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Publication numberUS2512806 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 27, 1950
Filing dateMay 1, 1948
Priority dateMay 1, 1948
Publication numberUS 2512806 A, US 2512806A, US-A-2512806, US2512806 A, US2512806A
InventorsJoseph Neiborn
Original AssigneeJoseph Neiborn
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Folding chair and bed structure
US 2512806 A
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June 27, 1950 J. NEIBORN FOLDING CHAIR AND BED STRUCTURE Filed May 1, 1948 4 Sheets-Sheet 1 June 27, 1950 J. NEIBORN FOLDING CHAIR AND BED STRUCTURE 4 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed May 1, 1948 ttorneg June 27, 1950 NEIBORN. 2,512,806

FOLDING CHAIR AND BED STRUCTURE Filed May 1, 194a =4 Sheets-Sheet :5

INVENTOQ fisepmz'aom 7 BY 1 l June 27, 1950 J. NEIBORN 2,512,806

FOLDING CHAIR AND BED STRUCTURE Filed May 1, 1948 4 Sheets-Sheet 4 IIIIIIIIIII.III-II...IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIA f9. 55 5 8 f INVENTOR) .fisepk fl z 60m;

Patentecl June 27, 1950 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 6 Claims.

This invention is a folding chair having capacity of being set up in positions ranging from a simple, padded stool to a full-length, reclining bed, including a folding canopy.

It is an intent of this invention to provide a system of elements and frame units adapted to be packed, for storing and for transportation, as a handy, compact parcel of a weight permitting it being carried, even by the average woman, to or from a storage closet or, for instance, the trunk space of an automotive vehicle, of land, marine or air travel class.

Further, an aim of the invention is to provide an all metal frame structure whose constructional parts are of low-cost stock type of material of a stiff and; strong nature, and of such weight that the fully set up'bed adaptation is not burdensome and can be shifted with ease from place to place on a room or porch floor or on a lawn.

Also, a purpose of the invention is to provide a stool unit of foldingly connected frames with which is combined a spring suspended bottom box for a separable cushion.

Additionally the invention has as an object the provision of an organized, extension frame including a chair foot rest feature and also a section constituting a bed part when set out horizontally.

The invention resides in certain advancements in this art as set forth in the ensuing disclosure and having, with the above, additional objects and advantages as will be hereinafter developed, and whose constructions, combinations, details of means and the manner of operation will be stated in the following description of the herewith illustrative embodiment; it being understood that variations may be resorted to within the scope of the claims later made herein.

Figure 1 is a perspective of the set up stool frame and its seat box. Figure 2 is a sectional detail of the spring suspension device for the seat box. Figure 3 is a detail elevation of an upper corner, post pin fitting of the stool frame. Figure 4 is a detail of a leg, brace receiving bracket, and Figure 5 is an elevation of a back Figure 10 is a perspective of the (dismounted) extended canopy frame unit. Figure 11 is a top perspective of the side arm, its pad being omitted.

Figure 12 is a bottom perspective of the bed foot extension truss.

Figure 13 is a rear perspective of the folding, back-brace frame unit, and Figure 14 is a detail cross-section of aside bar thereof; showing a brace stud therein. Figure 15 is sectional detail of the side bar, prop frame clip. Figure 16 is a side elevation of the back frame unit, and a portion of the attached canopy frame.

Figure 17 is a side elevation of the extended bed frame and its'foot jack (in propping position), and Figure 18 is a cross-section showing a mattress pad mounted on the bed frame.

Figure 19'is a detailof the bed frame folding joint.

Figure 20 is adetail of the frame knock-down juncture. i

Figure 21 is a detail of the pivoted upper end ofa front leg of the structure.

The foundation or stool frame includes an outer, U-unit 2 whose sides 3 are midlength connected to sides 4 of an inner U-unit 5 by short pivot bolts i3 so that these units can be opened X-wise Fig. 1, their parallel, bottom sills being open limited by suitable chains 1. The tops of the U-units are cross-connected by stiff rails B in parallel front and back positions; all of these side, top and raillp'arts being preferably of light, strong, tubular material. Rigidly fixed in the upper ends of the sides 3 and 4 are fittings havin upstanding, short foundation pins 9, and through the rear rail 8 there extends an elongate axle it having projectingends threaded to receive wing-nuts II.

. On the rails 3 and 4'. are movably suspended, helicalsprings 52 to the rearset of which are suspensively hitched the rear flange of a stiff seat cushion box 93 having a suitably affixed bottom M on which may be laid a respective seat pad or cushion 15, Fig. 6. When the stool is to be collapsed" and packaged the front flange of the box is unhitched from its springs 12 thus freeing the railed top ends of the legs or sides 3 and lto be brought together compactly.

. Means are provided whereby the stool of Fig. 1 can be readily converted into a substantial and comfortable arm-chair with or without a back.

In-Figs" 6 and .11 is shown an arm-rest frame including a flanged or channel bar ll, for fixture of an arm pad l 8, and havingrigidly affixed end posts l9,-o f tubular material to slip onto the mentioned pins 9, and be removably held by cotterpins 20.

A back-rest forming means is provided for ready attachment to the stool and a naked assembly is shown in Figs. 13 and 16 as including an inverted U-frame 22 whose lower ends are perforated at 23 to fit onto the ends of the axle iii of the stool and be secured by its wing-nuts H. Long links 24 are removably bolted at 25 to the side elements of the U-frame 22 and are adapted to be hitched at selective hooks 26 onto respective bracket studs 21, Fig. 4.

In event the back rest frame 22 is lowered out to a nearly horizontal position, as is possible by this invention, then a rectangular, prop or leg frame 23 is swung down in bearings 29 therefor affixed to the upper side portions of the frame 22. Clips 30 on the lower ends of the frame 22 will releasably hold the leg frame 28 in close, collapsed position for packing and storing in knocked-down condition of the assembly.

