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Publication numberUS2508481 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 23, 1950
Filing dateAug 29, 1947
Priority dateAug 29, 1947
Publication numberUS 2508481 A, US 2508481A, US-A-2508481, US2508481 A, US2508481A
InventorsAllen Adda M
Original AssigneeDisposable Bottle Corp
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Neck ring and seal for nursing units
US 2508481 A
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y 1950 A. M. ALLEN 2,508,481

NECK RING AND SEAL FOR NURSING UNITS Filed Aug. 29, 1947 2 Shets-Sheet 1 gwuwwfom A'ddalLAllen y 3, 1950 A. M. ALLEN 2,508,481

NECK RING AND SEAL FOR NURSING UNITS Filed Aug. 29, 1947 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 illlllll Adda M.Allen arty/M4 Patented May 23, 1950 NECK RING AND SEAL FOR NURSING UNITS Adda M. Allen, Arlington, Va., assignor to Disposable Bottle Corporation, Washington, D. 0., a corporation of Delaware Application August 29, 1947, Serial No.-"771,329

7 Claims.

The present invention relates to nursing units of a type which have only recently gone into practical use. The general type of nursing unit referred to comprises a relatively narrow collar of rigid material and a container of thin, pliant, retractible, disposable material having an open end adapted for sealing connection with the collar. As disclosed in my copending application Serial No. 560,610, filed October 27, 1944, which issued as Patent No. 2,446,451, dated August 3,

1948, the collar of the nursing unit comprises two concentric parts consisting of a neck portion to which the nipple is attached and a retaining ring portion, said concentric parts having cooperating means to clamp them one against the other to retain the open end of the container in sealing engagement between the parts. The nipple, which may be of conventional type, is attached to the neck portion but is of a diameter somewhat less than that of the collar and is spaced a substantial distance inwardly from the outer edge of the collar, the front face of the collar being tapered steeply inwardly to the point where the nipple is connected, the resulting construction being such that it will permit the nipple to be tilted inwardl at a steep angle toward the infants mouth. In the copending application referred to, the container for the milk or formula is described as being of pliant material such as to have its shape altered by the presence of liquid therein, and the container is described as being of such design and to have such capacity as to assume a length somewhat greater than the width of the collar, whereby the unit i mainly supported on a surface by the filled and pliable container. During nursing with a unit of the type referred to, as described in the said copending application, the thin material of the container retracts toward and into the collar as the infant nurses, the collar being of diameter great enough to permit substantially all of the material of the container to retract into the collar without interfering with the flow of the formula through the nipple.

The present invention is an improvement in th general type of nursing unit as described in said earlier application, the features of improvement being mainly concerned with the manner in which the open end of the container is sealed in the collarv A principal object of the invention is to provide a design of nursing unit of the type referred to, wherein a positive and effective seal of the open end of the. container is provided, said seal being self-protecting against contact with the contents of the. container, the

number of parts of the unit being reduced to a minimum.

It is also an object of the invention to accomplish the above purposes with a combination of parts which lend themselves to rapid and convenient manipulation, and which parts are of such simple design that they may be kept clean and sterile. As stated, the most important feature of improvement in the present application is in the cooperation of parts which effect the sealing oil of the open end of the container. In the copending application referred to, one of the cooperating parts is disclosed provided with a sealing gasket, whereby the open end of the container is effectively gripped between the cooperating parts of the collar. An early variation of the same general development is disclosed in another of my copending applications, Serial No. 526,354, filed March 14, 1944, which issued as Patent No. 2,448,569, dated September 7, 1948.

Since the date of the early developments of my copending applicationsas referred to above,

ring portion of the collar which is in the form of a skirt threaded to the neck portion, the skirt bearing against a gasket ring when threaded onto the neck portion in order to press the gasket into the groove in the neck portion to seal the open end of the container which is previously placed over and around the outside surface of the neck portion and over the groove therein. Such a variation of'my early developments, as disclosed in the copending applications referred to, was not entirely successful, particularly due to difliculties concerned with the sealing of the open end of the container.

