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Publication numberUS2507875 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 16, 1950
Filing dateFeb 21, 1949
Priority dateFeb 21, 1949
Publication numberUS 2507875 A, US 2507875A, US-A-2507875, US2507875 A, US2507875A
InventorsCurtis M Williams
Original AssigneeCurtis M Williams
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Advertising sign display box
US 2507875 A
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May 16, 1950 c. M. WILLIAMS 2,507,875

ADVERTISING SIGN DISPLAY Box FiIed Feb. 21. 1949 F/. 4. I /mwro/z ff. /MZIM @YW TTR/VEY Patented May 16, 1950 UNITED YSTATES PATENT OFFICE ADVERTISING SIGN DISPLAY BOX Curtis M. Williams, Phoenix, Ariz.

Application February 21, 1949, Serial No. 77,508

2 Claims.

This invention relates `to advertising sign display boxes adapted to be supported on parking meter standards.

Heretofore some attention has been given to boxes of this type, but so far as I know no adequate means has been provided for easy assembly, installation andr removal of the boxes from parking meter standards.. The insertion and removal of .the advertising cards, also, has created a problem.

In view of thoforegoing, one of the objects of my invention is to provide a sign display box for parking meter standards which can be installed on the. standard supporting the parking meter, and removed therefrom with the parking meter in place at the top of the standard and without disturbing it Another object is to provide a sign display box which may be easily and cheaply madev of metal or other durable materials, and may be easily and quickly assembledinr place. on vertical parking meter standards;

.Another object is to provide a display box, as above stated, which is mechanically sturdy and weather prooi and having weather proof windows secured. inplace by key screws;

Another object is tok provide a box of ythis type which, when fully assembled., cannotbe removed without the use of a-proper key-pand having sign viewing panels adaptedto reasy sliding removal. and replacement, and with means in the. body of said caseicr locking saidpanels in place by means of a key screw, operated by a specially formed key.

Other objects will appear hereinafter.

I attain the foregoing objects by means of the devices and the construction illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is, a front elevational View of a sign display box embodying my improvements and attached to a meter box standard below the meter box;

' Figure 2, ain-elevational view ofthe back half of the box with the front removed.

Figure 3 is a perspective view of one part of the box case showing the interior thereof and drawn on an enlarged scale;

Figure 4, a side elevational view of the box with a portion of the wall cut away to show interior construction; and

Figure 5 is a fragmentary section of a portion of one side of the case bottom showing details of the display panel lock screw and a key for use therein.

Similar numerals refer to similar parts in the several views:

The box'body 2` is composed of two similarly formed complementary halves 3f and 4 which are preferablycast from light metal and are Yduplicatesof each other. Body 2 nts on standard 5 below meter box 6 and is adaptedY to display sign 'l on .panels l2.

Each body half is substantially rectangular in' shape andhas a perimetralfenclosure or rim including a top end plate 8, a bottom end plate 9 andside plates I0. The outer portitml has an opening il and .is adapted to be closed by sign display panel I2.

The plates boundingopening Ilfhave inwardly extending iianges i3 along their outer edges forming a frame toenclose panel-I2.

Grooves lll are formed in the inner faces of these anges and are dimensioned to receive the edges of panel l2 with an easy sliding lit. Along the outer edge oi` top end plate 8 a somewhat deeper ange i6 is formed..v This is also provided with a groove. I5 which is in the samefplane as thatv of the sidegrcoves. The bottom end flange I9 is provided with a slot il. It` is to be noted that this structure enables a display panel I2 to loe-inserted through slot il and slide up into opening H where it is. retained in the frame composed of thev top` and` side slots.

. The inner edge 2@ of the rim of each parta/buts the. corresponding edge of vthe other complementary casepart. In the central portion of the end plate. 8 of each .case parta semi-circular notch 22 is. formed.V This notch .mates with a correspending notch .in the complementary case part and bothare shaped, toy fit closely-around stand-Y ard 5.

Afsimilar semi-circularA notch V2d is formed in the inner .edge ot thebottom end plate 9 of each case part. These .notches mate in a position ver tically alined with the notchesV 22 in the top end plates ofthe two case .parts and` likewise fit around standard 5..

Itis nowto. be noted thaty top end plate 8 is not flat but has a raised iiat central portion and angularly downwardly and outwardly slanting side portions. This plate is shaped in this manner to shed rain and the like, and, obviously, may be made arcuate, if desired.

