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Publication numberUS2509395 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 30, 1950
Filing dateJan 7, 1946
Priority dateJan 7, 1946
Publication numberUS 2509395 A, US 2509395A, US-A-2509395, US2509395 A, US2509395A
InventorsMadan Philip K
Original AssigneeMadan Philip K
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US 2509395 A
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Patented May 30, 1950 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2 Claims. (01. 155-169) This invention relates to hassocks. More par ticularly, the invention deals with articles of manufacture of this kind composed, for the major part, of paperboard and paper facings in the production of an economical article of this kind. Still more particularly, the invention deals with means for reinforcing and strengthening the upper open end portion of the body of the hassock to maintain the same against crushing or spreading strains in the use of the device and, also, in providing a relatively large upper surface upon the cushioned cover of the hassock which is disposed in the body portion of the hassock, being in the form of a box-shaped container.

The novel features of the invention will be best understood from the following description, when taken together with the accompanying drawing, in which certain embodiments of the invention are disclosed and, in which, the separate parts are designated by suitable'reference characters in each of the views and, in which:

Fig. l is a perspective view of a hassock made according to my invention.

Fig. 2 is a side view with parts of the construction broken away and in section; and

Fig. 3 is a diagrammatic plan View of a cardboard or paperboard sheet, from which two elements or parts of the hassock are formed.

In the construction shown, the hassock comprises a box-shaped part II] and a cover part II, both more or less octagon in horizontal section, that is to say, considering the box Ill, this box has opposed relatively wide front and rear walls [2; somewhat narrow side walls l3 and still narrower corner walls I 4, so as to produce a more or less oblong construction. The contour of the cover ll conforms with that of the box ID. The box I is composed of a single cardboard or paperboard sheet folded to form the various walls l2, l3 and I4 and these walls are covered by an inner facing l5 and outer facing l 6, note the right side of Fig. 2. The bottom wall I! is fitted snugly within the walls and upon the inner facing I 5 with the outer facing having an inturned flange is glued or otherwise secured to the lower surface of the bottom wall IT. The bottom wall I! fits snugly upon the walls l2, l3 and I4 and conforms to the contour thereof.

Fitted into the inner surfaces of the walls l2, l3 and M, at the upper edge thereof and upon the facing I5, is an octagon ring l9, note Fig. 3. This ring is cut from a cardboard or paperboard and of a contour to fit snugly within the walls I2, I 3 and M to brace said walls at the upper edge thereof. The outer facing 16 has a flange portion 20, which extends inwardly to completely enclose the ring l9 and to extend onto and be secured to the facing l5, as seen at 21, note the upper right-hand corner of the box in, as seen in Fig. 2.

In the more economical construction of the hassock, the facings l5 and [6 will be composed of suitably colored and characterized papers. However, in more expensive hassocks, the facing It may be composed of leatherette or leather or a sheeting of any desired material and, in still more expensive hassocks, the facing l5 may also be of leather. This also applies to the facing materials of the cover H, it being preferred that the upper facing sheet 22 of the cover be provided of leatherette or leather to compensate for the fiexure thereof upon the soft packing of any suitable material 23. This also applies to the peripheral facing 24 which joins the facing 22 in a beaded finished edging string 25. The base of the cover is provided with a suitable stiff bottom 26, to which the inturned edge of the annular facing 24 is secured. Secured to the bottom 26 is a supplemental bottom 21, which may also be faced, as seen at 2B, the bottom 21 being formed of that part of the cardboard or paperboard sheet cut from within the ring I9, note Fig. 3. In this manner, no real waste is experienced, except in trimming the edges and in allowing sufiicient clearance, as at 29, between the parts [9 and 21 to compensate for the facings 28, I6, and still provide slight clearance, as at 30 to fit the supplemental bottom 21 within the upper portion of the hassock box ID. This supplemental bottom retains the cover I l against lateral displacement from the box or container, as will be apparent.

The thicknesses are exaggerated in Fig. 2 for sake of clarity, it being understood that thin sheetings are used on the respective facings and, in fact, the thicknesses of the parts l9 and 21, as well as 26, may be modified. It will appear that the cover I l is of an outside diameter corresponding to the diameter of the box or container l0, so that the lower portion of the cover outwardly of the supplemental bottom 2! seats upon the upper reinforced edge of the box, as seen at 3!, at the left of Fig. 2 of the drawing, the load being taken directly upon the vertical walls l2, l3 and M of the box or container member of the hassock.

With my construction, I provide a hassock having a soft, comfortable seat or support at the top thereof, at the same time, providing a container in which various kinds and types of articles can be placed for storage. This is particularly tively speaking, the boxpart may besaid tozcomprise a tube having a bottom wall closing one end of the tube and a continuous ring reinforcing and supporting the other upper end of said tube.

Having fully described my invention, what 'I claim as new and desire to secure byrliettersi,

Patent is:

1. A hassock of the class describedicomprising a tubular body having angularly disposed walls formed from a single piece of paper-board, a bottom wall having outer peripheral edges conforming :with and snugl-y arranged within said body :walls -=andc1osing one I end A of :the :"tubular -body, *the :other upper end 4 of said body having -a --cirrcumferentially :continuous iflat paper boa-rd ring of a shape conforming with and fitting snugly withinthe wallsof said body-to support a-nd reinforce'ithe upper end of said body walls, the upper surface :o'f-said ring being iiush with the upper edge of the 1 tubular' bo'dy, =afacing for the-entire outer surface of the body wal1s, the upper end portion of said --facingextending around'said ring onto the inner surface of said zwalls in supporting said ringon said *body, -a;cover -for-closing-the upperend =of-said body, and 'aBEXiiGDSiODQII the lower-surface of "thecover having peripheral edges 4 forming with and snugly arranged within said body walls and closing one end of the tubular body, the other upper end of said body having a circumferentially continuous fiat paper-board ring of a shape conforming with and fitting snugly within the walls of said body to support and reinforce the upper end of said body walls, a facing for the entire outer surface of the body walls, the upper .end portion pf gsaid facin xgtending ar und -said ring .,onto the :inner surface of said'walls in supporting said ring on said body,

,a cover for closing the upper end of said body,

an extension on the lower surface of the cover 'ihaving peripheral edges conforming with and 15- fi ttingtcloselyin said ring in retaining the cover against accidental displacement from the upper endof-saidmody, :the upper surface of said ring and the lower surface of the bottom Wall being flush with upper and lower edges of the body walls, and the outer facing of said body walls extending onto the lowersurface --of said bottom wall.

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