A subsequent improvement of the same type which has been developed for commercial use comprises a collar of the same type consisting of the neck portion and retaining ring portion, these two portions being clamped together by 'a snapping action rather than a threaded or turning action. In this development, the neck portion has a depending skirt with a groove in the exterior wall thereof, the open'end of the container is placed around this skirt, and a separate annular gasket is then placed around the skirt and the container to hold the container'against material beingmade a, part hereof by reference. the skirt. Thereafter, an annular retaining ring A general disclosure of this acceptable film maportion is forced over the skirt in a direction terial for the container appears in Modern axially of the container, this retaining ring por- Packaging of September 1946, pages 130-134 tion having a reduced inside surface which enand 166, 168, the article referred to having been gages the gasket and forces it into tight sealing written by Dr. J. W. Shackleton of the E. I. relationin the :groove in the-rskirt tggainst the :du 'B-ontde Nemours &.-Co. open end oflthe container. .rRferring to Figure 2,ithe three-principal ele- The present invention is a, further refinement ments of the outfit are the nipple N, the collar R, in the chain of developments just described. Lfilhaind the container C. Referring to Figure 1, the

In the drawings: v a a .collargsconsistslofla neck portion K and a re- Figure 1 is a perspective View "Of the"various @tainin'g'iing portion I, these portions being apelements which form the nursing unit, showing 'propriately designed to be clamped to one anthem separated from one another butsarrainged in lother andkto sealzthe open end of the container the manner in which. they would be assembled; C' 'therebetvveen. It will be understood that the Figure 2 is a side elevational view of the nursee e e ea its upper end as shown in ins uni af r the elementstshown in-Figure:1 =:'F;igurel l prioratofassembly, but is closed at its have been assembled; V lower end by a sealing line or band as shown in Figure 3 is a horizontal sectional view -taken 'Fi-gure l and now well-known in the art. along the line 33 of Figure 2; Referring to Figure 5, the neck portion K comsFigur-e :4 i is :.aa-acentra1z: vertical .asectionalview 'zpniseszaibody flange;- 110', circular in:outline, =which through the retaining ring portion otitheznursitapersrrelativelys'steeply inwardlylon its forward "in iunit? and iithroughiithe 1birc1'1lar:.'*gasket which face to zaishorncentrartubular extension M which :is carriedztherebm. vterminatesx: in-1-a1 "inipple iattachingzbead 46; over Y Figure 5 sis; aszcentral:vertical: sectional'iview @215 which .themipplerzNzican be' stretched. The.-rear 'ithrQugh'? the neck=:;por.tionzoftlthecollar; aside of thetsfiangefi lllis'providedwith a depending sFig-ures 6,-7,':and 8:are views iwhichzshow-fsuc- -s'kirt118;::which hasi'aaprotruding;annularz bead cessive: positions :of. the retaining. ring with: re- :20 onl' its: exteriorisurface located-rsubstantially 5.1380171130313116 :cneck +portionwwl'ien'ethezformerxfis ;central1y-.;df .therlong'itudinal length :of .the skirt. cbeingsclampedaagainst the .rlatteritosseal theopen 30 .TIIEIBJiS. ar cefitral more .22 athrdughi'thei tubular rendtofilthe ccontaineripbetween .;the twoeportiens. ZeXtBIlSiOIliTI 4; and thisleads ifromt the'ih'OllOw; in- :these; views; the retaining ring sisrshown: in aterior 24: formedsbyrthe' skirt 1 8," the-interior: surrsverticaltsection; andt-ltheecontainer isaail'lustrated :facer-beingzsmooth throughout:tandtrounded to --brokem awayziincorderrto moreiiclea'rly.exposesthe completely: eliminate-tanycrevices;=w r 1 parts: lniEigureefi, it e m 1mgloftthemxposedfisurfaces isifacilitated.

