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Publication numberUS2507467 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 9, 1950
Filing dateMay 26, 1945
Priority dateMay 26, 1945
Publication numberUS 2507467 A, US 2507467A, US-A-2507467, US2507467 A, US2507467A
InventorsFredrickson Edward A, Turek James R
Original AssigneeCrane Co
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Bath and shower supply fitting with deviator spout
US 2507467 A
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.May 9, i950 E. A. FREDRICKSON `ET AL, 2,5@79467 BATH AND SHOWER SUPPLY FITTING WITH DEVITOR SPOUT Filed May 26, 1945 Patented May 9, 1950 BATH AND SHOWER SUPPLY FITTING WITH DEVIATOR SPOUT Edward A. Fredrickson, Chicago, and James R.

Turek, Berwyn, Ill., assignors to Crane Co., Chi cago, Ill., a corporation of Illinois Application May 26, 1945, Serial No. 596,006

Claims. (Cl. 137-69) This invention relates generally to a novel combinatio-n bath and shower supply fitting with deviator spout suitable for use with bathtubs and provided with means whereby the water from the spout may be diverted to a shower head.

More particularly this invention relates to a device which constitutes a modification of the type of structure disclosed in U. S. Patent #2,022,875 granted December 3, 1935.

In connection with the installations involving a concealed water supply for bathtub and shower uses, it has long been a problem to provide a fitting combination preferably of a compact onepiece body construction and employing all of the features usually present in the old designs having a multiplicity of parts such as two valves, a supply T, ejector and auxiliary jet fittings and with supply piping therebetween.

Another object is to provide a device of the character hereinafter described eliminating the necessity for employing an auxiliary jet.

A further improved object is to provide a compact structure to replace the previous unit which comprised many parts, the present fitting being capable of having the inlet supply and the various discharge outlets integrally in a single novel cas- Another object is to provide a combined bath and shower supply tting in which valve controls `for the hot and cold water supplies are housed therein.

A further object is to :provide a combined shower supply fitting with a deviator in which the manufacturing cost thereof is reduced to a. minimum and in which the simplicity of the device makes the installation of the fitting less expensive to accomplish.

Other objects and advantages will become apparent upon proceeding with specication read in light of the accompanying drawing, in which Fig. 1 is a vertical longitudinal sectional view of the combination spout and deviator valve adapted for concealed shower connection and taken on the line I-I of Fig. 2.

Fig. 2 is a plan view of the device referred to in Fig. 1.

Similar reference characters refer to similar parts throughout the several views.

Referring now to Fig. 1, the spout is formed in the usual m-anner having a spout l with an enlarged body portion 2 havin-g threads 3 for connection with a novel manifold inlet fitting 4 suitably connected as indicated. The portion 2 of the spout is provided with an annular partition 5 extending transversely across the body and having a valve port and seat 6 at approximately its center adapted to be closed by a vertically disposed reciprocably movable diverter valve l. The latter valve has the stem 8 aixed to a side portion thereof so that upon upward movement of the handle 9, the valve 'I may be moved vertically across the seat 6 to thereby shut oi the valve port and seat 6 of the discharge spout I.

As more clearly shown in Fig. 2, the end portions of the fitting 4 are provided with the oppositely disposed side extensions Il and I2 serving as the inlet supplies for hot water and cold water from the fittings I4 and I5, the latter being connected to a hot water supply pipe 20. A similar pipe (not shown) is connected to the fitting I4 for the cold water supply'. As indicated in Fig. 1, the latter portion of the fitting is preferably installed behind a wall line. The fitting 4, in addition to having the inlet passages I6 and I1 leading respectively from the inlet connections II and I2, is also provided at its central portion with a mixing chamber I8 from which a jet member I9 leading directly to the diverter valve port 6 and is threadedly connected thereto as at 2|. The jet member I9 serves as a means for projecting the mixed inlet stream supply past the seat 6 and thence into the spout I when the valve 'l is open as indicated in Fig. 1. `It will be noted, as illustrated,

that the inner end portion of theY jet I9 projects substantially within the diverter valve chamber 22 and preferably extends closely adjacent to the outlet orifice of the seat 6 thereby reducing to a minimum, when the diverter valve is open, the amount of water impingement which might otherwise occur to create objectionable turbulence within the chamber 22. Such condition -of turbulence would be objectionable for reasons hereinafter explained in detail. The jet I9 may of course be made integral with the fitting 4, and not necessarily attached as indicated.

