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Publication numberUS2506385 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 2, 1950
Filing dateDec 29, 1947
Priority dateDec 29, 1947
Publication numberUS 2506385 A, US 2506385A, US-A-2506385, US2506385 A, US2506385A
InventorsRoamer James M
Original AssigneeRoamer James M
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Combination smoking set
US 2506385 A
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May 2, 1950 J. M. ROAMER COMBINATION SMOKING SET Filed Dec. 29, 1947 INVENTOR. @77265 Jfjomer j? BY Patented May 2, 1950 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE COMBINATION SMOKING SET James M. Roamer, Washington, D. C.

Application December 29, 1947, Serial No. 794,396

1 Claim. l

The present invention relates to improvements in combination smoking set, and has for an object to provide a light Weight permanent metallic receptacle or box of an attractive nature and of a size adapted to receive the entire contents of a carton of cigarettes with the cigarette packs preserved in the original cellophane or other` moisture proof wrappers with the exception that the cigarettes from one of the packs are loosely presented for immediate use in a removable tray mounted in the space that would have been occu pied by an opened cigarette pack, and in which further the lid of the receptacle or box is so constructed and arranged as to hold a number of books of safety matches; all to the end that the combination set shall present in one unit all of the accessories required by the smoker in a convenient, attractive and condensed form.

It is another object of the invention to provide an attractive container preferably made from aluminum suitably lacquered or otherwise decorated or colored in a color scheme which in special instances may harmonize with an emphasized color scheme of the cigarettes contained in the receptacle; for instance in the case of Old Gold cigarettes the aluminium receptacle has been reproduced in an "Old Gold color characteristic and suggestive of that which is displayed on the packages of "Old Gold cigarettes.

A further object of the invention resides in providing an improved receptacle or box of the character described in which the tray will cooperate with the receptacle walls and with the original packs of cigarettes flanking the tray to the end that the tray may be maintained firmly in a central and exposed position in the receptacle but admits of ready removal for the purpose of serving as an ash tray apart from the receptacle.

The invention contemplates certain further modifications of the internal space of the box lid or cover, taking advantage of this space for the purpose of holding the books of safety matches referred to in that in this space is placed a spring plate in a peculiar relationship to the top of the box whereby to retain the book matches with a light friction contact which will not interfere with their ready removal by slight application of manual force but which will on the other hand retain the match books in place and in an orderly array at all times even against rather rough handling of the box incident to its transportation and use.

With the foregoing and other objects in View, the invention will be more fully described hereinafter and Will be more particularly pointed out in the claim appended hereto.

In the drawings, wherein like symbols refer to like or corresponding parts throughout the several views:

Figure 1 is a perspective View of an improved combination smoking set as constructed in accordance with the present invention and with the cover in the open position.

Figure 2 is a longitudinal central section taken on the line 2 2 through the box and through the cover in the closed position.

Figure 3 is a transverse sectional view taken on the line'3-3 in Figure 1. Y

Figure 4 is a perspective view of the tray apart from the set.

Referring more particularly to the drawings the receptacle or box comprises a bottom Wall I0, rear wall II, front wall I2 and the end walls I3.

The lid or cover comprises the top Wall I4, rear Wall I5, front Wall I6 and end Walls I1. The cover is hinged to the box or receptacle on a hinged pintle I8 which passes through intermeshing rolled leaves carried by, and preferably formed with, the rear walls Il and I5 of the receptacle and cover respectively.

In the receptacle are shown a number of packs I9 of cigarettes all in their original cellophane or other air-tight wrappers. Supported by the top lrow of cigarette packs I 9 and preferably in a central position is a tray which is more particularly illustrated in Figure 4 and comprises a bottom wall 20, side walls 2| and end walls 22.

Flanges 23 project outwardly in opposite directions from the upper edges of the side Walls 2l and fulfill a number of functions; for instance as shown in Figure 1 the flanges rest upon adjacent cigarette packs I9 to orient and maintain the tray in the proper position relative to the cigarette packs; in the second place these flanges 23 constitute apt finger-holds by which to pry the tray out of its neat and close llt in the receptacle; and in the third place these flanges 23 constitute rests for burning cigarettes when the tray is used in its capacity as an ash tray.