itactingithe leadinga'sidecdfr:therlbead:20'zwitltrerThe clampingcring lzris' of substantiall'y cylinsspe'ctztorithe :relativetmovementrofz-the.two con- .rdric'al form havingsan inside surface?- Oriibore .126

men rl rin s-:wh n'r mpinez hexcontainerrin @lvlhich-is somewhatigreaterithan the exterior-dissea-ledz. ositio'n, arid .Lin-E-Figflrei'l, the'igas'ketifm ameterjofetheliskiltf l8, jLocatdj-nearithemiddle v is c ing the-trailing: e f' the'rbeid :01. the akial'length "ofzthelneck' ring is an annular :20 with r respect :to rthe :isafd relativelanovement 'finsidegroovenfl andi'in thisigroovefan' annular gof:theztwo concentriczrings. zget'sketrtingfiflxof rubb'err'or .the :like'is adapted 7 figures cmt arelepartialesectionalzviews atoi-be'placed. :Itwillibeunderstood that whilexthe similamtosEigure'e4pbuttshowingi modiflcationsmf gasket: ring32'39 maycberemoved-from the groove Wh r amin rin structnrei 15:durin zacleanin rof the ring I, in general; this zIzwill-notdescribe the containers-employedwith zsgasket will abe-i'skeptri-in place in its groove; and nthelpresenti inventioni insanyfigreatzdetaiLeas it :thus :v i reflect will fz'be'i a; part of fine: retaining ismow wellrflmown inzthesart:andzhaszrbeen sdisrringzwheni the nursin'g :unitais manipulated in rclos'ed; in:certain-ofemmprevious.applicationsszinzuse. ludingithosezreferiied 'to' :above. :eTherrnaterizwlfil) It'willibe' observed from Figure' l-that thecrosslie ployedzfori thencontain mam-11950 'any sati 'fisectional;thicknessxotthe'gasketring'30 is greater actory-icommerciala'materialzwl'fichrisithin,;:p1i ".'thanithe;"depthfof athezrgrooveiii. In fact, the tables-preferably transparent:and retractibleg in thickness 20f the gasket-wing .:is "substantially ordereito performeiduringz nursingainsthermamner twice the lateral depthiof the1g1'00VeT28' asviewed 3;deseribed;-.this-;:and :earli'ereapplicationsere-s am-Figure 4. .Thecdimensionstofitheparts are r sferredezto. Oficcmrseptheanaterial must zbe'zstrong relativelyi'coordinated intsuclr manner that-while rand.toughanouglrrto.:stan'dtcthei useEto whicheitris the iexterior 'diameterlfof. the gasket ring is subi beingipu-t. i-Iihave founldconesacceptablezmaterial =-stazntiallyi*equal'tothatiof the axial wall of the ;which' is iknown :l-asttipolyethylene";{a ltfilmslike :EglOOVe :28, the; interior :diameter of the gasket amateriaL'zt-ransparent, on: the .orderitof .0021inchfring is: somewhat less than the' exterior diameter biInth-ickne's's,.:capable=toftrretracting intoethe'icol- OfItIIGTbGQd'ZZB EOn'JtheJskirtr l8. Therefore, when elar was:the:contentsseftthexicontainer :are *being mthe: parts ofxthe collar are assembled 0r clamped vwitlrdrawn :foyenursing acticn,@'sor=thatherinu-rs- 2 to one: another .aszportrayed :in Figures 6-8, the ing unit will be self-lactating. Thisi-materialais gasket 30 will be distorted inipassin'g over'the oflsuchthinness thatiits'zformzfis? distorted rby the abead 202and'will ibe maintainedain" distorted conllquid'icontents and Titrwil nassu-mefthezshape of idition 170ExettLaC'SBaIilig fOICE against theopen *i-thersurface onm'rhiclritzrests; asipreviously'men- -end of'zthe container. iThecsarrangement ofthe :tion'etl: rzwheniztheircontainer sis-filled, Litsmaybe 'rpartsxis such that asealingpressure will be stored spre'ssediahytthe:fingers to-liinitial-ly iexpel-zairrprior inpzi-n .-the::material':of theagasketitself, and this tosnursinggiand tots'tas'sistzthe' discharge .zof the i pressurewwil1 be-rexerted against the'geadazuto forimiilatstlzroughctheenizzipletin the case-30f. difllfinsure'a'very tight and positive seal. scult' ifeeders. An aacceptable aimaterial is :that :.Referrin-g;to,Figure:4,"*wi1lbe observed that whichiis ldesscribed inemy.copendingtapplication tthe :inner and outer stsurfaces tof the annular sSerial eNob 117,105,? filed iDecembeplQ, 1'9'l6,':tl'ie ig-move zatareslightly undercut with respect. to 'dis'closuremf saidsapplication with'lrespe'ctitotthe Wlathe :inside -:lsurf.ace 1 26 1.01 ;the iclamping iiring,

whereby inner and outer spaces are provided into which the distorted material of the gasket 30 may expand as it moves over the bead 20.

