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Publication numberUS2512557 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 20, 1950
Filing dateFeb 24, 1944
Priority dateFeb 24, 1944
Publication numberUS 2512557 A, US 2512557A, US-A-2512557, US2512557 A, US2512557A
InventorsWeldy Robert K
Original AssigneeEx Cell O Corp
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Fuel injection nozzle
US 2512557 A
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`Lune 20, 1950 R, K, WELDY 2,512,557

FUEL. INJECTION NOZZLE Filed Feb. 24, 1944 f -gj A lllllllll 1^ Ui -r-ro wy@ Patented June 20, 1950 tien ef-Miehian.

,l .3 ,Claims.

The presentinvention in nozzles adapted particularly for;-.;delvering timed .metered injections :of liquid Ifuel.in1:con nection with the eriginesa` -f .-'One ofA the objectsfofthe 'present .'inve'ntionvis to provide; a.y novell .fuel'linjection nozzle` of .the pintle" type which comprisesla minimum', number.:

ofv parts and; which. is simple land? inexpensive" in construction. :15. 1n-f :i -lAnother object is to provideiavne and im proved.A fuel v injection nozzle havingf downflow passages adaptedtofcause theifuelito discharge from the nozzle tip in?v the't form foflI ythin"xiiatf i f "Af furtlciervv object iis' to provide' ia.' novel# vfuel .in-*f jection nozzle comprising one-piecefbodyor cas# neighbor' riseofthe pinnen# .L [Other obj ectsv and advantages' will become "ap parent as thelde'scriptinproceeds'.

Inthe'aeconipanyingidr'awin'gsfi Figure lisa longitudinali axial sectional-view of a fuel injection nozzle embodying"lthefeatures of myinventon.

nalv vliewf'of scribe infdetail the-preferredA embodiment; butittobev understood-i that I do not i therebyintendi tolimit Y the invention to the Specific* for'm dis-1 dosed, but -ntendftofcoverali'-modincationsand" alternative constructinsfialling Withirrtliesbirit andscope of thef'invention ias expressed lnth an@ pendedjd'aimif'alwf liz "wix: VReferring 'more particularly i t'o`-'= th`e1'.drawin'gs`, the fuel injection VVnozzle" c'oris'tituting'thevexem-l plary embodiment'of my inVentionis-of the gen-i eral type1=dis`c1osed inA ai' James I F. Hoffer; Ser-iai? Nos1259g088 p filed March 1., .1939,'Pa'tent No.` 2,351,965;fhavinganoutwardly opening valve adapted to open andi'closefwithca Poppingfaction. .The nozzle comprises a: body.j I adaptedto conftain` all oi..the.operating parts,fancl1torba-removablyfimounted; as agreplaceable y.unitiin elf-suitable holder.: 2; partially.' shown .in dotted ovutlnemFig.

operationfof. internal combustion.

L 1Q gine lnotfshown)@withthei nozzle' tipfpositioned elates Azto. improvements L el; piigatiinFehn;ariete4.,1944..sedative.523,69'74 (01. mei-.107.6517

1`)-';.: Preferably, vthe .body I is` in `r thelfor'm- Loffa' tubular sh'ellfor casing having 'an.e'xternallperiph.-v` eralzimountinguange 3 onthe '.baseienma f To .'securle" theifnozzle .unit endwiseagain'st' the. holderinternal flange `5 @engaging "over Eth'eimounting flange 3'. l*Itvvill be understood that ll.the.. holder, andr nozzle cl'ambedror; otherwise? secured" to an llini'fernal/ combustion fen--zy "The l nozzle -tip body AI.' made. preferablyin ani integral 'or- `oneepiece. construction; andisxi-formed in the ybase end Withafstepped bore'iconstituting ani inner ."ehamber;` and in '.theouter end..with .arr aX-iali discharge passage or.. bore 1;.fopening .to the exterior.: 1 Theborea comprises sections Iof l' varyf` ingl diameters',y including an inner isectione. serveing asi 5a' spring pilot, van intermediate .sectionfli o'f 7slightly larger..diameterg.'andranlouter .section2 6 4of. .sti11".1argerf diameter. servingVv as. -a gv.idev asy hereinafterlmore Ifully;described.i 'line'y offset at.- thev junctureiofthe' sections Sbi and.. Ecadenesfan *Fuel* under `pressurewis :addicted 'to ...beI suppl d; froini" a suitable. 'source (not shown) through V,the holder 2 to the inner chamber 6 of thefnozzle bodylfIL/ During .-periods of injection.,';the fuelz'is permitted fvtot flow: ifro'm 'the chamber 6 `thrlfzughi and f' under theA control; of: la: normally: springse'atedvalve `IIl.A In ftheilpresent instance; ,.the, valve `I|l comprises aiflared. inlet passages-:II :,con A nectin'gvrtlie chamber :Bnto the dischargebore,..v."I.v and :formed :wat wits. vouterv y.end'-;;a; stationaryannular :valve :seatv I 2; 1A* movable valvdmember;

