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Publication numberUS2510416 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 6, 1950
Filing dateJan 7, 1947
Priority dateJan 7, 1947
Publication numberUS 2510416 A, US 2510416A, US-A-2510416, US2510416 A, US2510416A
InventorsPretty Charles N
Original AssigneePretty Charles N
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Roofing tile
US 2510416 A
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June 6, 1950 c. N. PRETTY RQOFING TILE Filed Jan. '7, 1947 INVENTOR. Char/es N Prezzy Patented June 6, 1950 V I 7 rtoomcsquan- H .(lherles-Nilirietty,llana uvenmitishflo nmhin V .iCanadal i *Al l licettion flanuary '7, 1941; SerialiNo. 720,637" 1 1 Claimsrotios -ioi "Ifhisjnnentioninelateat improvements inwtiles. Fisureih-is- -a titans-versevertical: section tak n .Anmhiect-of-theainvermioneiszthe-provision-,:of:;an .alen e ne-5,:-=-&:oi' E.i ure1:. improved :tilejnrause: in-roofingrin which-1the;ti;les "fiiaur fi isen enlareedirs mentery lowerend -haveinte1iittingeand;overlapnedelementsdoveview of two 'flpdsitiioned tiles showin he in QeacImtherincombinationavithaphzs-orf s hextile ini posit-iom'and mili ant-gutters: (ii-arranged that watenwillrnot nrenlarse ri asmenta side'view onlv bedraineds wayi-fromthe overlapped-1pmof pai: showing -th orems nsrportion tionszofz'thez-tileshutsucharrangementwillyafiord :efz-th l-lowenen ot-one:- le imposi ion-carameatailin "automotive barrier:against-wind andzwaterrdurin :e d-i t t-v storms. flRei lrfnsrmorepartieulariv tethe"drawings,l

Th se tiles ase erranged'intransa "transverse cent theilower +6, on the outer nech tileshasaila erala'flange at. eacltsidezedsesthe flan es being differentohorizontahlevels; with thezadiacentifianges:of aseriesoitilesneatly-nt-- v m tine-into.ea hzothen; ei-flange of eaehtilei havove-reoeivesa .rb: :ing seplurality-pof:lonsitudinalnuttersrwhichane ines .t. .e :upne nd; i the' tile;lrflzwhensucceedt--flanges onrajuxtaposiin transverse-tweet:tileser isecuredimposition nthe roof,

'lhetiles Mk3 ind tare-identical inconstructile has t eln eral flanges 1 ls 'and at the under v, aee -near theilower 'end'oi. said. tile andthe- 'r-irb at'the thev outer-face adjacent all?) i r-faceat :being received h low n Y .1 1 ,m illuslav theeroove ofianmdiacentfine, themnnerend e oiathese Qnd men ioned danserhavings surface v rooves leadingsat one-side ed eEton-vertical 1 owsas will :sroove which-communicates with thergutters;.-in hennpreleted B s-the: sanction-proceeds the firstsmentipnedlateralfien rthe sroovesand T fl n e H has its upper surfaceihfilfiw guttersooonenating:towdnainomoistureifrom :the p ane p ssin -.1 through therunper-ssuriace oizthe tilesawhilecpreventing-water:from :heingeolovvn: up- :11 ofithemib 1,6 3 iszcut; awaya 20, so wardlyithroughtthecgutters. i: they-flange extends A further object of the invention is the provision of a tile so constructed' that-the tiles may be ,mterfitted in a .leakproof-manner,i-nseries of ngitudinal gutters-:22 zand a V-shaped; groove transverse and longitudinal rows-- on amoof, the "2:85. -Theseigutters:and'sthe grooveextenddowninterfitted partsincluding. means for checking wardiywfinom the cut avray portion :ZB of thezrib water from leaking or'blowing through the joined 1:16: tnsandithroughnthslower endof the flange. portions, the tiles being-simply made, "lightin ".The flange- 'lizatqthehppositeedge of the' ti'leis :wei'ght, constructed ion-convenience in-packing xeomplementally formedwith respect tothe-fiange and providing desirablecharacteristics fena-dry, ill-and fits: neatlywontosthe flange H of a- ,iuxtav ded-rwith a transverse; groove durable and easily laid roof. positioned tile 24 (Fig. 5), so that tiles placed in The invention consists in the novel constructransverse rows will present a flat surface. Furtion, arrangement and combinations of parts thermore, the flanges 12 provide covers for the hereinafter more particularly described and gutters 22. A depending rib 25, V-shaped in claimed. cross section, fits neatly into the groove 23 in the In the drawings: 7 flange l I. Figure 1 is a plan view of a tile constructed in The outer surface on the upper end of the accordance with the principles'of'my invention. fl n e I2 is provided with connected gutters 26. Figure'Z is a longitudinal side edge in elevation 2'11 and 28, and the o r ends of the gutters of the tile. 7 and 28 merge into each other and empty into a Figure 3 is a longitudinal view of the opposite vertical groove 30 at one side edge of each tile. or other side edge of the tile. The groove 39 is positioned so as to be covered Figure 4 is a longitudinal vertical section taken by the lower portion of a superposed tile. Said along the line 4-4 of Figure 1. V r groove drains moisture into the gutters 22 in the 3 flange l I Since the tiles are inclined on the roof such moisture will drain downwardly onto the outer surface of the tile which is at a lower level. It will be noted from Figure 1, that the rib I6 is cut away at 3| along the right side of the tile to form a narrow section 32 of the rib so that said section will neatly fit against the narrow section 33 at the other end of the rib and over the upper ends of the gutters 22 and the groove 23. The fitted sections 32 and 33 have the same width of rib I 6.