For example, referring to Figure 6, the ring I is shown in its initial position as it is placed around the skirt i8 just before the parts are clamped together. It will be understood that the open end of the container C has already been wrapped around the skirt [8, and to facilitate locking the parts together, the closed end of the container 0 is pushed upwardly within the chamber 24 of the neck portion. As is apparent from Figure 6, the relative diameters of gasket 30 and bead 20 are such that it would be diflicult to force the ring I home to clamping position (that of Figure 7) without the application of considerable force. In order to provide operation which does not require great force, and yet which will afford a tight enough seal, I have designed the parts with the relative dimensions as generally illustrated, but with the annular groove 28 of such design that it will provide room for ex pansion of the gasket 30 at necessary times when said gasket is passing over the most critical dimension of the bead 20. In Figure 6, the undercut design of the groove 28 provides an inner expansion chamber 32 and an outer expansion chamber 34. When initial pressure is applied with the parts in the condition shown in Figure 6, the gasket 30 can expand into the space 32, thus permitting the ring I to move to its fully clamped position of Figure 7, the gasket riding over the enlargement or bead 20 on the skirt of the neck portion. When the parts have been clamped together as in Figure 7, it will be noted that the outer surface of the ring I is in contact with the inner face of the flange II! of the neck portion, but the annular groove 28 is so positioned with respect to the bead 29 that in this position of the parts, the gasket 30 still remains distorted and exerts a force inwardly against the surface of the skirt [8 and against the bead 20 to effectively seal the container C against the neck ring. The gasket 3e thus acts to hold a tight seal by its own inherent tendency to assume its natural shape, being held partially expanded by the bead 20 when in the condition of Figure '7, and the gasket is positively compressed against the upper surface of the bead 2i! and against the upper surface of the skirt l8 by the inner lower edge of the neck ringI just above the groove 28.

If desired, the outer end of the groove 28 may be undercut, as previously mentioned, to provide an expansion chamber 34 which may function in substantially the same way to receive the distorted mass of material of the gasket when the ring I is being removed from the skirt H] as indicated in Figure 8. It would be possible, of course, to design the groove 28 in such form that one expansion chamber would provide the necessary relief in both clamping and unclamping movements of the ring I.

It will be obvious that dimensions for the parts may be varied somewhat in the practice of this invention. However, I have found that dimensions as illustrated in the drawings are satisfactory in operation, the drawings being to exact size. It will be noted, however, that certain relative dimensions are important, such as the distance of the bead 20 from the lower face of the flange [0 of the neck portion, and the corresponding location of the groove 28 and the gasket 30 in the ring I at an appropriate distance inwardly from the outer end of the ring I. These dimensions are important in that the neck ring I should be stopped in its clamping movement by the flange l0 prior to the time when the gasket 30 would obtain complete relief. Because of this important relative arrangement of the parts, the gasket 30 is still under stress when the parts are locked together as in Figure 7, and the stored up energy in the gasket exerts a continuous sealing pressure against the open end of the container.

In connection with the dimensions to be chosen, they should be such as to provide as tight a seal as possible without making necessary the application of undue force in clamping the parts together. In this connection, I have found that when using container material of the type referred to, which is of smooth character, the material itself serves to lubricate the passage of gasket 30 over the head 20 from the position of Figure 6 to that of Figure 7. In fact, I have found that, with parts of the dimensions shown, the clamping action cannot be conveniently accomplished even when great pressure is exerted between the parts, if the film container is not present. However, when'present, as indicated in Figure 6, a moderate pressing of parts K and I toward one another, with a slight relatively rotary motion between them will cause the gasket to pass over the bead 28, with convenient ease, yet when in the position of Figure '7, a very tight seal is had. In fact, the seal is so tight that it is difficult to draw the parts away from one another even upon exerting great force, unless they are given a combined turning and pulling action of the type just mentioned, lubricated by the film container.