The cover confines an enclosed space which is .appropriate for holding a number of safety match .books 24 in a row side by side along the'entire cover. A resilient plate 25 is appropriately mounted in the cover to form "a retainer for holding the match books 24 in place. This plate 25 has its lower edge inturned to form a flange 26 resting upon the rear cover Wall I5 and soldered, brazed, welded or otherwise affixed thereto. It Will be seen more particularly in Figure 3 that the angle between the retaining plate 25 and its flange 26 is something less than a right angle for the purpose of supporting the retaining plate 25 at an inclination or on a diagonal in which the plate 25 progresses closer to the cover top wall I4 from the flange 26 up to its free edge which is spaced a considerable distance from the cover front wall I 6 to allow ample clearance for introducing and removing the match books 24. The inclination or spring bent given the plate 25 is such as to create a light frictional pressure on the match books 24 for holding the same in place.

In use, in the open position of the combination set, the contents 4.of .an entire carton of cigarettes all in their original cellophane wrappers may be loaded into the receptacle which is made long and narrow in the general configuration and size of a cigarette carton. In Figure 2 it is indicat-ed that five packs i9 of cigarettes are supported .directly upon the bottom wall I6 of the receptacle and that a second row of cigarette packs I9 is carried upon the bottom row and that athe tops loi the upper row are approximately flush with the upper edge of the receptacle `walls Il, I2 and 123. Four of the unopened cigarette packs I9 form the upper exposed row, Yithe nii-th pack of such cigarettes having been opened and Athe loose cigarettes placed in the tray 2li, 21,22; such vtray having a capacity for receiving the entire contents :of a single pack.

It will be understood that 'while the tray will ordinarily -be constructed lfor holding Vtwenty cigarettes it may be made cfa-ny size to hold any particular number of cigarettes which may be contained in any one package.

Figure v1 shows the completely ioaded condition of the set in which when the-cover is lopened out the cigarettes in the tray are plainly revealed and laccessible for easy selection and removal. vThe 'match books are likewise plainly revealed `for use and easily removable from the retaining bar '25 by a raising action and then a '-forward tilting action of the upperpor-tions of the books which -w-ill result in quick withdrawal -o the same. After the cigarette is lighted the book may be restored to place by a reverse operation so that matches will always be maintained with the set.

The trai,T may at any time be removed by -a smoker and placed upon a table, `desk -or other support convenient to 'hand and useable as an ash tray; after which Ythe contents'may -be'dumped and the tray replaced in the set.

The lboX and :its cover are both preferably made of sheet aluminium possessing some inherent resiliency. 'The interior and exterior :may `=be 1inished in the original aluminium color, Vor 'the same may .be anodized and aluminated .in accordance with well known methods, color being added if desired. For -instance'black, goldfand .silver .boxes have been/made with excellenteiiect.

The c'ombinal'fion set offers in a single unitary package cigarettes, both 'in the Vpackage and in the loose form, :matches :and van ash tray; :and thus the device constitutes a complete smoking set.

-The .package :is entirely :fire-prooi. The construction and materials also lend themselves lt'o fic a very tight t when the cover is closed, so much so that the package has also been found to be substantially moisture and air-proof in that free cigarettes in the tray have .been maintained for long periods of 'time in excellent condition for smoking. In other words the package has been found to protect the cigarettes surprisingly well against dryness or drying out.

The length of the tray will be such preferably that -it will fit with a very tight iit between the front and rear walls of the receptacle which are resilient :and which therefore bind with inherent resiliency in a frictional manner upon the end walls of the tray to prevent the same from falling out of place or from being jostled in abrupt movevments of the receptacle.

While VI have `disclosed -herein the best form of the invention 'known to meat the vpresent time, "I desire it to be understood that I reserve Ythe right to make changes and modifications in the vherein described embodiment fof 'the invention provided such changes fall within the scope lof the following claims:

What is claimed is A combination smoking set'package comprising a receptacle 'having `an open isided body .of :a general size and shape of a carton of cigarettes, a hinged `cover thereon, two layers of cigarette packs therein being the :contents of the 'carton of cigarettes all in original moisture-prooi wrap- -pers with the exception of ione such pack inthe top layer, a tray of a size vand shape to t @into the space left 'by the missing pack .and adapted Lto contain the loose rcigarettes 4from .the lmissing pack, lflanges extending outwardly from the side Walls ofthe tray `for resting on the cigarette packs at opposite :sides 0T `the tray, said 'flanges fbeing Aof narrow width in comparison with the length -of vthe sidewalls of the tray so as to anrd access not .only from the outer edges thereof but from both opposite side edges in .prying-the flanges :and tray vfrom the resilient gripping position within `the receptacle.


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