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Publication numberUS2511951 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 20, 1950
Filing dateNov 18, 1947
Priority dateNov 18, 1947
Publication numberUS 2511951 A, US 2511951A, US-A-2511951, US2511951 A, US2511951A
InventorsSolomon Jesse J
Original AssigneeSolomon Jesse J
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Toothpick dispenser
US 2511951 A
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.lune 20, 1950 J. J. soLoMoN TooTHPIcK DISPENSER Fild NOV. 1B, 1947 Patented `lune 20, 1950 t IUNITED :STATES PATENT GFFICE ,"roo'rnricx DISPENSER y' vJesse-il. Solomon, Legion, Tex. Appuaribn ueyem'ber 1s, 1947, serial No. 786,612

This invention relates to improvements in dispensers for toothpicks, matches'andsimilar small articles, and more particularly to an improved dispenser for storing toothpicks and dispensing them, substantially one at a time, upon -manual actuation of the dispenser.

It is among the objects ofthe linvention to provide an improved dispenser which is easy to operate, positivem operation, eiective to deliver a single toothpick, orv not more` than 'two or three toothpicks, at atime, is easyto load, retains a supply of toothpicks in a sanitary condition, and delivers single toothpicks to a location from which they may be easily removed for use, and which is simple in construction, economical to manufacturevand neat and attractive in appearance.

Other objects and advantages will become apparent from a consideration of the following description in conjunction withvthe accompanying drawing wherein: v

Figure l is a side elevationof a toothpick dispenser illustrative of the invention;

Figure 2 is a front elevation of the toothpick dispenser illustrated in Figure 1;

Figure v3is a vertical longitudinal cross-section taken substantially on the line 3,-3 of Figure 2;

and n Figure 4 is a longitudinal cross-section of a fragmentary lower portion of the dispenser taken substantially on the line 4-4 )of Figure 3. l

With continued reference to the drawing, the improved dispenser has a'pair of side walls I0, a back Wall II and a front wall -I2 inclosing a rectangular upright chamber having a width slightly greater than the length of a conventional toothpick. A top cover I3 is hinged at its rear edge to the upper edge of back wall I I by a. suitable hinge I4 and extends'forwardly over the upper end of the chamber resting upon the top edges of the back side and front walls. This cover may be raised, when desired, for access to the interior of the upper end of the chamber to place a supply of toothpicks in the storage compartment provided in the upper portion of the chamber.

The front wall I2 has its lower edge I5 positioned a considerable distance above the bottom of the chamber and a base or bottom wall I6 is secured to the bottom edges of the back and side walls and extends forwardly of the plane of the front wall I2. The side walls are provided at their lower ends with forwardly direction extensions Il which extend along the base I6 to a location near the front edge thereof and have upwardly and rearwardly inclined top edges which `1 claim. (ci. 31a-84) f side wall extensions.

extend from a position somewhat above the front edge of the base to the bottom edge I5 of the front Wall I2, as is clearly illustrated in Figures 1 and 3. A low, forwardly and upwardly inclined, wall I8 extends along the front edge portion of the base I6 between the forward ends of the side Wall extension I'I and a movable inclined` cover I9 is pivotally connected at its upper edge by a hinge 20 to the lower edge portion of the front wall I2 and rests upon the inclined upper edges of the This cover has a downwardly and rearwardly inclined wall 2I secured to its underside at the front edge thereof the lower edge of which rests upon the top edge of the wall I8 when the cover is closed, as illustrated in Figure 3. A tongue 22 extends outwardly from the front or lower edge of the inclined cover I9 at the center thereof, as is clearly illustrated in Figure 2, to provide a convenient lift for the cover so that access may be conveniently had to the space between the side wall extensions and below the cover I9 when desired. n

A pair of downwardly and inwardly inclined baiiles 23 and 24 are secured in the chamber intermediate the height thereof and constitute a bottom for the toothpick storage compartment in the upper portion of the chamber.

The baille 24 is secured to the back wall I I and the baiiie 23 is secured to the front wall I2 and extends rearwardly of and below the bottom edge of the baiile 24. The two bailies converge to the transverse center of the chamber between the front and back walls thereof and the convergent edge portions are spaced apart a distance which is normally insuicient to permit the passage of a toothpick therebetween.

A cylindrical roller 25 is positioned immediately below the bottom edge of baille 23 and has reduced cylindrical end portions 2B and 2l journalled in suitable apertures provided in the side walls I0, as is clearly illustrated in Figure 4. This cylindrical roller has three longitudinal grooves 28 therein which are preferably spaced at equal angular distances around the outer surface thereof and are of a size to normally receive a single toothpick. The roller is positioned so that it contacts the lower edge of the baille 23, as shown in Figure 3 and normally holds this edge of the baille in a position relative to the opposed lower edge of the baille 24 such that a toothpick cannot pass between the lower convergent edges of the two bailles. However, when the lower edges of baille 23 drops into one of the grooves 28 the baiiies are suiiiciently separated to permit a toothpick to pass therebetween and the flexible baille 3 23 is slightly jarred to cause a toothpick to pass between the convergent edges of the baiiles and fall into the upper groove 38 in the roller 25.