Figures 9 and 10 are illustrative of variations of design of the sealing groove 28 which may provide a similar action. In Figure 9, the groove is shown as being substantially rectangular in form, providing inner and outer pockets 42 and M. In Figure 10, the groove is shown as elliptical in contour, providing inner and outer pockets 45 and 48. In each case, the lateral depth of the groove is substantially less than the thickness of the ring 35, and in carrying out the design which I have in practical use, it is found that successful operation results when the depth of the groove is approximately equal to the radius of the cross-section of the gasket 30.

The operation of the device will be clear from the above description, and reference to the earlier applications referred to. The sterile container C is wrapped around the skirt of the neck portion K and then the parts are clamped as illustrated in Figures 6-8. Thereafter, the container is filled through the opening 22 and the nipple is then applied over the bead H5. The unit is then in condition for use, and after use, the parts may be separated'and the container 0 thrown away. The 'simple neck ring parts obviously can be easily cleaned. It will be observed that the location of the gasket 34 and the annular groove 28 in the clamping ring I is such that these'pa'rts are not exposed to the formula. The latter cannot pass upwardly over the bead 2E3 because of the sealing action of the gasket 34. If necessary, the gasket 34 can be removed from the neck ring I when the parts are cleaned, but this may not be necessary, and for purposes of assembly, the gasket may be considered as a part of the clamping ring.

It will be observed that by reason of the fact that the gasket 36 is in effect a part of the outer of the two concentric rings which form the collar,


' 1 the separateistepiofrseparately'vapplying:theagase ket "ringcto the-imitdsavoided; By-reason of the fact that the-gasket is confined in'za'groove in the outer ring, .there' is no; twisting or undue stretching of" this gasketwhichiwould'. tend to impair its efi'icient operation. It will. also be understood that because 1 the gasket is confined in-the groove, pressure which is applied to it is so confined as tobe transmitted circularly throughout all of the material of the gasket when it isforc'ed'oventhe; bead and thus' energy is stored the gasket which is effective: toi insure the seal throughout the sentire circumference.

An importantfeature of thecinventioniscthe cooperative relationcbetweenzsthe size of the gasket and'the sliapei'ofthetg'roove; The groove "includes an' expansion: chamber notznormally occupied by the material 301' the -gasket, but which permits the gasket to expand in' the: chamber as the latter is forced over thebead. When the concentric rings are lockeditogetherin' sealing relation, the material of. the gasket substantially fills the expansion chamberc'and energy stored in' the gasket acts against forward sloping surface ofthe'be'ad 'and'fagainst the skirt of the inner ring to effect the seal; It'will be'noted that when the parts are locked together, the gasket hasmovedzforwardly over the crest of the bead, yet it has not reached a positionof freedom beyond the bead; being held in a. still unrelieved condition against-"the forward slope of the bead by the'engagem'ent of thev forward end of the outer ring'againstthe =fiange onthe inner ring. It will be understood thatthe useof material having smooth or: low friction' characteristics permits the employment of parts having a relatively tight fit, for 'thefmaterial of the container assists in lubricating-the gasket ringover the critical dimension-of the bead.


1. A nursing unit comprising a relatively narrow collar formed for the attachment of a nursing nipple thereto andarelatively long container of thin, pliant retractible material having an open endadapteditobe secured to said collar, saidcollar comprising concentric inner and outer-rings, said inner-ring having a'rearwardly ex= tending skirt, the outer wall of said skirt having an annular sealing'bead extending-around the 7 same intermediate the forward and rearward ends of said skirtQsaidoutei ring having an inside wall of diameter slightly 'greater'than that of said bead with an annular sealing gasket groove therein, an annular sealing gasketin said groove, the interior diameter, of said gasket being-less than the outside diameter of said bead; said outer ring being adapted to be pressed forwardly along said skirt to "carry said gasket over said-bead when the open end of a container is placed over the skirt, whereby to distort said gasket outwardly in'said groove and to thereby sleal the open end of the-container againstsaid s :irt.