The two complementary case parts are held together by securing screws 25 extending through securing lugs 26 on one of said case parts and threaded into similarly positioned lugs in the opposite case part. These lugs are supported within the case parts by webs 28 whereby their centers are within the boundary of inwardly extending flanges I3, so that screws 25 can easily be reached by a screw driver when panels I2 are removed from openings II.

A positioning lug 21 is formed on the inner face of top end plate 8 adjacent the center of notch 22. This lug is drilled in alinement with the radius of the semi-circular notch and tapped to receive a set screw I8.

On bottom end plate 9 and adjacent the bottom of the notch therein is a similar lug 36. This lug is similarly drilled, tapped and provided with a set screw at 32. Directly below and aligned therewith is a tapped hole 34 which is adapted to receive a hollow headed locking screw 35.

The bottom flange I9 is provided with a broached key hole 31 which is alined with hole 34. The key 38 Which is adapted to t into the head of screw 36 may have :a hexagonal section. or any other non-circular section. The head of this screw has a hole adapted to receive this key. Likewise, key hole 3l' is broaohed to have a hexagonal or other non-circular shape to just receive the end 40 of the key. The shank 39 of the key however is rounded and of reduced size so that it will turn freely in the key hole after it is inserted into the key hole and inserted in the hole in the head of screw 3S.

When the display panels I2 are to be inserted through slots I1 the locking screws 3S are threaded into lugs 30 until their heads are flush with the inner face of slots I7. No obstruction is, therefore, offered to the insertion of the panels I2. However, when they are to be locked in place the keys 38 are screwed outward until they extend :across slots II and therefore provide a complete obstruction to the withdrawal of the panels.

Panels I2 preferably are made of three layers. The outer layers 45 and 46 are made of transparent plastic material and the center layer 41 is of paper, card board, or other suitable material on which the display notice or advertising 48 is marked.

From the foregoing it will be readily understood that the two case halves 3 and 4 may easily be applied to the standard 5, without disturbing the meter box 6. To fasten the parts together around the standard it is only necessary to drive the four securing screws 25. The vertical position of the box body 2, thus formed may then be fixed by driving set screws I8 and 30. Thereafter the panels I2 are slid upward into position, closing openings I I, and locked .in place by screwing locking screws 36 out into slots I'I, in each of the case halves. The panels may be easily removed by a reverse procedure. Unauthorized removal of the panels is extremely diiicult without a properly tted key. Unless the key has a cross section shaped to fit into the broached key holes it cannot be inserted. Unless its end is properly fitted it will not enter the heads of the locking screws; and, unless the key shank has a 4 rounded and reduced section it cannot turn in the keyhole.

Having now fully described my invention and explained its use I wish to be limited only by the claims.

I claim:

l. In a sign display box for installation on a parking meter standard composed of two mating complementary halves adapted to iit together to forma box body enclosing a parking meter standard, a box body half, including, a rim having side plates and top and bottom end plates having mating inner edges inwardly extending flanges having grooves on their inner edges formed on the outer edges of said top and side plates of said rim providing a display panel frame, a slot alined with said grooves formed in the bottom plate of said rim adapted to admit a sign display panel to slide upward into said top and side grooves, securing lugs adapted to receive securing screws positioned within said rim and disposed adjacent the side plates thereof; notches adapted to receive a parking meter standard formed in vertically alined positions on the inner edges of said top and bottom plates, positioning lugs within said case halves formed on the inner faces of said top and bottom plates adjacent the bottoms of said notches having set screws adapted to bear on a standard positioned in said notches, a panel locking screw threaded into said positioning lug on said bottom plate and adapted to screw outward therefrom across the slot in said bottom plate and a key hole broached to receive a key having a non-circular section formed in the outer portion of said lower plate and alined with said locking screw.

2. A sign display case for attachment to parking meter standards comprising, in combination, a case body composed of a pair of mating halves having centrally disposed notches to receive a parking meter standard therebetween; screws and lugs therein adapted to secure said halves together; set screws within said case adapted to position said case on a parking meter standard; openings in the outer portions of said halves bordered on the top and sides by grooves adapted to receive the edges of a sign panel within each case half, and slots formed in the bottom of said case halves to slidably admit said sign panels to said grooves whereby said openings are closed; and a locking key screw adapted to extend across said slots to prevent withdrawal of said panels therefrom.


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