Proceeding now with a further description of the structure and which relates more significantly to our novel contribution, the manifold or multiport fitting 4, as shown more clearly in Fig. 1, is provided at its upper portion with an outlet extension 23 which may be threaded as at 24 or otherwise connected to a suitable pipe I Il leading to an overhead shower head (not shown). It will be apparent that so long as the valveV 1 is in the open position shown in Fig. 1, the discharging mixed stream will be projected without substantial back pressure past the seat IJ orifice 6 and therefore no substantial amount of water will accumulate within the valve chamber 22. As a matter of fact, flow under high velocity actually creates a partial vacuum which substantially keeps the chamber free of Water accumulation. However, when the handle 9 in actuating, the valve member 1,- is lifted, the latter memberwill be slidably moved across the seat 6 and with the Water from the supply lines con tinung to enter, assuming the valves generally` indicated at 26 and 21, respectively, to be open,

will allow ifor the water tor strike the surface of the valve 1 opposite the chamber 22 thereby immediately lling the chambers. 2.25 and 2li and causing the Water therewii'lhin` to be discharged through the outlet 23 and into the vertically extending pipe l having connected` therewith a shower head (not shown). The arrangement just described permitting the Water to move back over the exterior `oi the jet I9 and outwardly into the super-posed; outlet. 2,3; is lcvelievecll to be new inY a fixture-.of this type for concealed installations.

In summary.; concealed ttings of; this character heretofore have employed an auxiliary jet to control the ilona4 of Water; through the spout seat. after. it was discharged from an ejector Iittingconcealedhehind theV Wall. line. The ontlet to the shower head was contained in the said ejector fitting-. In the; instantcontribution, one jet mernbenbeen eliminatedr and provision is made foramultr-porttting which connects directly tolv ther` spout; shower outlet, hot and cold Water piping., The; novel fitting also contains the jetmeans; andthe hot and cold Water valve trimm-ingsi'hereloyY eliminating the numerous join-ts, which, being ordinarily located behind the Wall; linev have-been objectionable.

For purpose of nished trim, a. 1plate member 28may loeusedihaving; a flangei'el: and provided with a. threadedl set screwv @nl which is slipped o ver thethreaded end Vofi the body` 2 prior to making the assernfbly,` With the ttingd. Thus it will be apparentithat; the; concealed portions of the assembly behind the. Wall line will be the supply' fittings.; and; the shower discharge pipe. The:- tting: d is suiciently large with relation to capacityso as. to permit the required amount off water to; be discharged through the spout Iy and also, to the shower .einery le. The chamber 25, is of substantiallyannular. form and provides for: a portion. or its extension around the jet I9, asindicated'. Oli*- course the annular chamber aroundv the jet lill, may be modified; to permit iiowof the water' over only a portion of the exterior ofthe; jet, as for example, over the top portion only.4

.As to the valvesgenerally designated.2S` and 2l, these are,l of; the` character shown and described in detail in pendingpatent application identied as. Serial No. 535,728 led;- May- 15, 19e-@ They consist primarilyoff a; valve casing 3Q, having therewithin the reciprocably movable closure member Sseating; at 3,4,the seat preferably being of a specialgcornposition. With-inthecasing 32Y is the apertured;sleevefheld in .position as indicated. andat thel upper portion thereof the stem Slis threadedlymounted' to provide for the desired opening and closing movements of the valveA closure member. rBhe centerpiece 3S is threaded to-receive thestem and the operation ofthe valve` is eiected. by.- suitable rotation oie the handle 4 l..

Of course# theVLA detailed manner in which the fitting 4 isprovidedlwithfthe Outlet. may vary quite substantially, for example, it need not necessarily be on the center line of the body 4, as illustrated. Similarly, the outlet need not necessarily be located above the inlet supplies but may be positioned below or at the same level and this is equally true relative to the position of the-jet member I9.

It is therefore clear that the. preciseconstruction, arrangement and operation of parts, as hereinabove shown and described, is not to be limited to the illustrations shown, but it should be manifest` that other operations or modifications in the detailed structure and arrangement than those specificallyshown and described may be employed and the device may be adapted for use in `various positions and connections Without departing from the spirit and scope of our invention. Reservation of the right is therefore made to all' such variations and modifications as properly fall within the scope of our improvements and terms of the following'claimsz.