andwisz i formed with. .an annular .'.Valveg ac adapted .'forengagement with.; :the yseat.. I n 5 The valvemember 'I3 has#4 an axialyst mi' or. shank Il 5 f .whichvextendsy `in: free` `Deliph,erallyspaced.' relation throughl'the valvepassagell 5to, -path of f ueLnqw@ andstheni inwardlyf intio the bore or chamber.. 61.5 Suitable springmeans,v suchfas ascoli compresek sion .springL .il 6,1.acts lonpfthe'; inner end of. the; stem I5 in. .a direction .to aurge. theE valve.. membert 1I 3. inwardly toward-` orain :closed-:position .with a .preadetermined :forcenf W f ,i-Thesprne lflenireles theivalve ,Stem 5, all@ impinges atene.endfeeeinstthe.inner en or.the.bore.secton---.whch-serresfesepilot this endfofithepring-a. The.:V` other Arend' cfirthe. Spring .I6 impinees @against a-movab1e hanger. I1 removably anchored to a head I8-on the inner.

sure area which i'sexposed to the pressure of the fuel withinthe chamber 6, and which is substantially equal to the area circumscribed by the stationary annular valve seat I2. When the valve:

I is in closed position, the now of fuel to the discharge bore I for injection is blocked, and the hanger sleeve I'I is spaced inwardly from theannular shoulder 9. When the pressure of the fuel acting on the opening pressure area is sufhcient to overcome the closing force of the spring I6, the valve member I3 is lifted outwardly from the seat I2 to open the valve Ill and start injection. The maximum height of rise of the valve member I3` is limited by engagement of the hanger sleeve IfI with the fixed stop shoulder 9.

.Aspray 4control pintle 2I is formed integral withand projects outwardly from the valve member I3. The pintle 2l extends slidably through the discharge bore l, and coacts with the outer end thereof to dennean annular discharge orice 22. The pintle 2| is formed with a narrow cylindrical land area 23, and conveniently termed a pintle land, of full pintle diameter, at the extreme outer end, and a control cone 24 tapering inwardly therefrom. When the v alve I is closed, the pintle 2l is fully retracted, and the pintle land 23 is located entirely within the bore l. Upon opening movement oi' the valve Iu, the pintle 2i is-piojected out oi" the body l, and the control cone 2li, in moving across the outer peripheral end edge of the bore ,'I, provides an injectloii orirlce 22 oi progressively increasing area. Inwardly of the tapered control cone 24, the pintle 2l is generally cylindrical in l'oim, and in guiding surface engagement with the bore l. As more fully explained in the aforesaid application, this popping action is obtained because the effective transverse area of the pintle 2 I, exposed to the pressure of the fuel when the valve It] is open, is larger'than the valve opening pressure area.

The nozzle body I lis provided with suitable means for directing fuel during injection from the valve i0 to the discharge orifice 22 in such a manner that the issuing spray will be comparatively wide and thin and flat. A spray of this shape is desirable for certain types of combustion chambers not requiring sprays of high penetration, such for example as a flat chamber directly over the top oi the engine piston. Sprays of this shape are also well adapted for engines of the electric ignitiontype, or engines in which the fuel is injected into air of low density.

