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Publication numberUS2506107 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 2, 1950
Filing dateFeb 16, 1948
Priority dateFeb 16, 1948
Publication numberUS 2506107 A, US 2506107A, US-A-2506107, US2506107 A, US2506107A
InventorsRichardson Walter B
Original AssigneeRichardson Walter B
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US 2506107 A
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y 1950 w. B. RICHARDSON 2,56,107

LOADER Filed Feb. 16, 1948 1 VI.".... I.IIIIJIIJIIIIIIJJIJJJIJIm w...

/6 MP2 My w tw Z Patented May 2, 1950 VUNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE LOADER Walter B. Richardson, Bridgton, Maine Application February 16, 1948, Serial No. 8,540

1 Claim.

This invention relates to improvements in loaders and is directed more particularly to the provision of a new loading apparatus having a special supporting structure which adapts it to be firmly and easily mounted in or on the body of a dump-truck, van, or any other type of vehicle.

It is a particular object of the invention to pro-' vide a sturdy, well-braced structure wherein a movable arm member is rigidly supported yet easily manipulated for the loading or unloading operations. As a special feature, there is provided means whereby the arm member may be lifted to desired positions through hydraulic pressure and swung to different positions where it is releasably but firmly held.

As will appear, while the construction is such that the loader is capable of performing very heavy duty, it is simple in form so as to be inexpensive to manufacture and is such that it may be safely and solidly installed on or in relatively lightweight vehicles.

Various other objects and advantages of the invention will become more apparent after a reading of the following description and reference will be had therein to the accompanying drawings, wherein:

In the drawings,

Figure 1 is a side elevational View of the apparatus of the invention with parts broken away for purposes of explanation of details thereof,

Figure 2 is a sectional view on the line 2-2 of Figure l; and

Figure 3 is a partial side elevation showing a modified arm and link construction.

Referring now to the drawings more in detail, the invention will be fully described.

There is a supporting base 2 which usually will take the form of a heavy plate of metal and this is adapted to be secured in any desired location as by bolts extending through holes 4. What may be called a retaining member, indicated generally by the numeral 8, includes a vertically ex-. tending plate 8 welded at 9 to the base 2 and upper and lower horizontally extending retaining plates l and I2 respectively, which are welded as at l3 to member 8.

Disposed between these plates Ill and I 2 with its rear end normally disposed closely adjacent, but somewhat spaced from plate 6, is an upstanding retaining bracket which includes horizontal upper and lower plates 20 and 22 respectively. Plate 20 underlies plate 10 and plate 22 overlies plate l2 while the opposite sides of said plates and 22 are connected by spaced vertically extending side plates 24.

The forward end portions of plates 20 and 2 project outwardly beyond the forward edges of side plates 24, as clearly shown in the drawings, and are for purposes which will presently appear. In any event, each of the horizontal plates 20 and 22 is provided with a pair of spaced openings 26 vertically aligned with a similar pair in the other plate.

' In addition the plates 20 and 22 have vertically aligned holes 2! which are aligned with the rearmost openings. Thus a pivot pin 28 may extend downwardly therethrough, as clearly shown in Figure 1, with an enlarged head 29 and stop 30 to prevent displacement but to permit the bracket to swing or swivel between plates I 0 and I2 and relative to parts 2 and 8.

In addition, the plates l0 and I2 are each provided with an arcuate row of spaced openings 32 therein, the holes of one row being vertically aligned with those of the other row. The openings 32 are also such that when the bracket is swiveled a selected aligned pair of openings may be brought into coincidence with the forward holes 28 in plates l0 and I2 so that a retaining pin 33 may be dropped through said forward hole 26 in plate l0, through the selected holes 32 in plates 10 and I 2, and project downwardly through the forward hole 26 in plate l2.

A head 34 on pin 33 and stop 35 on the lower end thereof serve the same purposes as the similar parts of pin 28, According to the preferred form of the invention there are tubes 36 and 31 which extend between the plates 20 and 22 and are for receiving and guiding the pins 28 and 33 respectively.

On the forward side of the bracket there is a vertically extending tube 40 which is rotatably positioned between the plates 20 and 22 and this is in direct communication with openings 42 provided therein. Extending downwardly and slidably positioned within this tube 40 and holes 42 is a retaining pin 44 having a head 46 and stop 48.

Secured to the forward side of the upper part of this member 40 is a pair of outwardly extending, spaced lugs 50, while extending outwardly from its lower part in substantial parallelism therewith is a pair of lugs 52. Between the lugs 50 there is pivotally held, as by a. bolt 54 the inner or lower end of a link member 60.

