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Publication numberUS2508951 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 23, 1950
Filing dateDec 26, 1947
Priority dateDec 26, 1947
Publication numberUS 2508951 A, US 2508951A, US-A-2508951, US2508951 A, US2508951A
InventorsJulian C Kazimier
Original AssigneeAmos Thompson Corp
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Box and hinge structure therefor
US 2508951 A
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ATTOFNE'K' Patented May 23, 1950 BOX AND HINGE STRUCTURE THEREFOR Julian C. Kazimier, Edinburg, Ind., assignor to Amos-Thompson Corporation, Edinburg, Ind., a corporation of Indiana Application December 26, 1947, Serial No. 793,933

The present invention relates to a box and more particularly to a hinge structure therefor. The primary object of the invention is to provide a hinge structure for a box of such character that the two sections of the box may be formed from prisi a e sec i II! and a cover section 1 molded plastic, being provided with integral e a e member comprises a body lzhavingt hinge means capable of ready association. Afuran upstanding perimetral flange I3. Near-one ther object of the invention is to provide, in such end of e rear po i n f o ee and at a d i means whereby although t hinge 1 the free edge thereof, said flange lS distorted as'at ments of the respective box sections may be readmy F pr Wide subfitantlauy quarter'sphero' ily brought into operative association, they may Comcal Socket l5 opemn the be blocked against disassembly. "More specificalthe flange and the Outer face Imme m it is an objecteof-theeinvntion S0166 construct diately at that end of the socket 5 ad -acent the one Section of albpx that it maybe readily flexed end of the box section; the flange is formed with about an axis traversing the linejoininga pair of sphelto'comcal bulge upon w fi fi ifi i hinge elements integral therewith, and to prois l t hlpge protec Ion Vida means associabl apex I 8 or said pl'OJBOtlOIi l'l hes substantially e w th said section, after its V r r 1n the plane defined by the free edge Not the hmge elements have been operatwely engaged flan l3 and substantially in the-plane of the with the integral hinge elements of a companion ge box section, to prevent, or at least to inhibit, such ggsgg ggg g 22 32513 2322; 5 533;; igf subsequent flexure of said one section about such of the rear portion Ofthe flange l3 saidflange is axis as would permltydisyengagement of the hinge similarly distorted at I4 to provide a socket l5;- elements' and is provided with-a bulge l6 havinga hinge Furthe? I of the mventlon W111 appear as element l1 whose apex 18' is similarly located. the descnptlon P The parts l4'-to 18' are in all respects identical T0 e accompltshmeet the abve and withthe parts i4 tola, but allochirally related lated ob ects, my invention may be embodied in thereta l o l the form illustrated in the accompanying draw- The cover Section H comprises a body "have ings, attention being called to the fact, however, mg depending eripheral flange 22 proporthat the drawings are illustrative only and that tioned and designed to register with the flange change may be made in the specific construction '3. Near one end of the rear portion the illustrated and described, so long as the scope of flange 22, Said flange is distorted as at 23 to mm the appended clalmSis not violated vide a socket 24 similar to the socket l5; and

Fig. l is a perspective view of a box constructed m flange is provided with a bulge 25 mi in accordance with the present invention, showis f rm d a conical hinge Socket whose apex mg the hinge elements in Operative association; 2! is disposed substantially in the plane defined Fig. 2 is a fragmentary perspective view of the by t fr edge 23 of t flange 2g and Substam front edge of the x tially in the plane of the outer surface 29 of said Fig. 3 IS an enlarged .elevat1on of a fragment fiange The Spacing of the socket 4 and.bu1ge of the cover section of the box, showing a socketed 25 fr m t adjac nt end f t cover Section hinge element in longitudinal Section? is such that when the cover sectionis brought 4 i a Similar Vi f a fragment of the into registry-with the base section II], the plane base member of the 'bOX, showing projecting faces of the bulges 16 and 25 he substantially in" hinge element in 1011gitudinal Sec o a common plane and the apices l8 and 21 of the Fi 5 is a plan viewof a fr of the projection l1 and socket 26 he in a common line base member taken substantially on the line 55 parallel with t t m e o of Fig. 4; 7 Near its opposite end, the flange 28 is formed I Fig. 6 is a similar View ofthe cover member t provid a Socket 24' and a 1 .g5'- taken Su a y 0 t e e of 0 spects identical with the socket 24 and bulge 25,

7 is a broken transverse section through but allochirally related thereto. When the a box constructed in accordance with my invenflanges i3 and 22 are in registry, the parts I6 tion; andv v v and 25' will be related in the same manner 1 Fig.8 is an exploded, fragmentary. perspective which the parts i6 and 25 are related. v view, showing the parts of a box constructed in At a point between the positions of the bulges 10 Claims. (Cl. 220-31) R accordance with my invention, with the cover section flexed for assembly.- Referring more particularly to the drawings,

it will be seen that I have illustrated a-box come cured therein to stiffen said flange and inhibit flexure of said one member about an axis traversing said opening after assembly of said base and cover members.


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U.S. Classification220/840, 220/DIG.140, 220/835, 16/224
International ClassificationE05D1/06, E05D7/10
Cooperative ClassificationE05D7/1077, Y10S220/14, E05D1/06
European ClassificationE05D1/06