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Publication numberUS2505441 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 25, 1950
Filing dateJul 19, 1946
Priority dateJul 19, 1946
Publication numberUS 2505441 A, US 2505441A, US-A-2505441, US2505441 A, US2505441A
InventorsTaverner Robert V
Original AssigneeTaverner Robert V
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Fountain brush attachment for collapsible tubes
US 2505441 A
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April 25, 1950' R. v. TAVERNE-R 2,505,441


Application July 19,1946, SerialNo. 6841849 1 Claim.

This invention relates to 1?.W, and useful inrprovementsand' structural refinements in brush attachments for collapsible tubes, and the principal object of'the invention to provide a device of the character herein described, such as may be conveniently and elfectively employed as an applicator for shaving cream, shoe polish, and the like.

A further object of the invention is to provide a brush attachment which, in addition to its primary purpose as above described, will also constitute a self-sealing closure for preventing the contents of the tube from drying.

Another object of the invention is to provide a brush attachment which may be readily applied to and removed from the collapsible tubes with which it is employed.

An additional object of the invention is to provide a brush attachment which is simple in construction, convenient in operation, and which will not easily become damaged.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a brush attachment which will readily lend itself to economical manufacture.

With the above more important objects in view and such other objects as may become apparent as this specification proceeds, the invention consists essentially of the construction and arrangement of parts as shown in the accompanying drawings in which:

Figure 1 is a cross-sectional view of the invention, showing the same as applied to a collapsible tube.

Figure 2 is a side elevation of the collapsible tube per se.

Figure 3 is a perspective view, partially broken away, of a perforated cap used in the invention.

Figure 4 is a cross-sectional view, taken substantially in the plane of line 4-4 of Figure 1, and

Figure 5 is a side elevation of the brush attachment per se.

Like characters of reference are used to designate like parts in the specification and throughout the several views.

Referring now to the accompanying drawings in detail, the invention embodies in its construction a substantially cylindrical body It) formed in one end thereof with a screw threaded bore II and with a counter-sink l 2, this being adapted to receive the screw threaded neck portion I3 and the frusto-conical shoulder M respectively of a collapsible tube I5. The later is, of course, of conventional design and is illustrated in the accompanying drawings for reference purposesvenient manner in the remaining end ofabody it, for which purpose the body is formed with a substantially circular recess H, as will beolearly apparent fromtheaccompanying Figure 1.

Itwill be also noted that the portion of the body It adjacent the bristles I6 is of a somewhat reduced diameter as at I8, thus forming an annular shoulder Hi, the purpose of which will be hereinafter more fully explained.

An axially disposed rubber tube 20 is formed at one end thereof with an out-turned flange 2 I, whereby it may be rigidly secured in the body I 0 by means of a suitable insert 22 which is pressed into the aforementioned bore l1. It will be noted that the bristles IS, in effect, are secured in this insert, as is best shown in Figure 1.

The insert 22 is, of course, provided with a central passage and a counter-bore designated collectively by the reference character 23, in order to accommodate the tube 20 and the associated flange 21.

The remaining end portion of the tube 20 extends into the bristles I6 and terminates in a closed extremity which is provided with a pair of normally closed openings 24. When the invention is placed in use, the conventional cap 25 is removed from the threaded neck portion l3 of the tube l5 and the tube is applied to the body III as has already been described, and as is best illustrated in Figure 1. It will be noted in this connection, that the diameter of the body It) is substantially equal to the diameter of the tube, whereby the body will constitute what may be referred to as a continuation of the collapsible tube.

As pressure is applied to the tube l5, the con tents thereof will be forced into the rubber tube 20, thus causing the opening of the slots or openings 24 and discharging the contents of the tube into the bristles It. The advantages of the invention will thus become clearly apparent.

When the invention is not in use, the relaxation of the pressure upon the tube l5 will be accompanied by a corresponding relaxation of pressure of the contents of the feed tube 20. In this manner, the openings 24 will be automatically closed by the inherent resiliency of the tube 20.

A removable cap 25, opened at one end thereof and provided at its remaining end with a plurality of perforations 26, may be positioned on the portion l8 of the body In in order to preserve the brush attachment in a sanitary condition. In this connection, it will be noted that the aforementioned shoulder l9 provides an effective seat or stop, to limit the extent to which the cap 25 is inserted upon the body [0.

It is believed that the advantages and use of the invention will be clearly understood from the foregoing disclosure and accordingly, further description thereof at this point is considered unnecessary.

While in the foregoing there has been shown and described the preferred embodiment of this invention it is to be understood that minor changes in the details of construction, combination and arrangement of parts may be resorted to without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as claimed.

What I claim as my invention is:

A brush attachment for collapsible tubes having a beveled end portion and a threaded outlet neck carried by said beveled end portion, said attachment comprising a cylindrical body having a beveled sealing seat at one end for engaging the entire outer surface of the beveled end portion of a collapsible tube, a recess formed at the opposite end of said body, said body having an axial internally threaded bore communicating with said seat and said recess, an insert mounted within said recess. a tuft of bristles carried by said insert projecting outwardly from said recess, and an axially disposed resilient feed tube carried by said insert, said tube having a flange at one end, said insert having an inner face contacting the inner wall of said recess, the inner face of said insert having a depression therein receiving said flange, said flange surrounding said bore and bearing against the neck of the said tube to which the body is attached, the remaining end of said feed tube extending into said bristles and terminating in a closed extremity having a plurality of slits therein.


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