In the preferred form, the means providing for the downflow of fuel from the valve comprises an internal peripheral groove 25 formed in the discharge bore 'l adjacent the valveinlet passage II. The inner edge of the groove 25 is suitably beveled or chamfered to provide the fixed valve seat I2. Two inclined bores Bt are formed in the bodyI in diametrically opposed relation to provide downflow passages from the groove 25 along the pintle v2| to the discharge orifice 22. The bores 26 converge outwardly and at their inner ends intersect and communicate with the groove" 25 and at their outer ends intersect and open to the discharge bore l adjacent the outlet end.

In operation, the two streams of fuel flowing through the passages 26 impinge upon each other after issuing from and just outside the discharge orice 22. This impingement results in a Wide fuel spray which is thin and at in a plane intermediate the passages 26 and perpendicular to the plane of said passages.

The single-piece body is advantageous in that it provides a simplified and inexpensive construction requiring a minimum number of nozzle parts and reducing the diilculty and cost of manufacture. The construction is such that all the body forms and contours can be readily machined. In forming the body, the bores 6 and 'I are drilled from opposite ends. Then by access through the bore 6, the inner end of the bore l is ared to form the valve passage II. The groove 25 is turned internally and by access through the discharge bore 1, the valve seat I2 is formed. Finally, the two converging bores or passages 26 are drilled from the discharge end of the nozzle.

I claim as my invention: l

1. In a fuel `injection nozzle, in combination, a body having an inlet passage opening to one end of said body and communicating with an `axially alined dischargebore opening to the other end of said body, said body being formed to provide an internal peripheral groove adjacent the inner end of said bore and a pair of down-flow passages disposed at opposite sides of said bore communicating at their inner ends with said groove and converging outwardly and intersecting said bore adjacent its outer end, a movable valve member controlling the flow of fuel from said inlet passage to said groove, and a pintle movable. with said valve member and extending through said bore and having a peripheral surface of reduced diameter coacting with the inner surface of the outer end portion of said bore to dene therewith an `annular discharge orifice when said pintle is moved outwardly,-said pintle having an inwardly tapering control cone portion extending across the outer ends of'said inclined passages and providing communication between said passages and said orifice.

2. In a fuel injection nozzle, in combination, a body having an inlet passage opening to one end of said body and communicating with an axially alined discharge bore opening to the other end of said body, said body being formed to provide a peripheral groove adjacent the inner end of said bore, an annular valveseat formed on said body at the inner internal edge of said groove, a valve member slidably disposed within said bore for cooperation with said seat to control the flow of fuel from said inlet passage to said groove, means for directing the fuel from said groove to said bore including a pair of passages disposed at opposite sides of said bore and inclined with respect to the axis of said bore and communicating at their inner ends with said groove and converging outwardly and intersecting said bore adjacent its outer end, and a pintle extending through said bore movable with said valve member and having a conical portion cooperating with the surface of the outer endportion of said bore to define therewith an annular outlet orifice when said pintle is moved outwardly and vproviding a iiowY passage between the outer ends of said inclined passages and said orifice.

3. In a fuel injection nozzle, in combination, a; body having an inlet passage opening at one end, a discharge bore axially alined with said passage and opening at' the other end of said body, an inwardlyiared passagefconnecting said inlet pas.

sage and said bore, said body additionally being formed with an internal peripheral groove in said discharge bore and located adjacent and outwardly of said flared passage, an annular valve seat formed on said body at the inner internal edge of said groove, a movable valve member mounted for movement into and out of cooperative engagement with said seat and coacting with said seat for controlling the flow of fuel through said flared passage to said groove, said valve member having a guide portion slidable in said bore, a pintle movable with said valve member in said bore and arranged to cooperate with the surface of the outer end portion of said bore to dene an annular outlet orifice therewith when said pintle is moved outwardly, and a pair of passages disposed at opposite sides of said bore and inclined with respect to the axis of said bore for directing the flow of fuel to said orice, said passages communicating at their inner ends with said groove and converging outwardly and intersecting said bore between the guide portion of said valve member and the outer end of said bore.


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