, 2. A nursingiunitcomprising? a collar and a container of thin,v pliant retractible: material having an open'end adapted to be secured to said collar, said collar having a: forwardlypresented outlet with means vfor the attachment of a nipple thereto, said collarcomprisinginner-and outer concentric "rings, said.innersringfhavingan outer surface with an annular bead thereon which rises :to a crest and then drops inwardly toward said outerv surface in .a forward direction; the open end. of said container" being: of such: diameter as tozsnuglylfit 'over;said1outer surface," said outer ring having? an inner 'surfac 'ze'of diameter "slightly greater thanthat of said bead and having an annular s'ealinggaskethoused in its saidsurface andprotruding inwardly therefrom, the inner diameter of said gasket being slightly less than the outer diameter-"of said bead, said rings having cooperating abutment surfaces to limit forward movement of said outer ring over said inner ring and the open end of the container whereby t'o' Wedge said gasket against the forward portion of said bead beyond its crest.

' 3. A nursing unit comprising a collar anda container of thin, pliant retractible material havinglan open end adaptedto be secured to said collar, said collar having means for carrying a forwardly presented nursing'nipple, said collar comprising inner and outer rings, saidin'ner ring having an outer surface which rises forwardly in the form of an annular bead, said bead having a crcst'of maximumdiameter and an annular area forwardly of'sa'id crest of reduced diameter greater than that of said outer surface, said outer ring having an inner surface of diameter greater than that of the crest of said bead and an annular gasket in said inner surfacehavin'g an inner 'diameterless than that of the crest of said head, and means for limiting the relative axial movement of said rings to retain said gasket in distort'ed condition beyond said crest but against said annular area to seal the open end of the container against said inner ring.

, 4. A nursing unit comprising a relatively narrow collar formed forthe attachment offa nursing nipple thereto and a relatively long container of thin, pliant, retractible material having an open end adapted to'be secured to said collar, said collar comprising oncentric inner and outer-rings adapted for relative axial movement withrespe'ct to one another, said inner ring having a rear? wardly extending skirt constituting an inside sealing wall, said outer ring having an inner seal ing surface constituting "an outside sealing wall of somewhat greater diameter'than that of said inside sealing wall, one of 'said'walls having an annularsealing gasket groove therein, a unitary and removable annular sealing gasket of ringlikeform and of rubber or thelike' in said groove, said groove being of'such' depth and having a sufii ciently restricted opening to house said gasket against displacement therefrom uponrelative movement of said rings, and said gasket being of greater diameter'than the depth of said groove in order to normally. protrude therefrom, the other of said walls having a cooperating annu lar sealing bead thereon of such diameter as to engage the protruding portion of said gasket upon passing the latter and to compress said gasket-into said groove, said outer ring being adaptedto be pressed relatively and axially alongvsaid skirt to carry said gasket over said bead when the open end ofa container "is placed over said skirt to distort said gasket into-its groove'and to'thereby seal the open end of the container between said rings, said collar having-means for limiting the relative movement of said rings in a position where said gasket has passed beyond the crest of said bead but remains in distorted pressure contacta'gainst'that annular area-ofs'aid other of said Walls on the trailing side of said bead.

5'. A construction in accordance with claim 4 wherein said grooveincludes an expansion chamher not normally occupied by the material of said gasket but which permits the gasket to expand therein as it is forced over said bead;

- 6; A construction in accordance with claim' 4 wherein one side of said groove is recessed to form an expansion chamber not normally occupied b the material of said gasket but which permits said gasket to expand therein as it is forced relatively over said bead.

7. A construction in accordance with claim 4 wherein said container is made of a smooth filmlike material having a relatively low coeflicient of friction and wherein the relative diameters of said bead and the protruding portion of said gasket presented thereto are such as to require the lubricating action of the material of said container to pass said gasket to sealing position beyond' the crest of said bead.


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