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Publication numberUS2512756 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 27, 1950
Filing dateSep 7, 1946
Priority dateSep 7, 1946
Publication numberUS 2512756 A, US 2512756A, US-A-2512756, US2512756 A, US2512756A
InventorsWasserman Nathan
Original AssigneeWasserman Nathan
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Portable garden hose reel
US 2512756 A
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June 27, 1950 w ss 2,512,756

PORTABLE GARDEN HOSE REEL Filed Sept. 7, 1946 INVENTOR. NATHAN WASSERMAN w w v BY ATTOENFV Patented June 27, 1950 l UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE PORTABLE GARDEN HOSE REEL Nathan Wasserman, Eureka, Calif. Application September 7, 1946, Serial No. 695,473

2 Claims.

This invention relates to hose reels, and, more particularly, to a compact, preferably portable, garden hose reel.

The principal object of the invention is to provide a hose reel, which is simple and sturdy in structure, compact, portable and facile of use. A specific object of the invention is to provide a hose reel provided with means to enable easy and uniform coiling and uncoiling of hose. Further objects are to provide a hose reel which is stable, when in upright position during uncoiling or coiling of hose lengths carried thereon; to provide a hose reel wherein the hose drains during coiling of said hose, thereby preserving the hose against deterioration; and to provide a hose reel upon which hose may be coiled without the user handling the hose length and thereby soiling garments or hands of the user. Another object of the invention is to provide a hose reel which is designed to support a relatively large amount of hose for use in gardens, golf courses, parks and other institutional or private grounds.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent upon reference to the specification and accompanying drawings in which similar characters of reference represent corresponding parts in the several views.

In the drawings:

Fig. 1 is a side elevational view of the invention.

Fig. 2 is a front elevational view of the invention.

Referring to the drawings and particularly Figs. 1 and 2 which illustrate a preferred form of the invention, the hose reel comprises a U-shaped frame, illustrated generally at 2, comprising a handle portion 4 and vertical standards 5, said standards being afiixed to support members I. The support members I, disposed substantially normal to the axis of rotation of the reel, as will hereinafter appear, and said standards, are each connected at one end to an axle member 8 which mounts at opposite ends rotatable ground-engaging wheels 9.

Positioned adjacent to each of the whels 9 on the supporting members 1 are depending auxiliary supports H which project beyond the outer periphery of the wheels 9 when the hose reel is in vertical, stationary position, as indicated in Fig. 1, and wherein projections H and ends l2 of supporting members I are in ground engagement whilst the wheels 9 are not in ground engagement. The vertical standards support a reel I3 therebetween mounted on rotatable axle l4 2 which is in turn mounted in brackets I0 rigidly aflixed to the said vertical standards 5.

A crank I5 is connected to the axle [4 at one end in order that the said reel may be revolved. The axle end opposite handle I5 is provided with a fluid valve connection, generally indicated at IS, in order that liquid may be delivered, under pressure, from a hydrant source (not shown) to hose (not shown) carried upon the reel I3. One end of the hose (not shown) is attached to pipe connection II. It is noted that while axle l4 may revolve, the hose, or Whatever other type of connection is maintained with the hydrant will not become distorted or kink. The fluid connection is conventional in design and forms no part per se of the novelty of the instant invention.

Spaced beyond the outer periphery of reel 13 and supported by the standards 5 through supports 23 rigidly afiixed to said standards are two spaced bars 25, disposed parallel to the axis of rotation of said reel, which support slidably a guide member, generally indicated at 24, and comprising a, plate 26 having a hose-receiving aperture 21 provided therein. Hose-engaging supports 28 are provided on opposite sides of the plate adjacent to the bottom portion of the aperture 21, over which hose may slide.

A handhold 29, inclined upwardly and outwardly from the rods 25, is attached to the plate 21 in order that the plate may be manually moved along bars 25 between the vertical standards 5. Hooks 3! are provided above the reel on one of the upright standards 5, preferably the standard 5 adjacent to the fluid connection I5, to receive and support the hose or other connection (not shown) adapted to run from fluid connection It to the hydrant and the free end of the hose (not shown) carried by the reel [3 when the said reel is being transported from one place to another.

In operation, the fluid connection It is connected to a suitable source of water, under pressure, and the free end or working end of the hose (not shown) is threaded through the hole 21. The desired length of hose is uncoiled from reel l3 and after use may be recoiled on reel [3 by use of handle [5 and guide member 24. The guide member 24 allows the operator to wind the reel with one hand by means of handle [5 and guide the coiling of the hose by means of guide member 24 in order to effect a uniform neat coil.

It is noted that when the reel is in a stationary position, i. e. during use of the hose, or coiling or uncoiling thereof, the reel may be tilted to a vertical position so that the ground-engaging wheels are removed from ground contact in order that the structure is in a stable position, as illustrated in Fig. 1, being supported by stationary member II and portions I2 01: supporting memhers I.

It is understood that the invention has been described herein in more or less specific detail for purposes of clarity of illustration and example and that various changes, variations and modifications may be practiced within the spirit of the inventionas defined by the appended claims.

I claim:

1. A hose reel comprising a U-shaped frame forming a handle portion, a rotatable hosecarrying reel supported by said frame'between the sides of said U-shaped frame, support members mounted on the bottom of said frame and disposed substantially normal to the axis of rotation of said reel and substantially normal to the longitudinal axis of the sides of said U shap'ed' frame, a ground engaging wheel mounted on one endof each of said supportmembers -and aproj ection mounted oneac'h of saidsuppoft members adjacent to a=wheel and between said'whee'land the free end of said support member opposite said wheel, said projections extending beyond the outer periphery of said wheels, said projections and said support members forming a base for said reel when said frame is tilted in a direction toward said free ends of said support members.

2. A hose reel, according to claim 1, and wherein a manually operable hose guide is supported by said frame between the sides thereof to control theeoilingof hose carried on said :reel during rotation thereof.


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