A hand knob 29 is secured on the longer reduced end portion 21 of the roller in a manner such that the roller is constrained to turn with the hand knob, and an apertured reinforcing plate 30, secured to the adjacent side Wall, also rotatablyv receives theY longer reduced end'portionv. 21 of thelroller. to provide additionalfbearingsury face for the end of the roller to which the han knob is attached.

Toothpicks dropping into the grooves, 28. ofthe. roller are dropped by the roller, upon con# tinued rotation thereof, upon the upperrendiporition of an inclined plate 3l which extends..from- The invention may be embodied in other s'pelciiic forms Without departing from the spirit or essential characteristics thereof. The present embodiment is therefore, to be considered in all respects as illustrative and not restrictive, the scope of the invention being indicated by the appended claim rather than by the foregoing description, and all changes which come Within the meaning and" range of.;equivalency.A of`tlie claim areltlierefore intended wehe-embraced therein.

What is claimed is:

In a toothpick dispenser having a front wall, abackwall and two side walls dening an upright chamber, a pair of downwardly and inwardly inclined baffles in said chamber secured one. to. said frontv wall and one to said back wall the inner lower edge of wall I'8`to the inner surface of back wall Ii at a, position aboveatheba'se.

I6 and substantially at the level of the roller 25. Toothpicks. deposited. upon f the; upperA portion. of... the.. inclined plate 3l slide down. this inclined. plateand ontoapairofspaced ramps `i2 which. position the toothpick at the inner; upper edgezof wall i8.. and above the lower edge portion-of. in` clined plate Slisotliatthe toothpickcan be easily; grasped by the` lingers; ci apersondesiring V to-y removelthe toothpicl frornthe dispenser. This` grasping of. the toothpick-isfacilitatedby the provision of a recessv iin walll between the-ramps 32. Atongue Sli-extending from. wall 'l-.closesy the recess S3 Whenthe cover I9 is closed.

Theentire dispenser is `)preferablyformed.,of al suitable translucentor transparent material such; asa suitable synthetic resinbutsorne lof'thefparts,L such as vthehand knobli andthe-tongue -2 2; may; be colored, if desired..

The upper portion of .the chamber betweenthe. bailles. 2-3 and. 2.4 and the Yhinged .cover l 3; provides? storage space for a large quantity of.- toothpjicks andmaintains the toothpicks.- in a.. sanitary conf-y dition. As the toothpicks aref dispensed. byfthea roller. 251 they fall tothe ramps 32. where. they are. protected bvl the. inclined cover. I9 so that... if. any toothp-icks accumulate on the ramps, theyl are also\ cleanand sanitari/L''confdition until used.

TheY base. I 5 xisl preferably extended beyondfthe sideavalls i 0 ,and .is provided in .this extendedtpoition with suitable apertures, throughfwhich :sc reivs,

or, other; fastening devices may be. extended. t secure'the: dispenser solidly to favccunter cri-tablez orlby means oi which-.rubber suction m1135533 be secured. to the base` to. mount. the. dispensers upon a smooth surface..

As is apparent from the.drawing,.theedevieesiss extizernelyL simple. in construction, positive sini operationI and.l is .easily` operated to. dispenses toothcpicks substantially; one at altima,whenever;des sired.

andv converging to the transverse center of Said chamber; between said front and back walls, one of said baflles being disposed at its lower edge below..y the.y lower;` edgefof'. the-.other/ baille.- andfbeing movable relative .tofsaicL` other baille.- to fopen, and close. between thel contiguousV portions. of. said baieslafy passage havingv a.,rnaXim-umI width; onlyl suihcient to admit :one toothpic-kyat .a..:time.-there. through, a roller extending;transverselyfosaid; chamber.- in;` contacts with.l the.Y lower Vedge:` cti said one. baille. and;gournaled.v in... said; side. walls, ,said' rolleri having therein longfitudi-nally', extending.. grocvessangularlm spaced around said lroller andi havinggazwidt-h and.- depth slightly greater-thaw the thicknessof i autoothpickto, be;i dispensed; said. passagefbeingclosed when-. theslower. edge. ofzsaids onebaile contacts saidrollert-between said-grooves. and being opened.; when: the lower.: edge; or.' said'. one baflefis:disposedin-.oneoisaidzgrooves;means' secured; toY saidtrollen at. theouter: side of; one of l said-iside wallsrfon manuallyrotating '.said.:roll.y er., and.l means below said. roller: for. conveying-z toothpicks to a location at Whichgtheyf are-1ee= movedifrox-n:thedispenser:


. The: following: references; are 1 of reoorcli im the file ofithiszlpatentz; .f i.


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