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Publication numberUS2505272 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 25, 1950
Filing dateDec 15, 1947
Priority dateDec 15, 1947
Publication numberUS 2505272 A, US 2505272A, US-A-2505272, US2505272 A, US2505272A
InventorsBlalock Iva L, Dwayne Hall, Ewing Leila E
Original AssigneeBlalock Iva L, Dwayne Hall, Ewing Leila E
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Saddle for brassiere straps
US 2505272 A
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p 2 1950 I. L. BLALOCK ETAL 2,505,272


IVA BLALOCK LEILA E. EWING BY DWAYNE HALL ATTORNEY Patented Apr. 25, 1950 SADDLE FOR BRASSIERE STRAPS Iva L. Blalock, Leila E. Ewing, and Dwayne Hall, Portland, Oreg.

Application December 15, 1947, Serial No. 791,762

1 Claim. 1

This invention relates to brassiere straps and the primary object of the invention is to provide a saddle to fit over the shoulder of the wearer upon which rests the upper portion of the brassiere strap.

Another object of the invention is to design the saddle in such a manner and from such material that when the same is shaped over the shoulder a degree of rigidity is imparted to the saddle on a line running from the neck of the wearer to the tip of the shoulder, thereby insuring a broad contact with the upper top of the shoulder protecting the same from the downward pull of the brassiere strap.

These and other incidental objects will be apparent in the drawings, specification and claim.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 illustrates a brassire strap in combination with our new and improved saddle for supporting the strap on the shoulder of the wearer.

Figure 2 illustrates the saddle removed from the shoulder, part of the brassiere strap broken away.

Figure 3 is an edge view of the saddle having the brassiere strap secured thereto.

Figure 4 illustrates the saddle completely removed from the brassiere straps, the same shown in perspective. a

Figure 5 is the same as Figure 4 except that it is a plan view of the saddle in a completely outstretched position, illustrating the carrier and brassire straps in broken line position.

Figure 6 is a detailed fragmentary. sectional view taken through the saddle on one of its ends.

Referring more Specifically to the drawings:

l indicates the usual brassiere strap, while 2 indicates our new and improved shoulder saddle for supporting the strap. This saddle is made as best illustrated in Figures 2, 4 and 5, especially broad across the line 3 providing considerable contact with the upper surface of the shoulder. When the same is curved as indicated in Figures 1, 2, 3 and 4 it is difficult to bend the portion 4 between the points 5. and 6 adjacent the line 3 by the downward pressure of the brassiere strap, as after the same is curved to fit the'shoulder this rigidity is imparted along the line 3 of the saddle.

Referring to Figures 3 and 6, the saddle consists of a relatively stiflf material 1, preferably of sheet plastic or other like material, and an inner material 8 which is secured to the plastic 1, the material 8 being of a soft structure for contacting the skin of the wearer. The materials 1 and 8 may be glued or otherwise secured together. The material 'I may be covered with a covering of decorative material not here shown.

A carrier strap 9 having snap fasteners IIJ secured thereto is snapped on the saddle 2 by way of the snap fasteners. The ends [2 of the carrier strap are secured to the brassiere strap l at It by any suitable means as stitching. The straps l for the different brassires or other garments, would have the carrier strap 9 secured thereto together with the snap fasteners 10, so that it requires a minimum number of saddles for the diiferent garments or brassires. The snap fastener could be secured directly to the brassiere straps, although we have found best results by including the carrier strap.

Referring to Figure l, we have not illustrated the additional straps pertaining to other garments usually worn, such as a slip and the like, but they would lie adjacent the carrier strap and the brassire strap either on top or under the inside edge of the saddle.

Reviewing the above description, we wish to more fully emphasize that the primary object of our invention consists in the bridge portion of the saddle adjacent and parallel to the line 3 when the same is curled over the shoulder of the wearer. This bridge portion becomes rigid relative to the line 3 supporting the weight of the brassiere and garment straps completely across the body portion 4 of the saddle distributing the weight of these garments between the points 5 and 6 of the saddle and over a larger area of the shoulder of the wearer.

We do not wish to be limited to the exact form as illustrated, as to the use of carrier straps or the method of securing them to the saddle or brassiere, as slight modifications may be made still coming within the scope of our claim.

What we claim as new is:

A shoulder strap of the class described comprising a relatively stiff layer of material wider at its central portion than at the ends to form a relatively rigid support across its wide central portion, a pad on the underside of and corresponding to the shape of the stiil layer of material, fastening elements at the opposite ends of the stiff layer of material and extending upwardly REFERENCES CITED the efrom a carrier-strap extending mt The following references are of record in the nally over the stiff layer of material, fastening 3 M 171115 P elements secured to and depending from the car- UNITED STATES PATENTS rier strap to cooperate with the fastening'elements on the stiff layer of material, andfi hmsq ggi a g fii i 33 siere strap attached to and extendingibver the 1631694 Rick g 1927 carrier strap and the fastening eieglgnts thereon. 2285368 Smith- June 1942 WA BLALOCK- 2,386,557 Johanson O t 9, 1945 LEILA E. EWING. DWAYNE HALL I 2,444,806 Cleasby July 6, 1948

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U.S. Classification2/336, 224/264, D02/856, 2/461, 2/460, 450/86
International ClassificationA41F15/00
Cooperative ClassificationA41F15/007
European ClassificationA41F15/00D