A further feature of the invention embodies a collapsible and attachable canopy structure for the chair assembly, and in Fig. 10 there is shown a tubular bow 32 whose ends telescope removably onto respective pintles 33 which are pivoted at 34 on the upper ends of the back frame 22, Fig. 16. Also pivoted at 35 on the frame 22 is a pair of multi-hook latches 36 to selectively be engaged and locked by respective clamp nuts 31 of outwardly projecting stud screws 38 on the sides of the bow 32. Cheeks 39 are rigid with the sides of the bow 32 and on each check is pivoted an arm section 40 on whose outer end' is pivoted an outer arm section 403: limited in opening position by stop pin M on section 40.

Suspension links 42 are pivoted on the cheeks 39 and engage in J-slots 43 in the sections 40 to sustain such sections when open. An intermediate bow 44 foldably toes at Mt in J -slots 45 of sections 40. An outermost how 46 likewise toes at 4615 in respective J -slots 41 in the outer arm sections 401:. Bracing latches 48 are pivoted on the bow 46 and toe into notches 49 of the sections 4051: to lock the bow 45 when it is extended. A strap 50 stays the tops of the several bows mentioned.

Onto the canopy framework there is removably string-laced a suitable fabric bonnet 5 l.

The invention incorporates cooperative assemblies and parts readily attachable to the stool frame to afford, in one position of hook-up, a foot rest in low position in front of the chair; and in another arrangement to convert the chair into a full length, partly or fully prone couch or bed.

Referring to Figs. 17 to 19, a U-plan bed frame includes parallel side bars 53 and 54 each of which is knuckle-jointed at 55 to a respective extension plug 56 which telescopes into and is bolted at desired position in one of the socket bars 530, whose outer ends are transversely, rigidly joined to a cross bar 51; this bed frame being foldable on its joints 55 to a position shown in Fig. 8. When the frame bars 53-53a, are in alinement, as in Fig. 1'? they are made rigid by the forward shift of a respective locking tube 58 from a position of retraction on the bar 53 to a position partially on the connected socket bar 53a and therefore fully cover the knuckle 55 and reliably hold the side bars 53 53a. in alinement, as for use when the chair is made up as a bed, Fig. 9.

On the cross bar 51 there is mounted a transverse foot rest box 59 on which is afiixed a suitable foot cushion 60. And suitably pivoted at tip, Fig. 21 on the cross bar 51 are legs 6| joined by a foot rod 62 at the bottom which is adapted to interlock in hooks 63 provided therefor in the forward ends of a ground frame 54, Figs. 9 and 12; the legs 3! have notched flanges 6 If to fasten onto the stool sills at different positions of adjustment of the foot rest, Fig. 8. The rear end of the ground frame has pivoted hooks 65 to grapple the front sill of the stool frame when the ground frame is hooked up as in Fig. 9, and the sides of this frame has notches 6411. to hook onto the sills, at different positions of adjustment of the frame.

To the back rest frame there is removably laced a strong fabric or other suitable panel sheet 22p.

The side frame plug 56 is fastened in the desired position in the socket bar 53a by one or more screws 568.

Fig. 20 shows a T-corner 280 on which is screwed a nipple 23nin which is bolted 2. splice bar 2812 whose upper end is bolted to the adjacent end of a part of the leg frame 28, as by bolts 28x. Thus by unbolting the frame part 28 from the bar 28b it will be easy to unscrew the nipple from the T-corner and release it from the transverse element 28f which is screwed to the said T-corner.

A box 60 has side eyes 60' to slide along the side bars 53 and onto the locking sleeve 58, and carries a bed cushion 52s. The cushion can be adjusted by side bars 5354 from a vertical, idle position, Fig. 8, out to a horizontal or other arrangement, Fig. 9.

Hooks 8h are provided on the back rail 8, of the seat frame, to hook into and suspend the seat l5 when the seat frame is collapsed on its pivots 6.

What is claimed is:

l. A collapsible chair and bed structure including a crossed leg frame having a seat cushion and having top rails and front and rear sills, a bed frame including sides having knuckle-jointed inner and outer members and means for hooking the inner members to the front rail of the leg frame, central and foot cushions on the bed frame, the central cushion being fixed on tubes slidable along said members and by which tubes the jointed members are secured in alinement in bed forming position as to the leg frame, a foot frame, having a sill, foldingly attached to the front ends of said sides, a ground frame connecting the foot frame sill and the leg frame front sill, a back frame pivotally attached to the leg frame and having links attached to the leg frame, a back rest fabric on the back frame, and a rear leg device foldably attached to the back frame.

2. The structure of claim 1; the ground frame having selective hooking parts to engage the front sill at different positions of adjustment of the side members of the bed frame.

3. A chair and bed structure having a leg frame and a seat thereon, and extensible bed frame pivoted to a front member of the leg frame and adjustable to bed position, a foot cushion mounted on the forward end of the bed frame, a front end leg pivoted on said forward end, a bed head frame pivotally attached to the crossed leg frame, brace means fixing the head frame in given position to the crossed leg frame, a backing fabric on the head frame, and an intermediate bed cushion slidably mounted on the bed frame between the foot and the seat cushions.

4. The structure of claim 3; said bed frame having folding side members for adjustment of the said bed cushion to a substantially vertical position in front of the cross leg frame and to lower the foot cushion to near the ground level.

- 5. The structure of claim 3; the front leg frame having an attached foundation frame connecting with the lower part of the crossed leg frame to brace the front leg frame in its vertical position of adjustment.

6. The structure of claim 3; the foundation frame being of a width to telescope in under the upper part of the seat frame, when the front leg frame is folded down.


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