A hydraulic cylinder 10 has a lower extending portion 12 pivoted as on a pin 14 between ears or lugs 52. The cylinder I0 includes the usual piston 16 with rod 18 movable with the piston 18 in the ordinary manner.

A main loading arm or member is indicated at 30. This may take various formsbut in any case is formed of rigid metal and of sturdy construction. Preferably it has spaced walls or ears on its lower or inner end for pivotally receiving the outer end of link 60 and pivot pin 82.

The arm 80 is also adapted to receive the outer or upper end portion of part 18 and this may be accomplished by recessing the arm' 80, making it channel-shaped or in any other suitable man; ner. The -upper end part 18. is, in any 'event,'pivoted to the loading arm as on pin 842 It will be appreciated that the outer end of the arm 89 may have associated therewith any one of a varied number of loading devices none of which are shown, such as a crane. shovel, or the like. Obviously the hydraulic cylinder and piston arrangement provides for the accurate and easy lifting and lowering of the loading arm while the special bracket arrangement permits the swiveling motion referred to so that the arm may g into various angular positions relatively a'se That is, the bracket may be pivoted pivot pin 28 to a desiredangular position x 'e to the base 2, and then, looked in such te d position by means of inserting the re-. ta g pin 33 through the aligned openings in; the ledi'es I9 and I2 and the plates 28 and 22 Fulith?! ngular adjustmentmay be had in this es -seam n desired, since the tube 40 carryt hje loading arm 82, is rotatable relative to the'p'in l l. s jIhe form shown in Figure 3 is substantially lar t that just described. There are spaced. I24 which are the same as walls 24, and. hoiizontal plates one of which issh Wn at I20 like plates ZQ and 22', preyiouslydescribed.

) Heads; orknobs $29; and I34 are equivalent to parted!) and 34 respectively, being disposed on. th apgeqena of 1 pins adapted to function the as pins 2 and 33*. Here there is a tubular ngiein'ber lei which. is somewhat like tube 49, but it of greater height than the other tubes so A project considerably above the plane of the en 12s; and I34. v v s'cured to this member I40 is a special bracket ber 155' which is slotted as at I52 to accomin date plate I29. rhe upper end portion of bracket 959 extends around the upwardly proj ting} part of part I4B so as to havea rearly extending arm portion I54 while its lower portion (not shown) .is secured to the equivoi the pairof ears 52 shown in Figure 1, p

iz'ring pin I44, likepin 44-, extends downthrough the slotted tube I49 and through ard opening l4gin plate I20. A head dditnwarmy.

file of this patent:

At Ilii is represented the equivalent of hitdraulic cylinder ID with I18 the same as actuating part 18, the latter being pivoted as by pin I84 to arm I89. A link I60 has its opposite ends pivoted by pins I55 and I82 to parts I54 and ISO, respectively This arrangement has been found to give more lifting power to the whole structure.

I do not mean to confine myself to the exact. details of construction herein disclofiedbut claim an variationsjfalling within the purview of th appended claim.

What I claim is:

A loading device comprising a base, an upstanding member secured at its lower end to said base, a pair of horizontal ledges secured to said upstanding member and extendingforivarar thr'e'froin in a superimposed relation, a bracket positioned between said ledges and mounted for pivotal movement in a horizontal plane relative to the latter, said bracket comprising a pair joi, horizontal superimposed plates means positionedbetween said pla es'farid ne ted the la e o e u n sa nas-5. fixed relation one to the other, a vertical "pivdtpit} ding through jBaidledgeS and said plates ns prov qe mw th an v.a i,' c.f l r of op nings in its intermediate portion, said be t n s. in i y ti l li n nt wit e her andadapted to be brought into, e mciit r hthe 'oii ninli irea wa d o'f ledges when said bracketis insc ethiqueh th ii ii in th t ,lc 'g'e's a dselc fi i ri e securing the br'ack t n-[pr ed ter p ,4 si' 's upstanding member, a; z

en's relative to said I vertic 'a'l tilbe rotatably mountedpt v plates adjacent their forwardends and ar bri t la ter an a m. man ret i d b] tri e' said t be. 'eei s r d. by.

endof said tube and operatively .c'onn c s id arm for moving the latter upwardly WALTER B. RlCHkRDON.

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U.S. Classification212/261
International ClassificationB60P1/54
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