We claim:

l. .A combined spout. and deviator valve. com.- prising a spout haring. a, chamber.; a valvaport and seat therein, a ralyeclosure. member disposed onI the inlet side of' thev said. port movable for closing the said port, actuating: means. for; the said closureu member.; af. body' connected.l to the` said spout having atleast apainof integrali rear- Wardly projecting inlet; passagea. e.. .iet member communicating Withsaid` rearwardly.- projecting inlet passages of ther Said body and projecting inton the spout chamber; the body; haring at its rearward portion an angular-ly-disposed, oisetgex.- tending outlet passagetoI ashoiver. sur-bly or the like, said pair of; inlet passages; being joined by aY conduit of; substantie ,v bij-form, saidi com munication- Witlr the said: ietfv member being: at the middle of they Ufform passage;

Z. A combined spout: and: deyiatoi; valveA com-n prising a spout; having, a. chamber, a valve, port ands-eat therein, a valve closuremcmbericlisposed on the inlet side ofi; the said: port morable'for, closing` theV said port, actuating-r meansA fior; the said closure member; a: body: connected to; the said spout having. at'lea-stai-` pair of. ntegralireare wardly projecting inlet passages, a jet member. communicating withA said rearwardly projecting inlet passages of the saidbody, the Saidf jet-.Incinber being mounted; in. annule-ir spaced apart. rela, tion to the body portion connected to theijspou't and projecting into; the spoutchamber, the body having at its rearward portion.- an angnlarly dise. posed offset extending outlet passage: to; a shower supply or the like, said; pair Qiffinletppassagesi-beingjoinedfby4 aconduit of Substantially J5-form; said communication, With; the said; jet member being at the middleV of the U-iorm passage, a transversely movable coverplattemonnted on. the said spout, and meansior'adllistablyfpositioning the said cover Lola-te i relative to ,r the? saldi spout.;

3. A combined snout and deviatorfvalve comprising aV spout having a chamber, afvalllcxnert and seat therein, avalveclosuramembergdisldbsed on the inlet` sidev off the said port movable; for closing the said port, actuating means for thefsaid closure member, body, having; centrali hollow portion connected; to the, saidjz spoutV and having at least a pair ofintegrfrlf rearwardly Dliojecting inlet passages, ajet member communicatingrwith said rearwardlyprojecting.- inletl passages; cifthc said body and projecting from saidiccntitalfi201', tionof the body into the spoutchamber, the'body having at its rearwardl portion: ananaularly dis,-

15 posed oiiset extending.-outletpassagegtda shower supply or the like, said pair of inlet passages being joined by a conduit of substantially U-form, said communication with the said jet member being at the middle of the U-form passage, the central portion of the body being spaced from the jet member to provide an annular chamber communicating with the said outlet passage to the shower supply.

4. A combined spout and deviator valve comprising a spout having a chamber, a valve port and seat therein, a valve closure member disposed on the inlet side of the said port movable for closing the said port, actuating means for the said closure member, a body connected to the said spout having at least a pair of integral rearwardly projecting inlet passages, a jet member communicating with said rearwardly projecting inlet passages of the said body and projecting through an annular opening of the body into the spout chamber, the body having at its rearward portion an angularly disposed offset extending outlet passage to a shower supply or the like, the said outlet passage being superposed above a peripheral portion of the jet member and communicating with the annular opening of the body, said pair of inlet passages being joined by a conduit of substantially U-form, said outlet passage being positioned above the said inlet passages.

5. A combined spout and deviator valve comprising a spout having a chamber, a valve port and seat therein, a valve closure member disposed on the inlet side of the said port movable for closing the said port, actuating means for the said closure member, a body connected to the said spout having at least a pair of integral rearwardly projecting inlet passages, a jet member removably connected with said rearwardly projecting inlet passages of the said body and projecting beyond the said body and in spaced relation thereto within the spout chamber, the said body having at its rearward portion an angularly disposed offset extending outlet passage to a shower supply or the like, said pair of inlet passages being joined by a conduit of substantially U-form, the said outlet passage to the shower supply being positioned between portions of the said U-form conduit.



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