The under face of each tile has pockets 35 i which reduce the weight of the tiles.

gutter adjacent each side edge for draining away surface water to the next lower tile, thus preventing such water from spilling over the side edges of the tiles into the gutters 22.

The upper end of each tile has a pair of spaced projections or lugs 40 which are provided with a keyhole slot 4| to receive a nail which is driven into the roof prior to the application of the tile. The heads of the nails are received by circular openings 42 of the slots and the tile is pulled downwardly so that the nails are received by the narrow portions 43 of the slots with the heads being seated within pockets 44 in the lug.

The under face of each tile at the upper end is sheared away as shown at 45, as are the lugs 40 for not only facilitating the application of the driven nails but to give to the tiles the proper slant when the lower ends of the tile are overlapped on the upper ends of the preceding tiles in the vertical rows of the tiles on the roof.

When the tiles have been applied to a roof with the flanges l l and I2 in overlapped relation, the cooperating sections 32 and 33 at the ends of the ribs which are in substantial dovetailed relation will cooperate with the gutters or grooves 26, 21 and 28 and groove 30 to form a simplified and effective barrier against wind andwater. The gutters 22 drain away any moisture so that during low temperatures no water will remain between the tiles to be frozen.

Although a preferred and practical embodiment of the invention is disclosed herein, it is to be understood that various modifications may be made within the scope of the appended claims.

I claim:

1. A tile adapted to be laid in a series of transverse rows and longitudinal rows on a roof, each tile having a flange along the side edges thereof, the flanges at one edge of the tiles being at a lower level than the flanges at the other side edges so that adjacent flanges on juxtapositioned tiles will be overlapped, said tile having a transverse groove at the under surface adjacent the lower end, a rib at'the upper end of each tile adapted to be received by the groove in a succeeding tile in a longitudinal row, the flanges at the lower levels having longitudinal gutters The outer or upper face of each tile has a groove 36 or 1 which are covered by the overlapping flanges on the juxtapositioned tiles, each overlapping flange being provided with a vertical groove in the side edge thereof positioned so as to be covered by the lower portion of a superposed tile and gutters in the outer face communicating with the vertical groove and the gutters in the flanges at the lower level of juxtapositioned tiles, the ends of the ribs having cut-away portions, the cut-away portion at one end of the rib on one tile being complemental to the cut-away portion on the adjacent end of the rib on a juxtapositioned tile so that the adjacent ends of the ribs will interfit.

2. A tile having substantially flat upper and lower surfaces, a rib projecting upwardly along the upper edge of the tile, said tile having a flange at each side edge and having approximately one-half the thickness of the tile, one flange having its upper surface flush with the upper surface of the body of the tile, the other flange having its under surface flush with the bottom surface of the tile, the second-mentioned flange having longitudinal gutters, the lower end of tile at the bottom surface being provided with a transverse groove, and spaced lugs projecting upwardly from the upper edge of the tile and provided each with a bayonet slot to receive a, fastening means, the bottom surfaces of the lugs and the upper under surface of the tile being beveled and lying in a common plane.

3. A tile adapted to be laid in a series of transverse rows and longitudinal rows on a roof, each tile having a rib at the upper end on the upper surface and a groove at the lower end in the undersurface, the ribs of the tiles being received by the grooves of the succeeding tiles in the longitudinal rows, a flange at the side edges of each tile, the adjacently disposed flanges in transverse rows being complemental to each other so that the flanges may be fitted into each other in overlapped relation, the underlying one of said flanges being provided with longitudinal gutters, the ends of the ribs being cut-away so that an end of one rib on one tile may be fitted into the adjacent end of a rib of a juxtapositioned tile in the transverse rows when the adjacently disposed flanges on the tiles are placed in overlapping positions, said interfitted ends of the tiles being located over the upper ends of the longitudinal grooves to prevent water from being blown upwardly through thelongitudinal grooves.


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European ClassificationE04D1/04