward Keller
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Nursing brassiere
US 2502524 A
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PATENT OFFICE I NURSING BRA SSIERE Edward Keller, Forest- 'Hills, Y. Application-August 27, 194%, SeriaIllNo. 46,451

2 Claims.

Theinvention relates to an undergarmentiand more particularly to a nursing, brassiere embodyingatwo bust supporting sections, to the interior surfaces. of which are; detachably applied two protective moisture repellant pads. The brassiere constructed in accordance with my invention is further-characterized by a'front opening feature making; it possible to readily open the brassiere for.- the. purpose of feeding an infant and to re move and replace one or both of the moisture repellant pads when necessity arises therefor; without-requiring the removalof. theentire brassire from the body.

novel brassire isfurther characterized. by aconstruction' which impartsrto. the wearerfcom-- pleteabreathing ease and relief from 'muscular tension or restriction while. providing the. neces sary protection. while nursing an infant not. otherwise capable ofattainment with the conventional type of brassiere, Further comfort to the wearer is. provided by incorporating inmy brassire anadjustable elastic back.

It? is therefore the object-of the present inven tion toprovide a. constructionof nursing bras-- sire which will support-the busts. inproper posi-- tionifor' ease and comfort of the wearer during the extended period that nursing of an infant is necessary and to provide',:as an adjunct to such brassire, removable sanitary, moisture repellant pads which may be readily attached to the interior of the breast sections and" upon: their be:- coming soiled, as by the seepageof milk from the breasts, replaced by clean pads. An important advantage of my novel nursing brassiere. is'of course the: fact thatthe protectiontaifordediby'the moisture repellant. pads makes: possible the a-p'..-" pearance of the. mother. in public without danger of seepage of moisture through the brassire to the outer; garments during this tryin period.

a modified form of front and rearsfastening.structur'esgbymeans-of which the brassiere is socured 'to the body, .the entire .brassiere: bein shown in open: position; and

v Fig.t5 is a. fragmentary viewof the mannert'of 1tzi-etacha ble' securement of. the pad to abust'sec ion.

Referring more particularly to-the: drawing, in which similar reference characters identifynsimilar parts-in the several"views,v each half: ofth'e brassiere-consists of abust supporting section .6 terminating at one-"sideiir a body encircling. strap ontape: 1.. Each. bust section is connected to the bodyencirclingstrapr 'l by an tape 8' witha;

Y similar tape-91extendinghorizontally throughout the circular portion of the bust section and: each bust section being, conventionally provided with a dart t0 toishape the section.. Throughout the lower ."DOlliiOIl of each bust section is a .tape- Il' between:- which and the fabric ofithe bust section aresewnfa-stener elements I 2.

In; 'theparticular' embodiment illustrated Figs; Land. 2;; the: righthand bust section. is provided upon the inner side thereof with. a tape Iii-having sewn thereto a plurality of hooks M adapted to cooperatewith-corresponding eyes (not shown')':.-securedt.within 'a tape along" the" adjacent. side :of" .the lefthand bust 380171011,- for effecting; closure of; the brassire about the body: atthe: front 'a: strip I'S'ofnapped materiatcovering; the tapesand hooks: and eyes to protect the body therefrom...

The: brassire of: Fig. I: has: its. lo'ody encircling bands 1 provided with conventional fastener structureaat the rear,. one fastener structure l6.- being. secured: to one of. the'bands; T and the: other fastener structure H: to the other" of' suchi bands through; an elasticstrap: [8; The-brassirez isi-also: provided: with the conventional: shoulder Specific embodiments. of my novel structure crapers;

are illustrated in the accompanying drawing in which Fig. 1 is a front view of the interior of the two portions of a brassire constructed in accordance with my invention and shown separated at the front and back;

Fig. 2 is a similar view of the interior of one of the bust sections illustrating the manner of detachable securement of the moisture repellant pad thereto;

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of one of the moisture repellant pads;

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of another embodiment of a brassiere constructed according to my In Figs. 1 and 2 is shown one of the removable sanitary moisture repellant pads in position within a bust section. Such moisture repellant pad is shown in perspective in Fig. 3 and comprises a cup-shaped, substantially triangular strip of fabric 20 having its lower edge substantially straight, and provided throughout such lower edge upon the face to be applied to the interior of the bust section, with a tape 2| between which and the pad body are secured the cooperating snap fastener elements 22 by means of which the pad is to be detachably secured to the interior face of each bust section by engaging the snap fastener elements 22 of invention, as itis worn upon the body, illustrating the pad with the snap fastener elements l2 of the fastener structure it and I! in the back and thereafter fastening the hooks and eyes in the front of the brassiere, or the garment, may be donned in the reverse order of engaging the fastening structures. In other words,the garment may be placed upon the body .of .the wearer in whatever manner is more convenient, namely by fastening the two component parts first in the back and then fastening the front thereof together, or vice versa. I

However, when necessity arises for opening the brassire, for instance for the purpose offeeding an infant, the front opening fasteners may be disengaged, permitting the bust section to be flared away from the body so as to expose the breast to the child.

For the purpose of removing the water-repellant pad and replacing it with a clean one, the front opening will be found extremely convenient, as the pad may be readily removed by merely disengaging the fastener structures along the tape and replacing th moisture repellant pad with a clean or new one by applying the new pad to the tape II by means of the snap fastener structures I2 and 22.

In the embodiment of my novel brassiere illustrated in Fig. 4, substantially the same general structure of bust sections is utilized but the manner of securing of the brassiere about the body of the wearer is of slightly different form. In such embodiment, the brassiere is secured at the back by means of an elastic adjustable strap 24 which at each end may have a plurality of pairs of hooks and eyes 25 and 25, one pair, of such hooks 25 being used upon theend of eachbody encircling band 21 but with two lines of eyes.

eyelet 3| of the loop 32.

4 an eyelet 3| provided within a loop 32 extending from the line of juncture of the righthand bust section 33 and its body encircling strap (not shown).

In the second embodiment, the two bust sections are also joined at the front by means of cooperating hooks and eyes 34 and 35, so that the garment is secured about the body of the wearer even before the flap 28 is brought to its position beneath the righthand section and secured thereto by fastening the hook in the By this construction, substantially the same effect and capacity of the wearer to open the bust sections and to replace the moisture repellant pads of each bust section is afforded as in the first embodiment.

I claim:

1. A brassiere comprising a pair of breast receiving sections and a pair of body encircling bands integral therewith, means for securing the brassiere about the body of the wearer at'the of cooperating fastener elements along the botso an extension of one of the body encircling bands,

26 at each end of the elastic strap 24, whereby a degree of adjustability may be secured by. securing the hooks 25 to either pair of eyes 26.

The front opening of the brassire is also of somewhat different construction in that, instead of using the lines of hooks and eyes as in the first embodiment of my structure, the lefthand bust section 210. is provided with an elongated extension 28 whichextends, when the garment is upon the body, substantially over the lower portion of the righthand bust section and is secured in position by means of elastic strap 29, carrying at its end a hook 30 which is adapted to engage a fastener structure at the end of the opposite body encircling band, a cooperating fastener structure at the inner end of the extension,--a fastener at the free end of the extension, and" a fastener positioned approximately at the midpoint of the second body encircling band, whereby the two sets of fastener structures, when closed, effect a complete closure of the brassiere about the body'of the wearer with the extension of one of the body encircling bands disposed along the bottom of the second breast receiving section."


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